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Epitaph of Twilight

"And, to our bitter grief, with a smile and in silence, he died, a gallant gentleman."

Amelia frowned. Her eyes like ice, regarding the last line of the novel with barely concealed disdain before she chucked it. "What a ridiculous piece of garbage that turned out to be." She huffed throwing her legs over the other side of the chair, oblivious to the hand reaching down to pick up the discarded paperback.

"Oh, surely it wasn't all bad?" A bemused voice reached her ears, causing her to crack one eye open. The ire she felt momentarily subsided seeing that it was only Lucien; His gaze rose slowly when she whispered his name, greeting her with the full force of his smoky dark-green eyes, the exotic black flecks within holding the light.

The boy was perfection in coffee hues; his hair the color of dark roasted beans, short, tousled and unkempt but his skin was all latte. He had that shy look about him that teens often get when they've grown too much too fast, like they aren't really sure about being a man yet. He was skinny, but the way his clothes hung gave away the taut muscles beneath; and always in his wake were heads turning to watch him go.

With a soft laugh he threw himself onto her lap, putting himself far closer than any sane being ever would. She gave a slight grunt, but no real objections, allowing him to put his arms around her and bury himself flush against her. The scent of fresh blood pumping through his veins hit her like a ton of bricks resulting in a cannibalistic growl with her lips pulling into a slow rapacious smirk.

"You really do like to tease me, don't you?" She whispered, something dark hidden in the words, as she went to nip at his earlobe. He shivered but didn't detach himself yet, running her ice-cold fingers slowly up along his backside leaving goosebumps in their wake while pushing his shirt up, slipping underneath the fabric a bit.

"Only when the occasion calls for it." Lucien quipped, finally lifting his face so it was more on par with her own, bringing his hands to tenderly touch against either side of her face. "You're no fun when angry Lia, and besides..." he let the words trail off, slowly bringing his lips closer to her own, "your father was the one who sent me."

The smile melted off her face, the previous sour expression returning full force. Her hands dropped away as though burned, allowing him to reposition himself.

"Killjoy," she muttered feeling Lucien dislodge himself completely, regarding her with a triumphant gleam while he straightened his coat.

"I'll be sure to give him the message," Lucien said, already making his way towards the large double oak doors of the library.

Amelia watched him go, openly staring at him while he walked. There was an odd almost cat-like quality to the way he moved, not bad, rather elegant and even nimble some might say. The way he glided across the hardwood floors was reminiscent of a slinking panther.

She watched until she realized he was no longer walking, now leaning against the open door with a subtle smirk. Those green eyes of his offered a whole new meaning to the word temptation, recalling the feeling of his skin beneath her fingertips from just a few seconds ago. Then without a word he turned, abruptly breaking eye contact, removing his foot that kept the door open.

"Stop staring and get a move on." He called over his shoulder just before the door slammed shut behind him.

"Bloody frickin tease," Amelia grumbled under her breath, rising to her feet. Her eyes caught the book from earlier where Lucien had placed it on the table, furthering her grumpy mood. "Dumb ass author didn't even include me! Or get mother's name right." And with that she strode towards the door, bracing herself for the confrontation with 'Daddy dearest'.

Despite the fact that they had lived for over six-hundred years there were some things individuals just couldn't let go, whether it was them trying to hold onto the more intangible bits of themselves or just lifestyle habits from whatever century they were turned, Amelia herself couldn't say for certain, and frankly she just didn't care enough to try and understand. Still, her father once regaled her with stories of the place he had lived with her mother, and later on her brother—a time she herself could at times just recall—and how it was always bathed in warmth and light. Similar to the castles mentioned in a fairy tale, only Amelia knew fully well there was no happy ending.

Walking through the large long-winding hall where a few pictures and an elaborate, expensive looking chandelier hung she was vaguely reminded of some of the things her father had told her of his time back in the palace; how the gardens surrounding the gates flourished year-round holding a wide variety of lilies, roses, daffodils and tulips and many more–most of which were handpicked by her mother, so he said. How despite being made from brick and iron, the walls were carefully painted a more appealing light cream-color and red velvet for the carpets and drapes. Any silver used in decorating was replaced of course, given hers and her father's 'condition' instead substituting a rich gold.

It was almost like a castle, one that would make her momentarily forget all of the bittersweet memories with its own beauty. And for the things it couldn't make her forget, she had Lucien; her brother in all but blood. The one who she had found so long ago in those woods.

She arrived just outside the doors of her father's personal study in less time than she would have liked, idly debating whether or not she wanted to head in right away when a familiar voice took the decision out of her hands. "I know you're there Amelia." Her father called out, his voice calm but still carrying a resonating effect to it. "Do come in."

"You wanted to see me father?" She inquired, pushing open the doors, seeing her father seated at the desk that sat in one of the room's corners, scribbling something on a piece of parchment paper.

He addressed her without looking up at first. "Yes. What were you doing down in the library, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I was reading." She said in a flat tone of voice. "Granted it wasn't a very good read per se, but..."

"Really now? And why, pray-tell, would that be?" he asked, a hint of amusement trickling into his voice now, turning slightly to look at her. Amelia pursed her lips for a moment or two contemplating her next words.

"Well it was about you actually. Rather, apparently how modern society has chosen to interpret you," she offered curtly, causing him to frown slightly. "While all but casting me aside, might I add, not to mention sullying dear mother's memory by getting her name wrong. I mean seriously who would read such garbage—"

"Amelia," her father interrupted, pinching the bridge of his nose when his only daughter descended into a tirade.

"—I mean seriously come on, that whole "The blood is life...and it shall be mine!" You've never said that, and if you have then I want someone to record it next time so we can claim copyright!" Vlad felt himself shaking with barely restrained laughter at his dear daughter's emotional ranting, along with the fact that she seemed to get so easily offended by what humans considered one of the greater pieces of horror literature.

Meanwhile outside the study doors, Lucien leaned against the wall outside the study shaking his head in bemusement, listening to his friend's words of frustration.

"Also, why did you send Lucien to fetch me?" Now she sounded like her usual self, her voice taking on a more clipped tone, almost accusing even. "He's not some little lapdog you can just-"

"I sent Lucien," her father interrupted with what Lucien himself could only guess to be a pointed look, "because he was the only one that I was certain you would not maim upon requesting your presence here." Silence followed his words.

"A simple 'daughter I wish to speak to you' would have sufficed, thank you very much."

An exasperated noise of frustration escaped Vlad's lips, realizing he was heading into a roundabout argument with no real escape. "Perhaps I should just cut to the chase then," he said reaching for the piece of parchment that had been on his desk.

"That would probably be for the best," Amelia agreed not looking his way for once.

"Amelia. I'm sending you—" she looked at him now "—to Washington, specifically the town of Forks."

With her eyes widening a fraction of an inch Amelia reached forward to snatch the offending piece of paper, glaring as her eyes skimmed over it's contents at an inhumane speed. "This is..." she mumbled, nostrils flaring some while she exhaled deeply. "Are you fucking serious!?"

The reaction hadn't been totally unexpected, quite the opposite actually. What Vlad hadn't accounted for was following the scream of frustration followed by the explosion of bats.


Lucien's first instinct when he saw Amelia walk down the stairs-purposely slowing her pace and staring at him-was of course to smile and wave, a piece of toast in hand. Wordlessly she took a seat, pulling out one of the stools and watching him casually spread the jam onto his toast before biting into it and reaching for the orange juice. His hand stopped only when covered by her own much colder one, drawing his attention away and back towards those unreadable blue eyes of hers.

"You knew, didn't you?" she said. He shrugged.

"About the Washington thing? No, actually. All he told me was that he wanted to talk to you about something important, and that was about it really."

Amelia released his hand, letting him return to polishing off his breakfast. She watched him take a few more bites of his toast, then a sip of orange juice followed by the choosing of an apple from the nearby basket of fruit they kept on the counter. He began slicing into it with a sharp, stainless steel knife getting a bit careless when the sharpened edge grazed the flesh of his thumb leaving a fresh seeping flow of blood in its wake.


Amelia was up out of her seat before he had time to reach for a towel, her cold fingers almost cradling the injured finger. The sweet allure of Lucien's unique blood made her mouth water, and her pupils dilate the smallest amount. Lucien watched, not daring to try and remove his wrist from her strong inhumane grip, seeing her fangs slowly grow out some leaning closer towards where the blood was visible outside the skin, only for her to retract her fangs a moment later pulling away.

He averted his eyes after seeing the fog of hunger clearing, hearing the sound of a drawer opening and shutting. He shivered some when something wet lapped up the blood, realizing it was her tongue, before carefully putting the bandage on. She leaned towards him, pressing cold lips against a pulse point on his neck in the form of a tender kiss whispering soft words of an apology before pulling away and returning to her seat.

The two remained silent a few moments longer. Lucien's eyes falling to his now bandaged finger, idle memories stirring from the back of his mind, ones he knew were better left buried-Blood and chains. The horrible, tormenting screams- feeling panic start to rise in his chest.

"Lucien." Amelia's voice pulled him back just before he could sink completely back into that nightmare, jutting her chin towards the toaster in the corner. "Food's burning."

Her blue eyes grounded him. "Right." He muttered after another moment, shaking his head soon after and moving to grab the second piece of toast before it burned.

The sound of the front door being thrown open caused them both to look up suddenly, a high-pitched voice breaking the silence that had settled between them almost immediately. "Ameliaaaa~! Luuuucien~! Where are you, my two little chickies!?"

The two exchanged a certain look, blinking once before looking towards the archway leading into the foyer. A female casually walked in, smiling brightly while carrying at least a dozen or so shopping bags in each hand and throwing them down onto the floor before them, standing with her hands on her hips and an accomplished look about her that made Amelia wary.

"Behold!" She said, raising her voice as though everyone throughout the mansion had to be made aware of her arrival. "I have returned, my lovely little darlings! Yes, Anastasia has returned, please hold your applause!"

Anastasia was beautiful, even by vampire standards; scorching and fiery red hair that looked burning to the touch. Orange sunset locks, capturing the light in vibrant ruby hues; flowing in gentle, warm curls of lava down to her mid-back. Some of the original glimmering emerald color of her eyes was mixed in with her now honey-golden orbs giving them a beautifully exotic flare, coupled with her skin, which was of course pale like unscratched porcelain.

"I have returned from France." She said in a more civilized tone, her heels clicking against the tiled floor while she made her way closer, first going to hug Lucien before closing in on Amelia. The blonde cringed some at the contact, rolling her eyes a bit when it made Anastasia only hug tighter.

When she was human, Anastasia was well immersed in what many would have called the finer quality things in life, including but not limited to the latest trends and fashion, all the most eligible bachelors, and of course the high-class social standings. And while many would have turned reclusive and even developed a depressive emotional complex, Anastasia seemed to be one of the rare cases adapting well to being immortal. Sure, at first she was a wreck, but before long – and after realizing she could do things like shop to calm her fraying nerves- she more or less took it in stride.

"Oh my sweet little golden butterfly, word on the grapevines that you'll be leaving us for a short while to go to-" Anastasia bit her lip in a dramatic portrayal of grief. "I can't even say it, oh! To think, dear old dad is sending you to one of the most fashion-challenged places in these United States. The tragedy!"

"She's just going to Washington," Lucien deadpanned.

"Lucien, please," Anastasia said, squishing Amelia against her chest, her tone changing to a more matter-of-factual one. "Can't you see that this is just tearing poor Lia apart! We, as her close friends must support, must aid her in this dark time. We. Must. Go. Shopping!"

Lucien opened his mouth, looking about ready to speak again when he clearly thought better of it, shaking his head and returning to his breakfast. The redhead's ramblings was then droned out by the crunching of jam-covered toast and fresh apple slices. His previous moment of potential relapse completely forgotten now in favor of eating breakfast, inwardly sighing at the mention of the latest sales. The unpleasant memories were thankfully pushed to the back of his mind for now, where he silently hoped they would stay.

'I wonder what kind of weather they have in that part of Washington?' Lucien wondered, curious. 'Then again I doubt it's sunny or anything.'


Mike Newton flipped through the pages of the book in front of him, his lips setting into a thin line. Flipping the book shut again, his gaze once more falling to the cover letters, a heavy noise of aggravation spilling out carding his fingers through his pale blonde hair. He felt like he was losing his mind, or at least somehow coming close to it!

"Every story has to start somewhere…." He muttered sarcastically, repeating his teacher's earlier words of wisdom, but it was easy for him to say, when he wasn't the one having to do all the work! Mike knew deep down he was mostly being childish, but still...a part of him didn't care in that moment.

'Of all the stupid pieces of classic literature for me to get...' A story of a lovesick vampire didn't seem too worthy of an all time best novel in his opinion, even less so if a person wanted to avoid delving into the supernatural side of things. Granted it focused more on the romance than gore, but it was all shifting narrative and sappy words of poetry.

'Why couldn't I get the one of a whale? Heck, even the bird one would probably be better.' He had never really been much of a horror fan, or into the heavy romantic stuff all that much. When some of the girls saw what title he pulled from Mr. Wilkens hat of potential project focus points, they immediately started gushing his ear off with their chatter of how romantic some of the movie scenes were.

Some of the boys shot him sympathetic glances, though Eric seemed to get just a little jealous. He couldn't fathom why however, convinced no one would want this amount of work thrust on them. Then again, after he finished this no one could say he didn't put any effort into his grades.

At first it was appealing, the prospect of learning everything he needed just from watching a film, but then he found out just how long the damn thing was! Nearly three whole hours of mindless romantic mush and some guy who's supposedly a bad guy but is really not, or something of the like. Mike could barely wrap his head around it all really, and of course it was at such a time that his mom chose to walk into the kitchen where he sat.

"Bram Stroker's Dracula, huh?" She said, her eyes immediately zeroing in on the book sitting on the table. "I didn't know you were into that kind of thing, Mikey."

"It's for a school project, Mom, I didn't have a choice." he said trying hard to keep the annoyance out of his voice, not wanting a fight to break out right now. "Besides, it shouldn't be too hard." Even coming from his own mouth, he wasn't convinced.

"Are you sure?" His mom asked, looking a tad doubtful herself. "I've seen the original movie, and it's got some 'heavy' parts to it..."

"Oh my god, Mom, please!" Mike interjected quickly.

"Alright, alright. I won't bother you anymore." She said, holding up her hands in mock surrender before leaving the kitchen area, taking her freshly brewed cup of coffee with her. "Just don't stress yourself out too much, dear."

Mike only shook his head some more, once again picking up the book. He exhaled loudly, mindlessly flipping through the pages once more, stopping at random intervals and reading a few lines, stopping every now and then and reading one aloud to try to make sense of it.

One in particular seemed to stand out for some reason.

"I have crossed oceans of time to find you." A noise like a scoff broke free of his lips, as he tossed the book back down to scribble a few more notes. "Yeah buddy, I'm sure that pick-up line worked wonders for you." He commented before his voice took on a more exasperated edge. "Then again I'm the one talking to a book and with no girlfriend."

"If you're looking for someone there's this one girl over at my work-"

"Mom, seriously!" He yelled back, about ready to start banging his head into the kitchen counter-top. "Can you just...go to work, or something!"

When no response was given he reluctantly shifted his attention back onto filling out the worksheets and jotting down the necessary notes. Overall he got the gist of the story, or so he thought, as confusing and disjointed as the words in the book seemed at times. The biggest confusion to him came from, ironically, one of the main characters if he remembered correctly-Mina or something?-and her portrayal throughout the book.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he had to wonder, was it possible to love another being so much as to risk your own mortality?

'No way.' he thought immediately dismissing the notion with a shake of his head. Despite his low tolerance of things like blood and gore, at his friends' insistence he had gone to see movies like '30 Days of Night', and while he wouldn't call himself an expert he was fairly certain no vampire would ever fall for a human. 'They'd probably think a human was too weak.'

That, or they would just want to eat them.

Just remembering those bottomless black eyes of the vampires from the movie, their sharp inhuman teeth stained with blood, made him shudder, a part of him immensely glad it was only a movie.


Amelia was still toweling her long golden blonde locks of hair when she stepped into her room, a tad surprised when she saw someone already sitting on her bed. Familiar green eyes met her blue ones. She didn't say anything at first, walking towards her dresser and grabbing her brush off the top and starting to run it through her dampened hair.

Lucien didn't say anything, seeming content just having her near him. She took a seat on the one side of the bed, sensing no shifting movement, turning a moment later and seeing his eyelids fluttering shut. His frayed nerves from earlier seeming soothed when she started humming softly from her spot beside him.

She watched his breaths even out a little more, settling himself in for the night, starting to fall asleep finally when-

"I own you!"

His eyes flew open, accompanied by a startled gasp that quickly turned into a muffled cry upon leaving his lips.

"Lucien?" Amelia whispered, being sure to keep her voice low while approaching him with caution. There was a noticeable trace of fear lingering in his eyes that she immediately recognized, and wanted to get rid of. "Hey, hey, I'm right here."

Her hand reached for his, brushing along the tips of his fingers as if testing the waters, before moving to take hold of the entire hand. Lucien's small burst of panic slowly seemed to melt away, feeling her pull him into her familiar, cool embrace whispering words of safety and assurance in his ear. He blinked back the slight stinging of tears, moving to bury his face against the crook of her neck once more.

They stayed that way until Amelia felt his body relax, his breaths evening out a bit more, letting out a soft sigh of contentment. She smiled carefully lowering his frame down flat onto her bed, shifting the covers over him and brushing a few strands of hair from his face.

"Guess this means you're sleeping with me tonight," she said, shaking her head fondly. "I suppose it's not the worst thing, considering it'll be some time before we see each other again."

Lucien turned in his sleep mumbling incoherently.

"Pleasant dreams to you as well." she said with a laugh. She paused a moment, looking down at her so-called bed and speaking aloud, "Well it's no coffin I'll admit. Still, I suppose I should give Mr. Stroker some credit, for his imagination if nothing else."

'Maybe throw in a couple of love lessons as well. After all, I know of very few humans dumb enough to want to be with a vampire.' she thought, a far-off look passing through her eyes for a quick moment. 'Isn't that right, Mason?'

While her thoughts drifted back to the boy in question, she started wondering what Washington would be like, Along with whether or not it would truly be worth the trip. So long as it didn't prove to be too over-the-top boring then she figured everything would be fine.

'I suppose I will just have to wait and see.'

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