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"Guys, I'm worried."

"Danny, it isn't often that the ghosts seem to give you a day off. Most of the time it's nothing, and not some 'big plan' some ghosts are all planning at once."

"Yeah dude, just enjoy it! Worry when they attack instead- OW! Sam!" Tucker glared at the Goth, rubbing his arm where he was so violently punched. Right now, Danny Fenton and his two best friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley were walking back to Fenton Works, Danny's home, to get ready for some Friday afternoon video game marathons. Until a ghost shows up, that is.

But the problem was that Danny's ghost sense hadn't gone off all day. He was on time for school, didn't need to 'go to the bathroom' for ten, twenty minutes during class, didn't get any detentions, and didn't have to deal with any ghost attacks. Not even the Box Ghost had shown up!

"I know I shouldn't worry, I am happy, but I just can't help but have this feeling that something bad is going to happen." Danny sighed, head turned to the ground and hands shoved into pockets.

"Dude, you just jinxed it- OW! Sam, stop punching me!"

"Then stop saying stupid things that are just going to make him worry more!" Sam glared at Tucker, making him shrink back. The rest of the walk was silent, and soon made it back to Danny's house.

What weirded Danny out even more was when they made it through the afternoon ghost attack free as well. It was evening now, and 'Team Phantom' was just about to head off on a patrol. Which, to Danny's disappointment and relief, they found nothing.

"Wow, this is weird. We usually at least find the box ghost in the warehouses down by the docks." Sam commented, as her and Tucker rid their scooters down the street. Both wearing Fenton phones, as well as Danny as he flew above them a few feet away in 'Ghost mode.'

"No kidding. But at least I might get a full night's rest tonight!" Danny replied happily. But, just as the ghost boys luck usually is, his ghost sense went off. "Scratch that. I'll take care of this. Sam, you and Tucker go back to your place and wait for me. I'll call you through the Fenton Phones if I need help." He ordered, turning and flying in the direction his ghost sense led him before they could protest.

A minute later, he saw a green blur go past him. Almost knowing him out of the sky.

"What was that?!" Danny looked around, trying to find the green blur, when it whizzed past again. This time behind him, successfully knocking him down a few feet before he caught himself. "Okay, definitely not friendly."

He then caught sight of it in the distance, and followed it to some old building on the outskirts of his small town. It looked ready to collapse, but luckily for him he could just turn intangible to follow it in. He landed on the floor of the building, ghost tail returning to legs, and held up a ecto ball to light the place. He looked around, finding nothing but old furniture and a lot of dust. Until something jumped out at him and shot an ecto blast, hitting his shoulder.

Danny hissed in pain, and stepped back. Both hands now aglow with energy, ready to fight the ghost. But before he could even get the chance to glance at it, it then tackled him, sending them both tumbling. They wrestled throwing a few punches at each other until Danny's back slammed into a wall, shaking the entire building. He looked up to see they were now in another room of the house, and there was a familiar ecto-green swirl of a natural ghost portal in the back of the room.

In front of him was the ghost that had attacked him, standing with its arm pointed in the direction of his chest. Glowing with ecto fire. Danny and the ghost had a staring contest for a few minutes, neither daring to move. But now he finally had a proper view of the ghost.

Their entire body was different shades of green, with purple detailing. About his own height, and sort of dark green fiery hair waving in the air. (Now realizing as a-) She also had purple eyes, sharp teeth, and green skin. The ghost was wearing slick green pants and jacket both the same shade, and purple shirt barely visible where the jacket parted at the top and bottom. She also wore a glare dark enough to challenge Sam's. They sat it their staring contest for a few more moments, before Danny finally broke from his trance and spoke up.

"Uh… Hi?" He mentally face palmed as the words slipped from his mouth. A new ghost with an ecto fire blast pointed at my chest, and I say hi? Nice one Danny.

"Hello, Phantom." Her glare turned into an evil smirk, making him worry about what was going to happen next.

"So… who are you? And what are you doing here? Trying to take over the world or trying to destroy something?"

"Humph, straight to the point I see. My names Vanity. And I'm not going to tell you what I'm up to just yet. I'm just here to collect something, important to my plan." The newly declared Vanity explained, as her 'evil' smirk grew to an 'evil' grin.

"And what would that be?" He asked, slowly standing up, back still pressed to the wall. Instead of replying, she held her other hand up palm open, and a small amount of fire erupted from her hand. Disappearing to reveal a hand mirror, black with a thorny vine like design twisting up it and around the frame. A blood red jewel and the top.

"See this? This is my magic mirror. It can do just about anything of what I please it to." She took the handle of the floating mirror, and lowered the arm with the ecto fire. "And your about to find out what I want to take."

"Not on my watch." Danny growled, unable to come up with any mirror puns that would fit the situation. He launched forward an ecto beam, using both hands to add more power. But Vanity dodged it, and shot another one back. Danny raised a shield to deflect it, and then used that shield to ram into his enemy. Knocking her to the ground. She growled and raised her hand not holding the mirror to the air, and an ecto-flame ring erupted around Danny.

He phased through the floor beneath him and came back up behind her, to find her facing him already with an attack prepared. Before he could react ecto-energy flew at him and rapped around him, forming a sort of bind. His arms pinned to his sides, and the ecto energy holding him in place where he floated, Danny could only struggle. Vanity floated up in front of him holding her mirror out in front of her, pointed at Danny. The gem on the mirror began to glow, and the edged of the mirror let off a shine as Danny felt something inside of him tugging towards the mirror.

"Let's see how long you can last, without your human half. Phantom."

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