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Outfits in links. Red Arrow is Artemis with Blond hair. (Not superheroes here)



"Night Dad" "Night Dad" "Night Daddy" "Seeya Dad" "Nighty Dad" "Night Daddeo"

All the girls said, heading up to their rooms in Wayne Manor. The whole faimly had watched a movie since it was friday night. "Night girls" responded Bruce and Alfred like they do always. Tonight there was only one difference in the routine.

Artemis wasn't going to sleep. She had somewhere to go. She had been doing this for about a week so far actually. She would wait for about an hour to make sure everyone was asleep because in this family everybody slept light. Mostly because they all do various sports throughout the day. A few arent even considered a sport and have to be practiced at the home gym after school because there were no classes for it. Here's a list for you:

Kallie- Swimming

Willa- Track

Meagan- Acrobatics and Cooking

Connie- Kickboxing

Artemis- Archery

Dixie(or Robyn as they call her)- Knife throwing

Bruce- Knife throwing and Kickboxing

Alfred- Cleaning House and Archery

Both Bruce and Alfred try to get involved with some of the sports the girls did just to keep up.

The Wayne family girls were born into flexibility which was incredibly nice for Artemis since all the girls slept in one room because they were so close. Their room is like a tornado! Clothing, shoes, books, blankets, and pillows littered the floor messily pretty much every day. Not to mention the girls had fairly big beds meaning a variety of colors to confuse any non-Wayne. Kallie's bed is blue, Willa's yellow, Meagan's pink, Connie's Black, Arty's green, and Robyn's red.

Most of their clothes were the same color as the beds so you can tell where one girl's territory began and where another ones started. Despite the girls closeness they still wanted their own space.

Anyway, back to Artemis sneaking out. She slid through the tornado of items to the balcony with practiced ease. Wearing her blond hair in a messy ponytail, a Panic at the Disco shirt, ripped jeans, and green high tops with orange laces, her second favorite color.

She climbed onto the balcony ledge and jumped to the beautiful Bartek tree in their front yard(look it up). It's many sturdy and outstretched branches holding Artemis with ease while she trapeze walked her way to the other side where she could jump over the fence. She had tied a rope to the branch hanging over the road to ensure she doesn't fall and break something or wake someone up.(A/N-gonna call her Arty now) Arty swung down to rope like at "Cirque du Soleil ". Then threw the rope back over for the next time she goes. She can climb up the lamppost near the gates to get back in. Arty had memorised the route to the building after the first time knowing she'd go again.

Gotham was a harsh mistress at night but Arty was smart and knew all of Gotham like the number of arrows in her quiver(14). She weaved from this alley and that quiet and discreetly like a cat. Another thing running in the Wayne family was stealth meaning bad news for tricker treaters on Halloween.

Arty paused for exactly 1 minute in an alley next to Wayne Enterprises waiting for something or someONE to come and meet her.

"Nice night for a dance isn't it?"

Arty smiled broadly and got a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Oh, I don't know. Kinda dark isn't it?"

Their meetings always began like this. Someone laughed. You could easily tell it was a boy by the low pitch. Then, there was a thump as the stranger jumped down from the fire escape of the building next door and Artemis was kissed gently on the lips. She smiled into it and the boy stopped knowing she was happy enough with that. "Hey Roy"

Arty had met Roy at school. They were know dating due to Roy staring and her best friend Bette daring her to go ask him out. None of Arty's family knew because they don't go to school with her.

Meagan and the older kids were in high school. Connie and Robyn were in middle school while Arty was in a special arts school. She was not only good at archery but acting, too. She loved each activity equally.

"Hey Arty. Are you ever gonna tell your family about me?"


"Fair enough. Lets go"

They held hands and headed further down the alley to a sewer hatch. Roy being a gentlemen let her go in first. She dropped down onto the wet slimy concrete sidewalk, if you could call it that, with a small splish. Roy being only a bit heavier made a splash only slightly louder. They once again held hands as they now raced through to pipes following spray-painted arrows on the walls.

The colorful arrows finally stopped at a ladder leading to another sewer hatch. Arty and Roy climbed up into a vast forest where people not used to the land could get lost within seconds of stepping foot there. As the two walked the rest of the way to the secret place they thought in sinc of when Roy first showed her this place.

It had been a pretty tough week of practice for the upcoming production(play) "A Delicate Balance" about a long-married couple taking in some friends and family after some bad times. Roy and Arty had decided to walk home together and on the way Roy told Arty all about the club.

How freeing it was to go there and just sing, dance, act anything you wanted. Privately, for an audience, or even the "King and Queen". The king and queen are actually just the main founders. " They're actually really cool about things. Even if there's a fight or argument they fix it calmly without any more problems." He told her with adoration in his eyes.

Most call it a club but some choose to call it a Palace because of how tall and intricately designed the inside was. It was truly like a marble palace with beautiful columns made of wood and "drapes" of leaves over the windows. It was also called " The Hidden Castle" because it was entirely hidden.

The technology of the century was very sophisticated but because all of the Castle was inside the trees they use a series of pulley systems for doors e.t.c . The entry code was a song you had to whistle. Each member must whistle it, too. Even if they were traveling in a group. When the couple arrived they both whistled the song(Notes on a trumpet):









The secret door opened smoothly leading into spiral stairs. The stairs were not made wide because they didnt want anyone running. At the top, there was a hallway leading to a red door. Arty and Roy walked in and saw...

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