Here's the promised epilogue. It's really short and forgive its OOCness and/or lack of continuity. This seemed the best way to wrap everything up. However, it can also be completely disregarded as I like to do with William Scully's being given up for adoption. Your call really. It's really meant to solve the annulment that joyously plagues the entire fic. (I'm just gonna stop here, because now I sound like an awful person who didn't enjoy writing this at all, which is actually completely untrue. I probably drove my roommate nuts talking about Papers to her).


Once the pair is able to find a plausible reasoning behind their annulment, Mulder and Scully take the day off and walk into the courthouse.

"You still want to do this?" Mulder questions still unsure if he wants to divorce his partner. Scully casts her partner a serious, yet sincere, look as she stops him in the hallway.

"Yes. Although it may be unorthodox, I want to be with you without an X-file."

"You know it's what got us together in the first place, right?" Mulder questions with a cheeky grin. Rolling her eyes, the red head answers, "Let's just get this annulled. Who knows who I married the last time."

Wanting to make another comment, the male FBI agent is stopped from his partner's retreating figure. Watching his partner walk away, he soon remembers where he is and catches up with his partner. Giving a quick glance at his partner, Mulder receives a reassuring glance from the woman as they enter the judge's office.

"I'm signing an annulment, correct?" The judge questions once he obtains the documents he has to sign. The agents merely nod. Nodding his head, the judge looks at the couple asking the reason for the marriage's end. Explaining the story the have rehearsed, Mulder and Scully wait with baited breath as the judge signs the papers. Shaking his head, the judge answers, "I've heard some interesting stories in my time, but this may be the first time I've heard of this."

The pair laughs uneasily before leaving the judge's chambers and then the courthouse. Adjusting their eyes to the daylight, Mulder looks at the woman standing beside him asking, "How does it feel to be a free woman?"

A sly smile appears on his partner's face as she dryly and teasingly answers, "Liberating. Now we can go around the office without people whispering about our marriage."

Mulder smiles at the woman's words as the pair walks down the courthouse steps toward their car. As they near their vehicle, Mulder comments, "We'll let them talk about our marriage next year."

True to his word, Mulder and Scully marry the next year. The agents smile as the confused judge who once officiates their annulment, now officiates their wedding. Leaving the courthouse much like the previous year, the newlyweds head to their car to get to Maggie Scully's house. Permitting the pair to marry without much fanfare, she insists on a party. Half an hour later the partners, now in every sense of the word, and the red- head's friend, Ellen sit in the backyard of the Scully home. Listening to the repurcussions of her asking about the reason for the marriage, Ellen tries to piece together the story Scully tells her as Mulder watches the Lone Gunmen entertain Ellen's son who is recently obsessed with video games.

Every now and then the head of the X-files jumps in with his own rendition of what happens during their "first" marriage causing Ellen to cast her friend teasing her eyes, Scully lets her husband wrap up the rest of the story which causes the small group of family and friends to listen to the over dramatized ending. Clearing his throat, Mulder ends animatedly, "Finally succumbing to a vague, veiled version of the actual events, Scully and I obtain an annulment under the guise of me having a scientifically proven, yet rare and temporary form of amnesia that makes a person act out of character and act out the person's deepest desires. However, Scully is unaware of the condition until a day after the event, not being present at the time the amnesiac state occurs. Thus, our accidental marriage."

A few spectators roll their eyes at the pair, not knowing the real events surrounding the marriage. Knowing their excuse is rather far fetched, the agents know the court is more likely to believe their fake story. Wanting more to the tale, Ellen listens, now with Tara, about how the pair reconciles after Scully is drugged in Vegas, though Mulder wishes he is able to obtain footage of player Scully, as he likes to refer to her as. The next August, after Mulder nearly dies, the agents finally decide to become an official couple, at least to their friends and family, much to the anger of Scully's brother. The couple ends their story by tacking on the marriage which the people at Maggie's house are all present for before Tara and Ellen head off to speak to their respective children.

"Thanks for marrying me, Scully," Mulder whispers. Scully smiles at her partner turned husband.

"Do you like this arrangement better than an X-file?" Scully questions teasingly referring to their earlier marriage. Nodding, Mulder answers, "I take back what I said a year ago. You make the best wife ever."