"What is it?"

Ava baffled at the white blanket covering the earth simply stood in shock. Odin's home planet apparently had serious seasonal moods. It was so foreign.

"U-uh, yeah. It does this y-yearly. Not all the time though."

A small silence passed over the two. It wasn't uncomfortable, nor awkward. The silence between them had become a sort of agreement. They hated talking, Odin because he was ashamed of his stutter and Ava because she still held a fear that at any moment she would drive him away some how.

They didn't need to talk, Odin and Ava had found peace in each others company through one of their favorite pastimes; daydreaming.

The two sat on the snowy hill looking out ward at the pine trees covered in thick, white, frost. The peace was short lived though after fifteen minutes or so Odin brought out his pipe.

"He's mocking you again, huh ?" Ava whispered. She didn't won't to break the comfortable mood, but it was necessary. Odin only smoked for two reasons.

"If you made a pact he couldn't hurt you anymore, thats the one good thing about mine she can't hurt me like she did before."

Odin stayed silent. It wasn't worth the effort, he could hear the ominous deep chuckle of his demon in the background. Another puff finally silenced the jerk. He didn't feel like talking about his demon, or TITAN, or frankly anything relating to the space cretins who had plagued both his and Ava's life.

"I could ask him to give you a break ?"

"Tch g-good luck."

A pact wasn't something to take lightly, Ava hadn't had the luxury of being able to think over what she wanted. Odin on the other hand, currently did. Pedri each day made the idea of a pact more promising.