After they'd kicked Allison out of the apartment, Carol and Rachel went to sit back down on the couch, alongside Mavis and Angel.

Carol looked at her watch.

"Oh, we've got to get going!" She said, looking over at Angel.

"The Life Support meeting, when does it start?"

"Ten-Thirty. Don't worry, we'll be just in time." Angel said, turning to Rachel and Mavis.

"Life Support's a group for people coping with life. It's not just for people with AIDS, either. Anyone's welcome."

"Thanks, I-" The filmmaker was interrupted by the phone, which immediately went to voicemail.


"Hey, Mavis? It's Manson. Baby, listen, I hired Jackson as my new production manager, but he doesn't know what the heck he's doing. There's-"

Mavis hastily picked up the phone.

"Manson, hey…"

Carol looked over at Rachel.

"She's still hooked."

"Majorly." Rachel nodded, polishing off the bottle of Stoli.

Mavis hung up, looking sheepish.

"Uh, Manson's having some trouble with his electrical equipment. He, um, wants me to come down and help out."

Carol grinned.

"Girl, you've got it bad."

Mavis looked annoyed, as she grabbed her jacket and scarf and put them on.

"Y-Yeah, well, whatever. I-I'm gonna head down to the lot…"

"Have fun." Rachel said, winking.

Mavis grabbed her camera bag, fighting the urge to throw it at her.

"So Mavis, we'll see you at the Life Support meeting?" Angel asked.

"Oh, yeah. Just as soon as I help out Manson."

Angel nodded.


"I'm not much company, you'll find."

"Behave!" Mavis scolded, slinging her bag over her shoulder and grabbing her bike from the corner.

"I-I've got to go. I'll see you guys later."

Rachel flipped her off, before grabbing her guitar from the table and strumming out a few chords.

Angel waved, and Carol grinned.

"Good luck, hon. You're gonna need it."

Mavis, who was halfway out the door, grumbled.

"Gee, thanks."