Hey all, I'm both a long-time fanfiction writer and a long-time Jurassic Park fan, but I've never really written for it until now. I plan on writing a multi-chapter story or two for it in the future, but for now here's a short yet interesting one-shot. This is based on the movie, not the book, and rated T for violence and language. Enjoy and review! It starts right at the moment where Dennis got into his car, only to find the Dilophosaurus in there with him.

Dennis Nedry slammed his car door shut and turned around, wiping the acidic goo off his face. To his horror, the creature was in the car with him! Screaming, he grabbed a baseball bat off the floor and swung at it, hitting it right as it started getting ready to spit again. The Dilophosaurus fell off the seat, landing outside the car. Dennis reached over and slammed the car door shut, locking it. The creature jumped at the window, clawing and scratching at it. Nedry screamed and started the car.

He was still stuck in the mud, but he kept trying to get the car moving, knowing he couldn't get out to pull it, and that if he stayed here too long the creature would get in. Eventually, the car started moving forward, forcing its way over branches and rocks until it got back onto the road. Dennis swerved the wheels and went full-speed onwards. The hook attached to the front of the car, which he'd been planning on using to pull the car out of the muck, ripped off, taking the grill of the jeep with it.

The rain kept pouring down, but Dennis drove on. His face, hands, and chest burned from the venom that had been spat at him, but he ignored that as best as he could. Looking around, Nedry realized he'd somehow lost the container with the embryos. Stopping the car for a minute, he looked all around for it. "Shit!" He had to have left it there, but at this point that didn't matter. All the fat man wanted was to get out of there. He had a few more minutes until the boat left. If he could just get there he could leave, then make up some bullshit and come back to the island a few days later. He could keep working, and he'd get another chance at stealing the embryos, or maybe just find the ones he'd lost, although they probably wouldn't last long. The next time he would be successful, but for now all he wanted was to get away alive.

He kept driving, but he heard giant footsteps behind him. The mirrors on the side of his car showed him something rather terrifying, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, walking along through the jungle not thirty yards away. It was paying the car no mind, just prowling around. Dennis kept driving and it was soon out of sight. He reached the dock, parked his car, and hopped out, but the boat was gone. "No! Shit! Why?!" he cried, throwing his hands in the air in frustration. There was no way he could drive back to the main compound through the rain, past the T. Rex, the Dilophosaurus, and whatever other nightmares were now set free. He would have to stay here, out in the cold and open, until everything was under control again.

Only a few minutes later, however, his waiting was over. The Tyrannosaurus walked out of the jungle. Dennis tried to keep quiet as it walked around, but he couldn't keep himself from screaming. The gigantic animal turned to look at him, and roared. Nedry ran down the dock as the creature gave chase. It was all over in a few seconds, as the beast caught up and swallowed up the corrupt employee. That, not the encounter with the Dilophosaurus, was the true end of Dennis Nedry.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, even if it was shorter than I would've liked. Please review. I plan on writing more for this fandom soon! Thanks to all who read.

~TIAW Mr. Coconut Beatle