So, I wanted to write a fic where all the characters swapped gender roles because well...why not? If it's horrible I will not continue, but please let me know!

Mavis Cohen was sitting in her room of the apartment that she and her best friend Rachel shared, fiddling with the lens of her camera. Finally getting the focus where she wanted it, she picked it up and walked out of the room, pointing the camera around their loft.

"December twenty-fifth, nine AM, Eastern Standard Time." She narrated, turning the camera on herself.

"From here on in, I shoot without a script. See if anything comes of it…instead of my old shit."

She turned the camera on her roommate, Rachel, who was currently attempting to tune her Fender guitar. She was wearing a worn, green sweatshirt and dark red plaid lounge pants, her messy, dirty-blonde hair falling haphazardly into her eyes.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Filming you, stupid. Now smile."

Rachel flipped her off, not looking up from her tuning. Mavis kept rolling.

"First shot Rachel, tuning the Fender guitar she hasn't played in a year. She's just coming back from half a year of withdrawal."

"You talking to me?" Rachel mumbled, picking at the strings of her guitar.

"Not at all…" Mavis grinned, walking around the table where Rachel was seated and getting a side-shot of the blonde.

"Tell the folks at home what you're doing, Rachel."

"Shut up, Cohen."

Suddenly, their phone rang. Mavis nearly dropped her camera, before stopping rolling and laying it down on the table and walking over to answer the phone.


"Chestnuts roasting..."

The person on the other line started, but Mavis recognized who it was instantly.


Carol laughed.

"Hey, I'm downstairs. Buzz me up, will you?"

"Sure thing. See ya." Mavis hung up, turning to face Rachel.

"Carol's here, I'm gonna buzz her up."

"Have fun, don't give a shit." Rachel muttered.

The phone rang again, and Mavis picked up the receiver.


"Ho, Ho, Ho."

"Allison, hey…" Mavis covered up the receiver before swearing.

"I'm on my way!"

"Great…" Mavis covered the receiver again.


"So guys, I'm gonna need the rent."


"Yeah, last year's rent. I let it slide, remember?"


Rachel, who had been listening to the conversation, lay her guitar on the table and walked over to Mavis.

"Who is it?"

"Let slide? You said that we were golden!" Mavis yelled over the phone, before covering the receiver and looking over at her roommate.

"It's Allison."

Rachel looked annoyed.

"Tell her to fuck off. I never liked her anyway."

"I can't do that!" Mavis said, looking appalled.

Rachel rolled her eyes, taking the phone from Mavis.

"Well, I can. Go down and buzz up Carol, and I'll deal with Little Miss Bitchface."

"…Hello?!" Allison's voice yelled over the receiver.

"…Fine." Mavis handed Rachel the phone, pulling on her red sports jacket and grabbing her black-and-white striped scarf from the back of a chair.

"Don't do anything too stupid, okay?"

Rachel scoffed as Mavis walked out of the apartment. Swearing under her breath, she held the receiver to her ear.

"…Hey, Bitch. It's Rachel…"