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"…Yes, Amber." The headmaster replied to the struggling words, his own voice cracking slightly as he did, gently holding the woman's hand. "It is me. I'm here."

"Where… where am I…?" Amber slurred, slowly moving her head to look at her surroundings, her eyes vacant, like they weren't quite registering despite her sight's best efforts.

"It's alright, Amber. You're in Beacon right now, among friends." Ozpin reassured the maiden gently. "You are safe."

"Beacon…?" She replied groggily, blinking slowly, as if keeping her eyes open was by itself an ordeal. "It's been a while… How… How'd I get here…?"

"Shhhhh, don't fret about that now, Amber. Explanations can wait until you're completely recovered." The man said, gently placing his hand upon her shoulder to keep her from trying to move, while wordlessly looking towards J'Zargo, expression questioning and hopeful.

The Khajiit calmly approached, taking a knee on the woman's other side, he put his hands over her torso, a soft golden glow suffusing them as he assessed the situation. The movement seemed to draw the drowsy woman's attention, as she slowly turned her head in his direction. For a few moments she just stared blankly, before squinting in apparent confusion.


"Yes, Amber?" The headmaster prompted patiently.

"Does this guy have a cat's head…?" She asked dopily. "Am I dreaming…?"

J'Zargo didn't overtly react as he was focused on his current task, and his feline face didn't give much away, but one ear did twitch slightly in amusement.

"You are not dreaming, Amber." The headmaster replied bemusedly after the moment it took for the question to register. "Mr. J'Zargo here is a… unique individual, but he's one of the people who're making sure you're alright."

"I'm not dreaming…? That's one weird faunus then…" Amber mumbled, before she once again blinked slowly. "Did that sound racist…? It probably sounded racist… I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I just feel… kinda woozy for some reason…"

"Clearly." The khajiit drawled, as the glow died down and he looked to the headmaster. "Well, the physical marks remain, but far as J'Zargo can discern, there is no gaping void anymore. It worked, she is whole."

The man visibly sagged at the words, letting out a breath he'd been holding in clear relief, looking down at the woman's face, where the faded, burn like scar in a webbed pattern was still starkly noticeable against her tanned skin.

"Wooaah, I am really out of it…" Amber mumbled, letting out a long yawn as if to emphasize the point. "Weird, I get the feeling that I've been out for a long time but… I feel so tired…"

"It's understandable, don't worry, Amber." The man replied softly. "You just been through quite taxing ordeal. It'll be alright if you sleep for a little while longer."

"Well, alright… Sleep's sounding pretty good right now…" The brunette conceded, her eyelids slowly drooping closer as if the weight of them was becoming too much to bear, before she briefly hesitated suddenly fretful. "Will… will I wake up again? Will you be here when I do…?"

"…Yes, of course I will. Rest now, Amber, we'll talk more later." Ozpin replied after a moment of stillness. So reassured, the brunette gave a small, dopey smile, and then her eyes finally closed and sleep took her the moment they did.

Gently, slowly, the headmaster proceeded to reach down to the woman and pick her up, holding her in a bridal carry, as cautiously and slowly as if she were made out of glass.

"Are we sure that this is no relapse?" He asked J'Zargo, finally letting the gnawing concern show in his face. "That she will indeed wake up?"

"J'Zargo thinks it's too early to have any certainties." The khajiit replied bluntly, feline eyes firmly on the woman. "That said, it's understandable that fixing such a damaged soul would be so taxing. And while J'Zargo's not big on all those little movements human's faces can make, that doesn't seem like an unresponsive person to J'Zargo."

Looking back to the woman in his arms, the headmaster swiftly realized what the catfolk meant. Rather than the usually blank expression or the infrequent frowns of discomfort she had displayed in all the time she'd been comatose, the small smile was still in her lips, a sense of ease around the woman that had simply not been there before.

"Point." The headmaster conceded, before the sound of footsteps behind him made him turn, to see Tristard and Serana approaching.

"So, the gambled paid off." The dragonborn commented, looking ponderingly towards the maiden.

"So it'd seem, and in no small part thanks to you, if I am understanding things correctly." The headmaster replied with a small smile, before his expression grew pensive, perhaps even slightly curious. "What is it that you did, exactly? That was not a shout I have seen you use before… and I assume it is the thing you were hesitant to resort to?"

"Aye. That was Soul Tear." The breton replied somberly. "The purpose should be obvious given the name, and it is among the most… unsavory of my abilities. I had hoped it wouldn't be necessary, but alas…"

With a slight movement of an orange glowing hand, a figure floated forward. Cinder, the headmaster was quick to realize, left dangling in midair as if some invisible person had slung her over their shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Not the most dignified manner to hold an unconscious prisoner perhaps, but Ozpin figured the dragonborn was not feeling particularly charitable towards her, and frankly, neither was he.

"… whatever it was that this one was doing to claim the stolen power was even more vile than anything at my disposal, and it forced my hand. I didn't know the Grimm to have such capabilities, much less that there'd be people who could take advantage of such."

"I see…." The headmaster replied, a thoughtful gleam to his eyes. "And frankly, neither did I, but it doesn't entirely surprise me."

"Because it is related to your own suspicions?" Tristard prompted, quick to grasp the unspoken implications.

"Just so. I will explain further, now that it's come to this, but if it's all the safe to you I'd rather see Amber to the infirmary and Fall to a holding cell first." Ozpin requested, before blinking as if suddenly realizing something, looking somewhat embarrassed. "If I could ask one of you to take Amber? I realize I need to make a few calls."

Without a word, that telltale orange glow suffused the sleeping maiden, softly lifting her off the man's hold, but keeping her gently laid in the same position, he noticed.

It was then that a stray thought came to the Dragonborn.

"Won't we need to take turns going back up? Hardly seems like there's much room in the elevator."

"Oh no, no, we'll just use the secondary, larger one. You didn't think we'd have carried all this equipment down here with just the tiny cabinet meant to bring people to my office, did you?" The older man answered, not waiting for a reply before he reached down for his scroll. "Glynda? Please inform Dr. Foster that we'll need a private bed in the infirmary set up yesterday. Yes, it worked, we're bringing her up. Also, have a holding room prepped for Fall, separate from her underlings. There's been no issue keeping them secured, I hope? Good. James wants to see me? No, don't tell him just yet, we need to keep the trio's part in this under wraps for now, just send him to my office and tell him I'll be there after I see to a vital matter."


A short while later saw the four them around a secluded booth in a practically deserted infirmary. Fall had been dropped off to the teachers in charge of keeping track of the prisoners, and Amber, now dressed in patient robes, was slumbering peacefully in bed. The good doctor had been waiting for them, and had been quick to do a check-up, running some tests with technical equipment beyond Tristard's current understanding. Frankly, the dragonborn made a mental note of checking into this world's medical knowledge more thoroughly in the near future. Healing magic was a great boon in and of itself, but the mundane ways could always be useful in the proper situations.

"Well, Ozpin, I can safely say I still got no bleedin' idea what'n tarnation happened to this girl." Doctor Foster stated, in his ever gruff manner, as he looked through a couple of sheets of test results. "But I can also say she'll be waking up from this beauty sleep sooner rather than later. Her aura levels show the telltale signs that usually happen when they're only just beginning to stabilize after intense activity, and she's gonna be needing some therapy to regain full motor functions after so long without movin', not to mention lost muscle mass, but all told it should be but a few weeks, a month tops, before she's up and about again."

"Some very good news, Doctor. Very good news, indeed." The headmaster replied with a nod of thanks, looking positively relieved with the confirmation. "Do keep monitoring her condition in the meantime, if you would, but for now, that'll be all. These three will stick around for a bit, by the way, to keep watch over her while I tend to some matters."

"Long as they don't make too much noise." The older man grumbled, before heading back towards his office.

"J'Zargo swears," The Khajiit broke the ensuing silence buy commenting with his arms crossed, once again under illusory guise. "That man makes Urag seem warm by comparison."

"Can't say I disagree, for once." Serana nodded along.

"His bedside manner can leave something to be desired, I am aware." The headmaster replied bemusedly, before taking a moment to look at all three of the mages present. "Anyway, I am sure that you three would like to discuss what just happened, no doubt while have some questions for me besides. And there are indeed some things that I haven't told you, which, at this point, I think you have more than earned the right to know. However, I would ask for a bit of patience. It'd be best for me to not keep James waiting much longer. Soon as I have coordinated some matters with him, we'll be able to talk."

"And what will you be telling the general?" Tristard inquired curiously.

"For now, only that Amber has been restored, and that the attempted infiltrators of the Academy have been apprehended. He will likely want to follow up on that latter bit, which should help keep your involvement in the former under wraps for the time being." Ozpin replied promptly, glancing towards the slumbering maiden. "But you let me worry about James. Keep watch on Amber for a bit, I'll have Glynda and Port come replace you soon."

"She is in safe hands, Ozpin, fret not." The Dragonborn promised with a nod, a gesture mirrored by the vampire and the catfolk beside him.

"Of that, I have no doubt." The man replied with amusement, before looking directly towards the breton, who could not help but notice something about that look. The look of a man who had a weight lifted of his shoulders. "Thank you, Tristard. Thank you for allowing an old man a chance to rectify at least one of his many mistakes."

And with those sincere words, the headmaster walked away, leaving the trio of another world to see to their charge.


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