I couldn't help but keep staring into Joseph's captivating eyes as I rubbed my leg against his underneath the table. The thumping pulse was increasing at such an excruciating rate, I could barely sit still. Joseph exhaled deeply and finished off his drink.

"Keep it up Clarisse and I'll need another scotch!" he chuckled. I admit, I love to tease. I continued our game underneath the table; it was by the window and had such a beautiful view of the ocean. Suddenly, the pulse raged as so many naughty little thoughts ran through my head. Joseph kicked me under the table.

"Earth to Clarisse! Are you alright, Darling?" I grinned seductively, checking around the rest of the restaurant before whispering the following:

"Sex. On. The. Beach. NOW." Joseph raised his eyebrows in mock surprise.

"Sex on the beach!" he exclaimed. Our waiter had just walked past; a young, slightly impertinent fellow…a beach bum.

"Dude, haven't you like, had enough to drink already?" he asked. My face burned a bright scarlet color as I tried my best to mask my laughter. Joseph did a face palm.

"Check please!" We lied out on the sand as far away from the rest of civilization as possible so we would not be disturbed, contemplating the miracle that no one in the boardwalk restaurant had recognized us! I was so relaxed in his arms, I thought I was going to fall asleep. The only thing keeping me from doing so was Joseph's hand sliding down past the band of my shorts. I could hear Joseph's low, husky tone to the sound of the waves.

"Once upon a time," he began, "a seasoned pirate named Joe was planning to steal all of the gold from a young queen named Clarisse…" He slowly thumbed his way into my panties, giving a few light strokes. My heart raced as he continued. "However, when he arrived in her castle to confront her, he could hardly believe his eyes at how stunningly beautiful she was. At the same time, she couldn't believe how daringly delicious he appeared." I couldn't help but chuckle at his pomposity! He only stopped long enough for me to regain my composure. Then he began again, with a little more force to his hand.


"Her needs could not be denied any longer. He whisked her away into the chamber room and kissed her hungrily." Joseph leaned over and did the same as his character. "Then he ripped open the back of her dress and touched her sensitive, full breasts." His hand still going strong, he used his other to rip open my blouse; buttons went flying everywhere, exposing my bathing suit top, which he pulled off next. His mouth tasted each tip. I closed my eyes as the warmth began to flow.

"Joseph…how you torture me!" He grinned.

"Next, he guided her to lie down onto the bed and lifted her skirt…and felt for himself how much she wanted him." I almost came right then and there; and I could sense that Joseph knew as well, for he can read my body like Braille. Then he stopped. I glared playfully, trying to catch my breath. He let out a small chuckle. "Not yet," he said. He began again, moving his hand in a light circular motion and continued with his story, which was simple, yet captivating. "She begged for his touch, and he took his time pleasuring her…" At that point, he teased me to the point of no return; he stopped and started over and over again. I was panting heavily, moaning as the feeling was building. Suddenly, I felt Joseph's middle finger make direct contact with my clitoris.

"OH, YES!" He slowed his motion down, making the orgasm last for what seemed like an eternity. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling fondly at me. Then he leaned over and kissed me sweetly.

"Did you enjoy your story, Clarisse?" Still panting, I replied,

"Oh, yes…yes I did….mmmmm…" We kissed again. "Thank you, Joseph. I loved your story very much, but more importantly, I love you." He tucked me away in his strong arms.

"I love you too, my queen."