Apologies to everyone about my other stories. They will be updated , but I have been playing with this idea for quite a while. I have been watching the mini series "From the Earth to the Moon" in which Tony plays an astronaut who goes to the moon. He actually plays Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon, who is a real person. I decided to take our couple back in time to the Mad 60's like in "Mad Men" and put a spin on this AU.

The office was lit with the artificial light and had that Madison Avenue type feel to it. The scents that ran through the air were combined with Hai Karate and Aqua Net. Here was the home of the geniuses that told the world that if their armpits smelled like flowers , then they would find happiness. Women sat at their desks busily working to the sound of the clippety clack of the typewriters. Men seemed to think that they were the Prince Charmings that these modern girls were looking for. Land one and their life would become a fairy tale. Then the woman would move with him to his castle in the suburbs like Tarrytown or Long Island , give birth to his children and her life would be complete. This would be the case for some women, but not for Olivia Pope. She was the strong, independent woman who appreciated every step that her black sisters had taken in the South. Right now, she was a mere secretary,but she had higher hopes than that.

The photographers stood around the office as the man walked through. He was a study in handsomeness modeled right after the late JFK. He had that Kennedy like look with his wavy hair that had to be tamed with hair gel. Flashes would blind the normal man, but Fitzgerald T Grant the third was very used to it. This was all part of his destiny, to make his mark in history. Wearing a suit that was tailored and expensive, he waved and smiled like the politician he was born to be. There was a slight change in the program though. After attending Harvard, he showed an aptitude for science . This allowed him to enter MIT and eventually he became a Navy Pilot. Already accomplished, he had been approached to be a part of the NASA program. With his movie star looks, he was a poster boy for the infant space program. Now the agency landed him for Ford Motors and that was a cause to celebrate.

"My boy is going to the moon." Crowed Cyrus Beane. Beane was Grant's father's friend who had appointed himself as his manger. The older man fixed his arm around the younger man. He called him his golden boy. He had seen better days with the thinning blonde hair and out of style suit he wore.

All of the career girls strained their necks to get a glimpse of the hero. He had already orbited the earth and had been poised to be the first on the moon. The big cheeses of the offices came out to greet the two men, they had the typical male bonding session complete with cigars and whiskey. The smells were enough to sicken Olivia. She turned in her chair hoping to avoid the whole thing. Catching her white gogo boots on the chair, she stood up.

"I can't work with all this racket." She said as she held her ears. "All this fuss for one man."

Abby Whelan was her friend and roommate. She met her when she arrived in NY. Abby had on a plaid jumper and her red hair was teased and on top of her head. She had her share of admirers including a shy copywriter who had a bow tie and horn rimmed glasses. He couldn't help looking at her. She usually just brushed off David Rosen, but today she smiled at him. His day was made.

"I saw what this guy looks like in Life Magazine and I would go into orbit with him." Abby sighed.

"I thought you were a Democrat. He's a Republican." Olivia stated matter of factly. "Although it is pretty amazing, he has walked in space."

"I thought you didn't buy into this hero worship." Giggled Abby.

"Well someday this guy is supposed to be running for President and I might get to help on his campaign . You know I am apolitical." Olivia got up from her seat and started for the hallway . Those files weren't going to travel by themselves and her boss needed them yesterday. She sighed and then started for the file room. Satisfied with her bounty, she left the room and headed back into the hallway. She had no idea that she would trip and the files would scatter all over the floor. Olivia immediately tried to pick up the manila folders. Out of nowhere someone handed her a folder . She looked over to see who her savior was .

The man and woman got up from the floor at the same time. With a cigarette sticking out of the corner of his mouth, he valiantly made his way up from the floor first. He then extended his hand to Olivia to help her up.

"Thank you." Olivia took the man's hand as he pulled her to her feet.

Fitzgerald took a long look at this beauty. Everything about her said no, especially society. Thank God this wasn't the South. He noticed something else about her, she was a woman who obviously was no dummy. She just had that look about her. Her afro , the short dress, and hot pink sheath made her look like one of those fashion models in London.

"No sweat, " he said as took a puff from his cigarette. "And you are?" he asked curiously.

"Olivia." She shyly said as she stuck her hand out .

Putting the cigarette back between his lips , he extended his hand to her

"Fitz, just call me Fitz. Pretty lady." He gazed at her chocolate eyes. She seemed hypnotized by his slate blue ones. The two just seemed to be caught up in the world of each other. They didn't care about any one else for the moment. His hand seemed to graze her arm and it sent tingles through her body. She immediately took her files and started to walk away.

"Will I see you at this shin dig?" he asked hopefully.

"I don't know, I think its just for the partners and their wives.I don't think I am invited." She said lowering her head. She knew the pecking order of the office and she knew how low on the totem poll she was.

"Well I want you to come , as my guest." Fitz said. "I've got to get back in there, so will I see you there?"

"I'll try." She smiled honestly.

"Trying is good." He took out the cigarette and smiled at her. "I'll take that as a yes. See ya Later, Olivia."

As he walked away, Olivia couldn't help to look at the rear view. He had a fine ass packed into that business suit . She could just imagine how it would look in one those tight space suits. Talk about fine. He obviously took care of himself. No cheap cologne on him. Only the best for Fitzgerald Grant.

Returning from the file room, Olivia noticed that Abby had finally given Rosen the time of day. She found out he originally was going to law school, before he studied advertising. He still harbored the desire to go to Dartmouth . He seemed a nice enough guy and he sure liked her roomie. Most importantly, he could get the two girls into the cocktail party in Grant's honor. Olivia reapplied her white lipstick and took Rosen's other arm.

"Now I have two beautiful dates." He exclaimed looking at Abby and Olivia.

Olivia knew she would see her white knight again.