So, I have this chapter! Yay! For those waiting for Chloe Samantha, I'm working on the story-slowly. Anyway, just to give a quick recap: In season 6x4 and 6x5, Dreamland and Dreamland II, Mulder switches bodies with an employee at Area 51. - THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Disclaimer: All is owned by Chris Carter and FOX and the comment about the china patterns later in the chapter is not mine, it is owned by the writers of the show and my sticking it in there is due to the lovely Adelled.


"Skinner, I need a favor from you," Scully says once she enters her boss' office. The almost bald man looks at the red head who is holding up a handful of papers. The woman walks over to the desk before depositing the items on to Skinner's desk. The man can see annoyance written all over the agent's face and decides to take a look at the papers he now has in front of him hoping the pair has not fought over the legalities of a case again.

"I'm surprised this hasn't come up sooner," Skinner mumbles leafing through the documents. The glare he receives prompts the man to ask, "How'd you end up in this mess in the first place?"

"I don't know. I thought you were working with him on this," She replies suspiciously still not entirely convinced Skinner is not in league with her partner. Skinner shakes his head just as a breathless Mulder walks into the office.

"It's not what it looks like," Mulder calls out from the door way causing the occupants of the office to look at the brunet, one with an amused glance and the other with a glare.

"I take it you want to annul this as well?" Skinner asks holding up the legal documents. Confused, Mulder asks, "Are you even qualified to annul a marriage?" The brunet simply receives a nonchalant gesture before walking toward his boss' desk to better join the conversation. The two men begin an animated discussion involving the legal papers while an angry Scully stands away from the pair with her arms crossed. Rolling her eyes at both her partner and their friend, the red head asks through clenched teeth, "Do you want it annulled or not?"

"No need to get testy, dear," Mulder teases giving Scully a side ways glance from his perch at Skinner's desk before looking at the balding man again.

"You think we, uh, could talk a little more about this?" Mulder questions seeing his partner huff at him in his peripheral.

"If this is what marrying you is like, I want a divorce right now," Scully jibes uncrossing her arms and placing a hand on her hip. Mulder raises his eyebrows at Skinner to prove his earlier statement. Rather than deal with the typical, albeit odd, banter of his agents, Skinner dismisses the pair from his office with their papers stressing the fact that he is not their marriage counselor.

"We could 've had this settled Mulder if you hadn't come in," Scully hisses as the pair walks down the hallway toward the elevators. Feeling as if the entire building knows of their accidental marriage, the pair is quiet until they are at their destination. Leaning close to his partner's right ear, Mulder whispers, "Who says I want this settled?" Scully gives the brunet a glare as the partners enter the elevator not wanting to talk.

"You never actually proposed Mulder. We've never dated. I have no idea how you can think us being married will work. How did you even get us into this mess in the first place?" Scully asks once they exit the elevator and enter the hallway leading to their office. Hurt a little by his partner's accusatory words, Mulder quips as the adults enter their office, "If I recall correctly, I did say we needed to pick out china patterns when we had that case with those babies with the tails."

"That still doesn't explain how we're, if we even are, legally married," Scully states setting herself in one of the office chairs as if she is a sulking teenager. Mulder simply shrugs saying, "You were already Mrs. Spooky anyway."

"Mulder," The red head practically growls. Putting his hands up in a defensive stance, Mulder sobers answering, "Oh, trust me Scul, we're legally married." Thinking back to the events, Scully questions, "We did that for a case. There wasn't a real marriage license or even a fake one to be seen-"

Mulder's guilty expression causes Scully to end her rambling.

"When did I sign this, Mulder?" The red head asks angrily. Trying not to joke about his partner's face matching her hair, Mulder simply hands over the folder containing their marriage license. Reading the document, Scully tries to absorb the information she is given. She remembers nothing from the day or two the date presents except she and Mulder are kicked out of Area 51 and sent back to D.C..

"I take it unless we go to the courts, we can't change this any time soon," Scully states placing the files back on the table which are dated from three months ago.

"For the record, I don't even remember drawing these papers up. I don't know who did," Mulder answers sitting on the edge of his desk trying to wrap his mind around the events involving his and Scully's impromptu trip to Area 51, which he is responsible for instigating. The brunet looks at his partner, or legally, wife. She is slumped in her chair more than unwilling to meet his eyes.

"You okay?" He finally asks hoping his partner will look at him. The man simply receives a slight nod in response. Deciding to continue with his work, Mulder stands up from his desk and decides to grab a file. As he walks away, Scully lightly grabs his wrist causing him to turn.

"Do you think we can keep this from the office long enough to fix everything?" She questions. Mulder gives his partner a weak smile. Honestly, he does not want to fix anything. If he has to be married to his partner until the day he dies he will. Living without her will drive him mad. Instead, Mulder answers, "Whatever you want, Scully." Taken aback by her partner's words, Scully eyes the man closely trying to figure out his angle. Voicing her thoughts, the brunet answers, "There's no angle Scully, really. If you want to get the marriage annulled we can. I just thought you might want to look over the documents again and think things through."

Scully can practically hear Mulder's voice break at his last sentence and wants to feel sorry for him. Maybe she is reacting over zealously to the plight in front of her. Sighing, Scully says, "Fine. I'll think it over. According to these papers we've been married for three months anyway. I doubt another day would be any different."

She is unsure, but she thinks she sees a smile creep onto her partner's face as he answers the recently ringing telephone. Raising an eyebrow, the red head silently asks who is on the other end of the line. When Mulder mouths Skinner, Scully simply decides to piece together the conversation. A minute later, Scully finds the phone being held out to her as Mulder says, "Skinner wants to talk to you." Nodding, Scully stands up to grab the phone receiver.

"Agent Skinner," Scully states to let the man know she is on the line. As Skinner talks to her, Scully cannot help laughing at her partner as he mimics Skinner talking.

"Sorry?" The red head says trying to ignore her partner and focus on her phone conversation. After a minute longer, Scully hands the phone back to Mulder who places the receiver back in its cradle.

"Skinner wants to see us in his office," The red head says with a sigh. Mulder nods as he follows his partner out of the office and into the elevator. For once, however, Scully is aware of her partner placing his hand on the small of her back as they walk through the hallway to Skinner's office a few minutes later. Entering the secretary's office Scully steps away from her partner before explaining how she and Mulder have an appointment with Skinner.

"I take it congratulations are in order?" Skinner says once the pair is safe in his office. The partners look at each other before Scully answers, "For the time being. I told Mulder I would think the situation over." To her astonishment, Skinner chuckles at the pair. Shaking his head from the ridiculous scenario of Scully vetoing alien green or UFO blue for any of the rooms in the couple's imaginary house to an upset Mulder, the balding man asks, "You both know what you've gotten yourselves into, right? I'm also not responsible for any rumors that start." The agents nod knowing they will keep their lives the same as before as they figure out how to annul a marriage unknown to the pair until earlier that day. After their assurance, Skinner bids the two agents to leave his office. As Mulder places his hand on the door, the brunet and his partner turn as their friend says, "Oh, and keep it out of the office." A cheeky grin on his face, Mulder replies, "I make no promises."

Scully simply rolls her eyes at her partner, though a faint smirk can be found on her face as her partner ushers her out of the office. Once his door is shut, Skinner calls his secretary in saying, "You can call off the bet. I just won the pool."

Smiling at the news, the secretary walks back to her desk in time to catch Agent Mulder whisper in Agent Scully's ear as the pair walks toward the elevators.