A/N Sorty for the short chapter, I just quickly wrote this because it had been a while scince I last updated the story, I might rewrite it after I finish finals.

Chapter 6

Shen POV

She raced through the forest, arrows streaking past her a the Varden chased after their escaped prisoner. Well it used to be the Varden, they had long science fallen behind, only the few remaining elves that had yet to leave the Varden after Dragon Boy's death were the only only ones who could keep pace with her, barely. The light flowed through her veins, allowing her body to reach feats unimaginable by a normal human or awoken, or even exo. These elves were really something if they could keep pace with her.

She had figured out where she was and what was happening from the things that she and Ghost had learned during her time in that prison cell by infiltrating the minds of the poor souls who walked past her cell, she didn't try the gaurds in case they were trained to protect their minds like the 'magicians' she had seen. This world was very strange, they had magic that had no connection to light or dark. Nothing here had any connection to the Traveller or the Darkness, nothing. While that could explained by the fact that the traveller just never touched this planet, it doesn't explain the magic. The magic was nothing like any of the three classes used, it seemed to feed off of the users life force to the point of death. This world was a very strange and place.

Sapphira POV

Pain. Pain and darkness. This was all that could be comprehended. Nothing, no memories, no sounds or smells. Nothing but the endless howling if the void. Her riders death had done this. The pure hatred that had formed in her being towards her rider, the one who had caused this. She couldn't even remember his name. Was it even a him? It didn't matter, it had done this, it had to be punished. But how? It was gone? What about the she-elf, it had liked her fight? She would be punished. Yes, yes! This is what she would do. She would hurt its loved ones. The one who had caused this pain, who had ripped out her very being. It would pay.

Arya POV

This damned prisoner just didn't give up. She didn't know what species it was, but she was beginning to suspect it was some elf who had changed what they looked like. It sure did run like one. But if it was an elf, how had wiped out half of the Empires army by its self? She would have to interigate her when she caught her. Nasuada hadn't allowed any sort of interrogation in the hopes of staying on the prisoners good side. However locking the prisoner in a cell and calling it a 'prisoners' sure didn't help. But damn it was fast.

"Blodgharm, try and drive her towards Ellsmera! So we can trap her!" She called out

"That's a 7 day trip at full sprint without stopping!" Came his bewildered reply

"We have to try!" She insisted

"Yes princess," he relented

Shen POV

They really underestimated her hearing capabilities, she could hear their entire conversation, heck she could hear their heartbeats if she tried. But she wasn't going to the Ellesmera, from what she had gathered from the minds of those who had passed her cell, dragon boy was being taken to someplace called Carvahill. That was where she needed to go, and that was where she would end up, eragon boy was going to have a rude awakening after a very cold nap.