So, I was bored and this popped into my head!

No real spoilers, just pure fluff! Takes place after 6x20. Also posted on my tumblr!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All X-files is owned by Chris Carter.

"We were married there for a few days, Scul," Mulder says to his partner as he files a folder into one of the many cabinets in his office. An uninterested look on the woman's face, the red head answers, "Yes, we were." Not hearing a witticism after her comment, Scully looks from the folder she is perusing to see a sly grin on her partner's face. In his hands, Mulder holds a manila envelope and Scully can only assume the worst.

"Where are you taking us now, Mulder?" The woman queries. Instead of a place or theory, the red head's answer comes in the form of her partner taking out papers from the envelope and holding them up for her to catch a quick peek at. Terror coming to her blue eyes, Scully quivers, "No." When the man's grin grows wider, Scully stands from her chair in shock. Of all the tricks the man can pull on her, she finds she can be out foxed by a trick she thinks Fox Mulder will never play. The male agent can practically see the scenarios swimming in his partner's mind. He hopes they are not all bad.

"Oh, come on Scully! It's not like it's forever! One of us will die eventually," Mulder quips as he holds the papers out of his partner's grasp. Becoming aggravated, Scully begs, "Please tell me this is an awful practical joke? Did Skinner help you with this? Is he in here?"

"No one's in her Dana. It's just you and me."

By now, Mulder is cornered between the filing cabinets and an angry Scully who, if he is honest, looks quite adorable when angry.

"Mulder, quit playing games with me," Scully demands as she crosses her arms. Mulder repeats her actions and with a shrug of his shoulder answers, "Who's playing? I have it under good authority that what I have is true."

"Mulder!" The woman whines. The man places the files on top of the filing cabinet for a moment to tilt Scully's head to face him. The look in her eyes is flaring with anger, but soon subsides a small bit. Mulder watches his partner sigh and lean into him. He wraps Scully in a hug as she mumbles something incoherent. Caught up in the embrace, Mulder does not see the actions that take place not even a minute later. The next thing he is aware of is Scully breaking their hug and darting out the door. With the woman's quick movements, Mulder only catches a glimpse of the papers that he has previously set on the filing cabinet residing in his partner's hand's. Darting after her, Mulder sees Scully is farther down the hallway than he originally thought.

"You make the stubbornest wife ever!" The male agent calls as he re-enters the basement office.

"I'm not your wife!" Scully yells from the hallway. Poking his head out the door, Mulder rebuts, "Those papers say different!"