So, this is more or less the last chapter. I may post another to fully finish out the annulment arc. Sorry for the short notice, but at least you're not being kicked out for maintenance like Scully was? Also, I have a slight nod to the season 6 episode Monday, so watch out for that.


Seeing the shocked look on Maggie Scully's face immediately causes Mulder to let the woman inside his apartment. He has no desire to the see the similar look that most likely resides on his wife's- partner's- face.

"Sorry, Mom. We were watching a movie and we fell asleep," Scully defends even though she knows she has done nothing inherently wrong. She merely fears the relentless questioning to come. Left alone as Mulder turns on the coffee maker in the kitchen, Scully tries to explain why she is at her partner's apartment which gives Maggie enough time to assess the living room which she sees has remnants of the night's snacks which reside on the coffee table. The older Scully knows her daughter is hiding something from her, but decides to not ask directly.

"Do you want sugar?" Mulder asks the women as he pops his head out of the kitchen causing his partner a small bit of relief and his mother- in- law- partner's mother- to see the tension between the younger adults. Each woman responds affirmatively before Maggie asks where the bathroom is. Scully tells her then quickly makes her way into the small kitchen.

"Is there anything you need me to do?" She questions hoping to talk to Mulder and create a battle plan for the onslaught of questions to come. At her partner's nonchalant response, Scully takes a deep breath before asking, "How is this not scaring you?"

"It's just your mom, Scully," He states pouring the coffee into three separate mugs.

"How would you feel if your mom was looking for you and found you at my place instead?" Scully counters grabbing a mug when she notices her partner stiffen slightly as he looks anywhere but at his partner. Realizing she has him cornered, the woman stresses, "We got married."

"Accidentally," Mulder defends just as Maggie enters the dining area.

"Dana, why are your clothes in Mulder's bedroom?" Maggie questions with a mischievous glint in her eye. If the red head ever questioned where her sister inherited her prying nature, she now knows. Tucking her hair behind her ear and exiting the kitchen, Scully answers, "The pipes above my apartment broke and I didn't want to impose on you, so-"

"Dana, if you and your co- worker are in a relationship, I will try to keep an open mind. Heaven knows I had to do that with your sister," Maggie mutters causing her daughter's eyes to grow wide. Quickly the red head defends, "Mom, I'm not dating Mulder."

Coming in at Scully's statement, Mulder tries to hide a grin as he hands Maggie a mug of coffee and verbally moves the conversation to his couch. Making themselves comfortable, the adults compose themselves before Scully takes a breath and begins the story.

"Somehow I accidentally signed a marriage license that Mulder gave me, only it wasn't Mulder, and now we're married," She falters finishing the tale of her and Mulder's accidental marriage as her mother stares at the pair curiously before smiling.

"It's about time." Maggie responds just as her daughter states, "We're getting it annulled."

"Dana Katharine, how can you-"

"We talked it over, Mom. Mulder's fine with it and so am I. We just need to figure out a certifiable reason," Scully explains sliding her thumb over the rim of her mug. The action does not go unnoticed by the older woman who silently questions if her daughter is fully invested in the annulment. Looking at Mulder, she asks, "And you're okay with it?"

"It's whatever Scully wants," Mulder answers automatically as he tries his hardest to stare resolutely at his partner's mother. Changing tactics, Maggie asks, "How long have you been married?"

"Three months," Mulder answers letting Scully take a sip of her coffee to keep from answering her mother's question. The older woman nods looking briefly at her daughter before asking, "There's no other reason the both of you-"

Thankful she has only put the rim of the mug to her lips, both agents shake their head firmly answering, "No."

"We simply got married by accident," Scully assures her mother, even though she knows her mother will never be opposed to her three remaining children all having at least one child. Still processing her daughter's information, Maggie Scully is left on the couch to think as Scully takes her and Mulder's mugs to the kitchen.

"She's gonna be okay, right?" Mulder asks following his partner into his kitchen. Scully nods weakly unsure if she will cause her mother some sort of stroke. The agents are startled when they hear a sharp knock on the door. Giving each other confused looks, Mulder opens his apartment door to find his boss standing in front of him.

"I thought you were getting this annulled?" Skinner exclaims once Maggie, hastily retreating from the newest scene to unfold involving her daughter's accidental marriage, leaves via the elevator.

"We are, sir," Scully states firmly wondering how her day has become so hectic.

"Then why do I see the two of you playing happy family and inviting the in- laws over for tea?" Skinner questions though inwardly finding a dose of humor in the situation as his image of the agents picking out paint colors enters his brain. For his part, Mulder wants to correct the man's blunder and replace tea for coffee, but thinks better of his decision. Instead he opts for the weaker, yet effective, approach.

"It's not what it looks like, Skinner-" Mulder begins as Scully explains, "My apartment is being fixed."

Seeing his agents are completely serious, the taller Deputy Director sighs in frustration.

"Just don't start cashing each other's checks," Skinner mumbles before telling the pair to get to work as he storms out the door leaving two flabbergasted agents to scramble into work attire. Silently, the agents walk into their office half an hour later and see nothing unusual, though are still uncertain if Skinner is going to punish them for being late. Having only paperwork at the moment, the agents silently jump into their task.

"All we have to back us up is a coin," Scully states as she runs a hand through her hair as she looks up from her stack of typed drudgery. Mulder, sitting in his desk chair stares up at the ceiling with an inaudible sigh. Apparently their movie night last night has done nothing but steel his partner's need for an anullment. He silently curses both Scully's mother and his boss. Though, he puts on a front for his partner, he is still hoping she will drop the notion to end their marriage. Nights like their movie night show him how they can be. However, for the past hour, Scully has been trying to fit their fused coin into a plausible defense toward their annulment while simultaneously working on paperwork. Part of Mulder's mind is still convinced Scully is simply making excuses. After another frustrated sigh escapes his pacing partner's lips twenty minutes later, Mulder asks a question that will most likely land him in hot water.

"Are you sure you don't want us to stay married?"

Scully turns around and searches her partner's eyes for any sign of trickery and finds none. The fact her partner is being serious scares her a small bit.

"Mulder," She falters walking toward the man, but stopping barely a foot away from him. Unable to say more, the woman simply uttering her partner's name conveys her needing an answer from his sudden, raw question. Knowing the red head wants a reason, Mulder answers, "For the exact reason I ran after you when you left my apartment last summer."

Scully swallows as she processes the man's words while thinking about the pairs' conversation and near kiss that night and shivers. She still hates bees. Mulder waits uneasily for his partner's answer. When Scully nods slightly and opens her mouth, Mulder braces himself for the answer.

"I agree," She answers slowly brushing her hand through her partner's thick mane. He leans into the red head's touch as she continues, "I don't think I could live with out you calling me every weekend, but I'd rather begin a relationship with you free from an X-File."

Slowly nodding at the explanation, Mulder grins boyishly saying, "I can live with that."