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Name: Yao Wang
Class: [?]
Title: [?]
Level: LV.5 (EXP. 0.00%)
Affiliation: Asia Prefecture [East Hetalia]
HP: 100/100
MP: 150/150
STR: 14 (2.8)
VIT: 5 (50)
DEX: 9 (2.7)
INT: 18 (12.6)
WIS: 9 (2.7)
LUK: 0
Status: ? (+50% INT, +20% WIS), ? (+10 VIT per Level), Citizen of Asia Prefecture (+10% WIS, +20% INT, +5% DEX, +15% to [Martial Arts] Skill)
Points: 25
Yen (¥): 25
Reputation: Neutral


Citizen of Asia Prefecture - Passive - Max - The blessings granted to a citizen of the Asia Prefecture at birth. Allows insightful state of mind. Immunity to all low-level physical effects.

Elemental Magic - Active - LV.1 - EXP. 0.00% - MP: 40/Min - Basic control over water, fire, wind and earth ingrained in all human knowledge. With mastery, can be used to control a greater variety of elements,

Martial Arts - Passive/Active - LV.1 - EXP. 0.00% - MP: 25/Min - Used by all citizens in the Asia Prefecture. Passively increases Strength, [Stealth] and [Speed] by 5%. When active, increases Strength by 50%.

Observe - Passive - LV.2 - EXP. 75.00% - A skill to find a target's information. Observe is obtained through continuous observation.


Name: Shinatty-chan
Class: Companion [Cat]
Title: [?]
Level: LV.1 (EXP. 0.00%)
Affiliation: Player-(Wang Yao)
HP: 20/20
MP: 10/10
STR: 7
VIT: 4 (1)
DEX: 3
INT: 8 (2)
WIS: 6 (1.5)
LUK: 2 (0.5)
Status: Cat (+25% INT, +25% LUK, +25% VIT, +25% WIS)
Points: 5


Cat - Passive - MAX - All cats are blessed by the Cat King at birth. Allows observant state of mind. Immunity to all psychological status effects.

Scratch - Active - LV.1 - EXP 0.00% - 5 MP - Ouch! Watch out for those painful-looking claws!

Lick - Active - LV.1 - EXP 0.00% - 10 MP - Cat saliva has healing powers. Restores 5 HP.


Press YES/NO to confirm:

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(Hungary Street, Europe Prefecture)
[Shop #1- Hedervary Weaponry]


System Alert: You have slept in a bed. HP and MP are restored to full capacity, and all status effects are removed.

NPC #1- (Elizaveta Hedervary): Good morning, handsome!

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: Good morning, Miss Elizaveta.

NPC #1- (Elizaveta Hedervary): Why can't Gilbert be more like this... anyway, since you're leaving today, I prepared some food for you to eat on the road. Can't let a man get hungry, you know.

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: Thank you very much, ma'am.

System Alert: You've obtained [Potato Fozelek].

Potato Fozelek - Rank: Low - Traditional Middle Hetalian stew made out of simmered potatoes. Restores 10 HP.

You've obtained [Chicken Paprikash with Spaetzle].

Chicken Paprikash with Spaetzle - Rank: Low - Traditional Middle Hetalian egg noodles with cooked paprika coated chicken. Restores 10 HP.

You've obtained [Meggyleves].

Meggyleves - Rank: Low - Traditional Middle Hetalian soup made from the fruits of a sour cherry tree. Restores 10 HP.

NPC #1- (Elizaveta Hedervary): How very sweet of you~ Now, where's that cute little kitty of yours? Shinatty-chan, wasn't it? I brought him some snacks I thought he might like.

System Alert: You've obtained (5) [Awesome Pet Food].

Awesome Pet Food - Rank: Low - Pet food manufactured by NPC #2- (Gilbert Beilschmidt). Lacking in flavor. Restores 5 HP.

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: It seems I cannot thank you enough, er. I will be off, Miss Elizaveta, and when I come back I will surely repay you.

NPC #1- (Elizaveta Hedervary): You really are a natural charmer, heh~ Make sure you do come back, handsome!

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: I will!



(Switzerland Drive, Europe Prefecture)
[Shop #3- Firearm Store—Keep Out!]


NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): Can't you read? The sign clearly says keep out!

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: Uh...

NPC #5- (Lili Zwingli): You're scaring him, big brother! He looks like a very nice person.

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): Lili, it is those kinds of people you want to avoid most of all in life. They deceive you with their ordinary facades, and when you become vulnerable enough, they kidnap you and sell your organs to the black market.

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: I don't sell organs, er. I was just... uh... looking for a weapon to use. I'm going on a quest, you see.

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): Lili, you see! This man, although he looks like a responsible person, wants to purchase a gun! He clearly has very bad intentions, and is extremely dangerous. Do not be fooled by his handsome face!

NPC #5- (Lili Zwingli): But big brother, don't you purchase guns too?

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): Yes, but that is different. I use them for good. This man, whoever he is, is clearly planning to use them for nefarious purposes.

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: Excuse me, I'm not going to do anything bad here—

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): Don't listen to him, Lili! That's what they all say when they're trying to convince you how 'good' they are.

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: ...sigh...Elizaveta should have told me earlier that her neighbors were like this, er.

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): You- you know Elizaveta?

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: Yes, she let me stay over for one night, er. Do you know her?

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): You- you know... you... that she-devil...

NPC #5- (Lili Zwingli): Big brother, are you sick? Your face is awfully red.

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): Very well then, I shall deign to give you a gun, free of charge, if you do me a favor. Run a message to one of my old friends. That is all.

System Alert: A quest has been created:

[Quest #3- Delivery Time 2]

- Deliver a message to NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli)'s old friend.
Completion Reward: 75 EXP. SG 550 Rifle. Increase in Reputation with
NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli).
Completion Failure: 25 EXP. Decrease in Reputation with
NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli).



(Austria Boulevard, Europe Prefecture)
[Edelstein Residence]


NPC #3- (Roderich Edelstein): Oh, it's you again.

You [Player- (Yao Wang)]: Yes, er. Vash told me to send you this.

NPC #3- (Roderich Edelstein): You need to stop getting taken advantage of. You have immense potential, what are you doing running around like some kind of delivery boy? You're wasting your talents here.

You [Player- (Yao Wang)]: ...

NPC #3- (Roderich Edelstein): Alright, you know what? Don't make me regret this. Take this, and leave me.

System Alert: You've obtained Skill Book [Divide and Conquer]. Would you like to learn this skill?

[Yes] [No]

System Alert: You've obtained skill 'Divide and Conquer'.

Divide and Conquer - Active - LV.1 - EXP. 0.00% - MP: 100/Min - A skill granting the user the ability to divide their physical body into separate entities. Overuse may lead to HP decrease,



(Switzerland Drive, Europe Prefecture)
[Shop #3- Firearm Store—Keep Out!]


NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): You actually have the nerve to come back here? Tell me, what did that prim and proper no-good bastard to say?

NPC #5- (Lili Zwingli): Big brother!

You [Player- (Yao Wang)]: He took the message and left. That's about it, er.

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): Hmph, fine.

System Alert: An Objective for [Quest #3- Delivery Time 2] has been completed.

You've obtained a SG 550 Rifle.

SG 550 Rifle - A gas-actuated assault rifle with a side-folding buttstock and tritium-illuminated night sights. Stats: +10% DEX, 30% [Speed], 20% INt, 5% LUK, -30% STR. DUR 40/40.

Your reputation has increased by 5%!

Congratulations! You have leveled up!

NPC #4- (Vash Zwingli): Don't bother coming back, or I'll shoot you on sight.

NPC #5- (Lili Zwingli): Goodbye, mister!



(Italy Street, Europe Prefecture)


NPC #17- (?): Psst!

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: Wha—!

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: Who are you?

NPC #17- (?): I'm here to help you, don't worry. Here, take this.

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: ...and why should I trust you, er?

NPC #17- (?): Just do. It'll help you later on, I promise.

System Alert: You've obtained Overpowered Gift Pack. Open it to see what's inside!

You [Player-(Yao Wang)]: What do you mean, er—oh, he's gone.

System Alert: Overpowered Gift Pack contains [?] (x1), Overpowered Sword (x1), HP Potion (x1000), MP Potion (x500), Level Booster (x1), Skill Book [Time Warp] (x1).

[?] - An mysterious object. Reach Level 50 to unlock it!

Overpowered Sword - An overpowered sword that absorbs the user's MP to function. Stats: +100 STR, +100 INT, +100 WIS, +20% DEX, +20% [Speed]. DUR: Unbreakable. - MP: 1000/Min

HP Potion - Restores 75% of Max HP.

MP Potion - Restores 85% of Max MP.

Level Booster - A cheat item that levels up the user.

System Alert: You've obtained Skill Book [Time Warp]. Would you like to learn this skill?

[Yes] [No]

System Alert: You've obtained skill 'Time Warp'.

Time Warp - Active - LV.1 - EXP. 0.00% - MP: 10000/Min - A skill that allows the user to warp the space-time continuum for a specific amount of time, depending on either MP drain or the sheer willpower of the user.

System Alert: Congratulations! You've leveled up

System Alert: You have reached Level Seven! You have now unlocked a new location, the [Guild Building].


(Central Hetalia, Cuba Street)
[Guild Building]


You [Player-(Wang Yao)]: How did I get here so quickly, er...

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): Hey! Hey! Yo, buddy, ya here to sign up for a guild? I'm the guild manager here, the name's Carlos, but go 'head and call me wha'ever ya want. Don't worry, I'm friendly to everyone, no need to be shy...

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): ...Unless ya're that son of a bastard Alfred... I swear, I'll kill him one day and it will feel good.

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): A knife would give best satisfaction, but of course, strangling him would work too...

You [Player-(Wang Yao)]: Uh... okay, er... um... should I come back later...?

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): Oh, buddy, did I scare ya there? I get like that sometimes, really sorry 'bout it. It's just that my everlasting hatred for He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

You [Player-(Wang Yao)]: The Alfred guy?

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): Must...kill...

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): Yipes, it seems like I did it again. Sorry 'bout that, it's just that the mention of his name alone is enough to make me madder than a pot of toads, ya'know. But let's get on to business now. Could ya hand ya hand to me? I need to make sure ya're in the appropriate level to join a guild. Of course, ya probably wouldn't be here if ya weren't, but rules are rules, and the sooner we get this over with, the sooner you can join one.

You [Player-(Wang Yao)]: Here, er.

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): Looks like ya're good to go, buddy. Ya wanna' start ya own guild, or join a previously existing one? I think there's a few that ya're eligible for, if ya choose the second option, but it's ya choice.

You [Player-(Wang Yao)]: ...

You [Player-(Wang Yao)]: I think I'll make my own guild, er.

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): Alright then, just fill in this piece of paper and ya' good to go, buddy.

System Alert: Congratulations! You have created a guild [Guild].

Name: East Asia
Class: Community
Membership: Invite Only.
- Yao Wang - LV.7 (Leader)
~Shinatty-chan LV.1

Guild Manager- (Carlos Machado): Good luck, pal! I hope ya get ya'self a nice, big team soon!

You [Player-(Wang Yao)]: Thank you.

You [Player-(Wang Yao)]: Bye, er... buddy.