This is an Asylum AU that my friend Rose ( .com) and I worked on together. I want to make a full story of this, but for now I'm just having it as a one shot.

Ava tapped her pen continuously upon her brown clipboard. The facilities air condition unit and her tapping were the only sounds filling the expanse of the waiting room.

tap tap tap

She checked her watch for the fifth time. This new doctor was late, 30 minutes late. He was already off to a bad start, at this rate he would be replaced within a week. The facilities schedule was tighter than a can of sardines. The idea was that if the patients began to fall into a strict routine, there would be less room for violent outbreaks. Six was always breathing down their necks about how much time they wasted.

tap tap tap tap tap

Mrs. Bellarmina had refused to take her medication and had been caught in the broom closet with for the third time that week.

tap tap tap tap tap tap

Ms. Nervine had become hysterical yesterday and had needed Father Marverde to stay with her throughout the night.

tap tap tap tap tap tap

Maggie and Ava's hours were on the verge of being cut. Six had fired two attendants.


"W-Wow, what did the pen ever do to y-you."

Now standing in front of her was a brusque man she had never seen, he was dressed finely and had a briefcase. Dumbfounded, she sat there with ink dripping from her hand. Who was this guy to judge how she treated a pen ?

"I'm sorry but if you're one of the patients lawyers you'll have to come later, visiting hours are from nine to-"

"Am I s-speaking to Dr. Ire ?"

"Yes, and I already said that visiting hours are-"

Before she could direct him out the door and away from the facility, he had produced a white slip of paper from his briefcase.

"Oh. So you're the new doctor."

"Yeah. I g-guess that w-would b-be me."

"Six didn't tell me you had a stutter or were this old."

At the mention of his stutter he visibly bristled.

"I'm o-only thirty-six…And my s-s-s-stammer is barley n-n-noticeable."

"Oh ! I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that..."

Ava couldn't exactly think of a better response to his remark. She had indadvertedly dug herself into a conversation hole. She hadn't meant to offend him. If he thought her remark was bad, then he was in a world of trouble when he met Wrathia.

"Well, I uh. I might as well give you a tour." She wanted to change the subject immediately.

As they walked she couldn't help but feel nervous, he was much taller than her. She was technically his superior. She couldn't pin point why she was nervous around him though. He gave off a somewhat disinterested vibe as they walked down the halls. Like everything she was showing him was a waste of time or done incorrectly. It was starting to get under her skin. She showed him everything she knew, from the library, to the holding cells, and even the washrooms.

"I-It's true that you're the doctor taking c-care of the flamer ?"

His remark came out of the blue and had no context to what she was showing him.

"Yes" she responded scoffing "That would be me."

"A-Aren't you a little too young for that position. Y-You just graduated didn't you, Ava ?"

His condescending tone nearly pushed her right off the edge. How dare he ? Plus who was he to go using her first name like that ? She had barley known him for more than twenty minutes at best.

"The 'flamer' has a name, you know. Wrathia is a mentally ill woman, not a flamer.

"but…she is an annoying witch." Ava mumbled under her breath.

"Y-you're wrong."

"I'm what ?"

It was official this guy was an asshole. Ava didn't want to spend another moment with him.

"W-Wrathia isn't mentally ill."

"I- wha?"

"All of her f-fires w-where calculated and had a purpose. The only reason s-she's here is to make the public see her as less of a credible source to the governments messes."

Ava couldn't even think of a response. So she hadn't been the only one to look over Wrathia's files. The woman had been shoved here and diagnosed as 'delusional and paranoid' for her thoughts against TITAN. Ava hadn't thought they were delusional. Angry and passionate, yes. Delusional and baseless, no.

Maybe this guy wasn't as useless as she thought.

"Have you gone over her records and blog typings ?"

"I h-have."

"I…have also."

She didn't want to reveal too much. She needed to talk in private with him.

"When does your shift end ?"

He shrugged

"N-now, I guess."

"Wanna grab something to eat ?"