Chapter 2

Hermione had decided that it was a perfect night to sit out in her back yard and just listen. Listen to the breeze at it floated by her. Listen to the cars as they drove past, and the soft chirp of insects in the night air. Sometimes it would take her back to the nights in Louisiana and she missed it. She missed what was surprisingly simpler times for her. They had given her hope and after the war, she needed hope desperately.

"Isn't it a bit cool out here for you," Eric said softly behind her. She smiled before showing him her wand.

"I'm a witch remember," she replied, "That means I can cast things like warming charms."

"That's right."

"Why are you here," Hermione asked, turning just enough to look up at him.

"To see you. I found myself missing you last night," he told her. His blue eyes were filled with the love he had always given her. Eric used his speed to grab a chair and set it down beside her before sitting down. She grabbed his hand, winding her fingers with his.

"I miss you all of the time," Hermione sighed out. Eric turned away from her, a look of sadness coming over his face.

"I used to regret letting you go," he said, his voice ringing into the night, "The moment you left my arms I regretted it. I used to curse myself for giving up the one thing that had been good for me. For giving up my sun. But looking at you now," he turned his head back towards her, a smile on his face, "I don't regret it at all."

"I used to be so angry at you all of the time," Hermione admitted to him, "I felt betrayed and lonely and I was angry at you for taking yourself away from me. I felt as if you had taken away my choices for my own life. But then I realized that you were giving me choices. I didn't understand then, but I do now. And I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing," he asked, his face scrunching up in light confusion. She smiled brightly back at him.

"I'm sorry that I made you make the decision for both of us. I was a naïve little girl then, with love clouding my judgment. But I don't regret one moment I had with you. Not one." Just as Hermione finished speaking a loud roar of the fire place came from her living room. Just a moment later another one.

"Where is he," a loud voice bellowed from within and Hermione knew exactly who it was, Ron. He came stomping out of the house, his wand in ready position to fight. Eric was surprised at how large he had become. Before he was just a skinny twig, but now he was all muscle.

"Ronald, please calm down, and put down your wand," Hermione hissed as she stood up. A moment later Draco stepped out, dressed in an immaculate all black suit. He too had gotten more muscular over the years, but Eric noted he was still leaner than Ron Weasley.

"How dare you come and show your face here after what you did," Ron said, ignoring Hermione entirely. Eric slowly stood up as he faced the younger man.

"Weasley, that's enough," Draco said from behind him, but Ron refused to back down.

"If you don't put down your wand this instant, I will hit you with one of my books so hard you'll be seeing every color of the rainbow," Hermione nearly shrieked. Eric wanted to wince at the sound, never hearing her reach such decibels, but for the other two it was a regular occurrence.

"You can't seriously be defending him after he basically abandoned you here," Ron asked incredulously.

"That was a long time ago, and I have forgiven him for it. Just as I've forgiven you for a lot of things done out of love in the past Ronald," Hermione replied, sounding suddenly very tired.

"She's a grown woman Weasel, she can take care of herself," Draco said, "Besides, she's smarter than us combined. Mr. Northman knows better than to mess with her."

"Indeed," was all Eric said as he watched the exchange in amusement.

"I don't like him here," Ron said, his voice almost petulant.

"Well that's too bad because I like him here and he's going to stay here as long as he wants to stay here. Let it go Ronald. For me if for nothing else."

"Fine," Ron conceded, "But one slip up and you'll have me to deal with." The darkness that had swallowed Ron's blue eyes actually made Eric nervous. He wasn't a boy pretending to be a man anymore. Ron Weasley was now a man. A man that was capable of many things.

"So noted," Eric said, his chin tilting forward in the slightest nod.

"Why are you here," Draco was the one to ask as he stepped towards them. Eric sensed that he was an even greater threat than Ron was.

"I came to apologize to Hermione," Eric answered truthfully. Draco finished walking, standing directly in front of Eric, nearly his height now. The silence was tense as they all waited for Draco's next words.

"I love her," Draco told him, making Hermione hiss in shock, but Eric never tore his eyes away from Draco, "But she loved you more. You're getting a second chance with her, and I don't believe you deserve it. You played with her feelings and then tossed her aside. But she always loved you more. You have no clue how many nights I wanted to get up and head back to Louisiana to destroy you for what you did to her. But she always loved you more. And the only reason why I don't shove my wand into your heart is because she still loves you."

"That's enough Draco," Hermione said softly, her small hands coming up to rest on the blonde's shoulder, making him whirl around to her.

"I will always love you Hermione," Draco told her, "And I respect your decisions. But I will not have him waltz back into your life after what he did," Draco turned back to look at Eric, "He wasn't the one that had to hold you at night as you cried for another man. He wasn't the one that had to bear you calling him by another name. He wasn't the one that had to go to sleep at night knowing that the woman you love, loves someone else. So if he's going to be here, I want to know why. Because I will not stand to have your heart broken again."

Hermione's eyes were wide as tears began to well in them. She had never realized the extent of the pain Draco felt while he was with her. She suddenly fell to her knees, the tears now streaming down to her face. But Eric didn't move to console her no matter how much he wanted to. Draco heard her sniffles and turned around, rushing to her side and wrapping her in his arms.

"I never knew," Hermione said, her words gasping through her sobs, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I did that to you."

"It's not your fault," Draco nearly chuckled out, "It's not your fault."

"Mr. Malfoy," Eric began, making Draco glare up at him as he continued to console Hermione, "If something were to happen to me, please take care of her."

"Why would anything happen to you," Ron asked, finally speaking up after the entire exchange.

"I am a vampire Mr. Weasley," Eric said giving him a smirk, but it was almost a sad smirk with the way his eyes conveyed his emotions, "And every vampire has a price on their head. We all meet the one true death eventually."

"You brought her back to protect her," Draco said, making Eric nod.

"She needed life, and that was not something I could give her at the time. I'm sure Mr. Potter will tell you the details as to why I've changed my mind. I love her. And I have no plans of giving her up now." Draco and Eric just watched each other for a moment, waiting for the other to break. Hermione was the one that stopped their staring contest.

"What do you mean 'take care of me'," she asked, her tone becoming incredulous.

"More of the emotional aspect really," Eric told her nonchalantly, watching her as she slowly stood up, "I've already given you half of everything if something were to cause my untimely death. So you'll never have to worry financially either."

"I don't worry financially now Eric. You can't just give me half of everything! That must be thousands of dollars," Hermione said, stomping her way towards him, her short stature some how intimidating. Seeing her angry suddenly gave him the urge to fuck her.

"Actually, it's millions now. If something were to happen to both Pam and I however, you get all of it."

"All of it? What about your other progeny? Willa? She deserves to have it! Not me!"

"Willa didn't want any of it."

"I don't want any of it!"

"You don't get a choice in the matter," Eric finished, smiling proudly as she stomped her foot and growled out in anger. Eric used his speed and wrapped her in his arms, and looking deeply into her eyes.

"For as long as we're both around Hermione, I will take care of you. Whether that me emotionally," he placed a gentle kiss on one cheek, "Physically," he placed another kiss on the other cheek, "Or financially. So I suggest you get used to it."

"Doesn't mean I have to like it," she replied, making him smile as he slowly laid his lips against hers. It was a chaste kiss compared to what they used to do, but for some reason it meant more to Hermione than any of the other ones. This kiss was done out of pure love. There was no lust, no desperation, just love. And she cherished it within her heart.

"Are two quite finished making kissy faces at each other," Ron said, making Draco snort in derision at his words, "Because there actually was a reason, other than potential ass kicking, for why I was here."

"Yes Ronald," Hermione, pushing Eric away so that she could look at her childhood friend. He had a large grin on his face and she couldn't imagine why.

"Lavender's pregnant," Ron finally told her. Hermione squealed loudly, making both Eric and Draco wince, as she jumped up and down before running to Ron and wrapping him in a large hug.

"Ron, that's fantastic. Congratulations," she sighed out, tears suddenly welling in her eyes. She quickly brushed them away before pulling away from him. At one point living another day was nearly unimaginable, and now Ron was going to be a father.

"We were also both wondering if you would be the godmother, along with Parvati," Ron asked, his face becoming a bright red.

"Of course! I am honored that you even asked," Hermione gasped out. Eric smiled as he watched the two friends. He never really had that. A friend that he could truly have happy moments with like this. Someone to celebrate a new life with. But maybe with Hermione he could.

"Who else would I have asked? You're my best friend," Ron told her, making tears well in Hermione's eyes again. She laughed brightly at his words before wrapping him in another large hug.

"I'm so happy for you Ron," she whispered in his ear.

"I'm happy for you too," he whispered back, and Hermione knew exactly what he meant.

"We also came to tell you that Mrs. Weasley is having a large dinner this Saturday in celebration of the another Weasley," Draco said, his tone filled with annoyance, "Which would be the third one this month alone I believe. Will you Weasleys' ever stop breeding?"

"Never, so shove off Malfoy," Ron said, pushing Draco lightly. Hermione smiled at them. It used to be that shoves led to fights, now they lead to laughter, and Hermione was thankful.

"We'll be off," Ron said, a tired sigh escaping his lips, "We just came to tell you and see how you were doing. Call if you need anything."

"Will do, love you," Hermione said as she began to show them back to the living room. She had noticed that Eric didn't follow. Draco glanced back with her before grabbing her hand, making her look up at him.

"I'm happy for you Granger," Draco told her, "But if he does anything, I will be here. Don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you Draco," she smiled at him. He smiled back as he let her hand go. He followed Ron to the fire place. First Ron stepped in, his large smile warming his face.

"Bye Hermione."

"Bye Ronald," she said through a chuckle. He called out his home before dropping the powder down into the fire, disappearing in green flame. Draco stepped in after it calmed down.

"Bye Granger," Draco said before calling out Malfoy Manor and also disappearing in green flames.

"Bye Draco," Hermione whispered after he had left. She barely heard the sound of Eric coming in behind her.

"I'm sorry my little witch," Eric said, making Hermione whirl around to look at him in confusion.

"What could you possibly be apologizing for Eric?"

"You would make a great mother," was all he said in reply, and that's when it dawned on her.

"I can be a mother you know. As long as you don't do some crazy profession where you could possibly get killed, or get me killed, I can be a mother," she explained. She slowly walked up to him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"You do know that I'm infertile. So whatever you did do to get pregnant, it would never be mine."

"The child doesn't have to have your DNA to be yours Eric. Being it's father, being there is way more than just getting me pregnant. So, when I decide that I'm ready for a baby, and if you're still with me—"

"I'll be with you forever," Eric said, cutting her off, but she continued after he finished his sentence.

"— Would you want to have a baby with me," she asked, her tone full of hope. Eric was silent for a long time, making Hermione nervous for his answer. He had only been with her for about a week and she was talking about having babies.

"How would we explain the reason why I can only go out at night and sleep during the day," Eric asked, his arms that were around tightening.

"Whatever child I have will most likely be magical," Hermione began, "I think it can handle you being a vampire."

"What about when other people find out," he didn't care about him, but if he was going to actually have a family then he wanted to do it right.

"Then we'll deal with it when it comes," was all she said, her smile bright. She was happy because he was actually considering it. That means that it's a very high possibility.

"I'll think about it," he said before dipping his head down to hers, "But right now I have some other things on my mind."

"And what would that be," Hermione asked, a heated look coming into her eyes. She knew exactly where he was going with his words, and she couldn't wait.

"Your clothes on the floor," he said huskily. Hermione hummed in appreciation.

"I like the way you think Mr. Northman." Hermione said before tearing out of his arms and running towards the bedroom. Eric gave a loud bellow of a laugh before chasing after her.

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