Fang PoV

We were just flying, then out of nowhere, a black object hit Max into the forest below. She and the now smoking object fell faster than I could fly. In the smoke she was impossible to see. And she fell, out of sight 800 feet below

OH MY GOD! FANG SAVE HER! SAVE HER NOW! GO, GO, GO! My mind was screaming!

NICKOLAS DINTE AILES! SAVE MAXIMUM! NOW! I'd never forgive myself if she died.

I dropped down, closed my wings, head first.

I was going to save Max!

Chapter 1


In the beginning there was Adam and Eve.

And in my beginning, it was Fang and I.

I think so. There was Dylan too. But I don't really count that because he's dead.

I think I was flying, just a minute ago. Yes. Flying. With Fang.

I didn't see Fang.

It was just me and the ground.

My wings hurt. Not just my wings.

My everything hurt.

Time was lost for me.

I didn't know how long I was asleep. Or awake. Or dead.

It hurt. I dragged myself over to a tree before I slept. It was painful. But at the moment I didn't really feel anything. I knew there was pain, but I didn't exactly recognize it.

Perhaps, I really was dead.

Fang PoV

I followed the trail of smoke that rose from the ground. Dropping down harder than I meant to, breaking my wrist.

I saw Max. Laying against a tree, broken, much more broken than my wrist.

Her wings broken in almost every way, bones sticking out from them and her hands, she looked dead, but I could see her chest heaving heavily.


I turned sharply on one heel, putting my hands into fighting position, even though my left wrist was killing me.

I thought the boy standing in front of me looked like someone I knew.

Or maybe not.

Unknown PoV

Fang stood in front of me, hands held up defensively.

I raised my hands in a "I surrender" position. I wasn't going to hurt him. More like I was trying to save. They looked the same as they did 4 years ago.

"Fang. We need to get her to a Doctor."

"Not a chance. Who are you?"

"A friend. I know a person who can help her."

He put his hands down, nodding, though I would suspect he would figure out who I was soon.

Fang PoV

I carried Max. And I followed him, trying not to move Max as much as possible .

I eyed his back, watching the muscles.

It almost looked like wings.

"But… you're dead." I whispered quietly.

"No, Fang. I am very much alive. What gave me away?"

"The muscles on your back. Your wings, I should say."

He stopped and looked at me from over his shoulder.

"Or maybe, Fang, I am a ghost." And he laughed heartily.

"...How did you survive Dylan?"

"I'll tell you after we save Max."