A/N: This is unbeta'd due to having severe internet issues. I'm just hoping I can post this.

Daryl's head turned at the snap of twigs and she was there. Carol.

His feet moved without conscious thought. His arms reached, grasping, pulling her to him. Broken bits of his heart and soul fusing back together as she clutched him to her warmth just as tightly.

Rocking back and forth he lifted her off the ground in his desperation to know Carol was real and not some phantom of his psyche come to taunt him with her image. The taut muscles of her back and the brush of her cheek against his caused the moisture to pool in his lashes as he allowed her feet to touch the packed earth once more.

Needing to see her face, Daryl pulled back and the dam broke. His head fell to her collar bone as tears slipped silently down his face with the feel of her hand caressing his neck, running into his hair.

He was home now that she was there.