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Everyone finished their breakfast, all the girls got their bags, and gathered near the door. "Bye dad! Bye Alfred!" They all yelled. "Bye girls!" "Goodbye" Both Bruce and Alfred waved.

The girls usually walked together until their routes middle and high school are fairly close but Arty's was on the road parallel to the other schools. It would have been the same walk they did every week except there was a boy only one of them recognized at the bottom of their driveway. Arty told her sisters she'd be right back and headed down. The boy turned out to be Roy(haha, that rhythms).

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Arty pulled him behind the wall. He smiled at her "Did you like my gift?" She smiled back but still looked a little annoyed. "Yes but my family got suspicious. Having a BF and not telling anyone is one thing but secretly going to a club every night is different and they might find out." She put her hands on her hips and looked back at her sisters. They were tempted to run down but when they saw her annoyed face they stayed walking.(they get up early most of the time so walking is no problem). Roy faked a slightly saddened expression" OH, I get it. You are disgusted to have me as a BF!" He walked past the wall a little so they were both were in view when she pulled him back. "Not at all! I just dont wanna lose Sekra Mete." He smirked and nodded his head towards her sisters, "So you dont mind if I kiss you with your sisters 30 feet away?" She smiled brighter the annoyance gone, nodding.

Sisters POV

They were all wondering who the boy was, that was obvious. "She obviously seems ticked by him" Willa mentions. Everyone agrees with her or at least they thought so. All were silent until they saw them kiss. It wasnt deep but it was worth the "WTF" looks some of her sisters gave.

Kallie and Meagan both held their hands to their mouths and checked to see if either guardian was looking, Connie looked shocked but proud, Willa was open-mouthed, and Robyn beamed happily. All of them had managed to continue walking but Robyn had decided to run ahead and congratulate Arty. "OMG Arty why didnt you tell me! You two are so cute together!" She was bouncing on her heels excited.

They laughed. " This is my sister Robyn, the little devil of our family." The rest made it there in a few seconds, "Kallie is the oldest calm one, Willa is the second oldest, Meagan third, Connie fourth,and Me fifth." She pointed as she named them.

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