Greetings, I am Salvator Tepes.

This is the first time I have attempted at making a fanfic so I do hope you go easy on me. Flamers are not appreciated.

I cannot remember how I was inspired to make this, it just came to me one day.

Keep in mind that there may be some OOC in some of the characters but hopefully not too much.

That being said, let us get on with the fic.

Chapter 1: It was an accident?

Kischur Shcweinorg Zelretch.

Yes, to start this story, one must understand the magnitude of Zelretch's existence.

He is a Dead Apostle Ancestor, which is pretty much a really powerful vampire.

Really, REALLY, powerful. As in, stop the moon from falling to earth powerful.

And, he could enter alternate dimensions as well.

Which pretty much guarantees that he wouldn't get bored easily.

Now then, in this particular world, he was feared immensely and respected immensely as well. After all, he originated from this world, so naturally it was here he was most famous, or more accurately infamous.

There wasn't a magi worth their salt who doesn't know Zelretch.

Even less who knew what he was liked.

He had a tendency to prank people when he was bored in his home world. When he does get bored, he heads to the Clock Tower, the headquarters of magi, as well as where all the big decisions are made.

Whenever Zelretch enters the building, people start running.

The ones that didn't were either of high authority or high stupidity.

Zelretch wasn't evil by any means, he was just unpredictably mischievous. Nobody could predict the next thing he would do. He once dumped a female magus in an alternate dimension that was mainly populated by tentacle creatures.

He went to bring her back of course, after he was thoroughly 'scolded' by Barthomeloi Lorelei, but by then the poor girl had gotten…. Addicted. So when they brought her back, she dedicated her life to researching how to create more plantlike creatures with those tentacles.

On this particular day, Zelretch was feeling quite mischievous indeed. He had recently visited an interesting world. A world that sometimes interacts with other worlds by sending out invitations to certain people from different worlds. It was a most intriguing world with a very interesting society that consisted of many wonderful beings other than humans. Vampires, were-beings, Halflings, antromorphs and other magical creatures. Demons were there too and so were angels.

And the best thing of all? The worlds name was 'Little Garden'.

How cute. It's like Alice's Wonderland, only it was definitely infinitely more entertaining.

Now, Zelretch had the urge to drop somebody in that world. But not just anybody, he wanted to drop somebody in there who had potential, who could change things a bit, who could definitely cause a bit of a ruckus. The world had order in it, rules. Those rules were not broken easily. So he wanted to cause a bit of chaos to see how the world would react. It wouldn't be the first time he did something like that. He just needed somebody to dump in there.

So he thought, why not his apprentice?

Tohsaka Rin, his latest pupil. She was a talented girl who dabbled in the art of gem magecraft, like most of the Tohsaka family. What made her different was that she once held the Gem Sword of Zelretch.

Now, the Gem Sword wasn't exactly his. Hell, he doesn't use weapons. The reason it was named after him was because the blade has a kaleidoscopic appearance and can allow intervention through separate dimensions.

Basically, the blade can eradicate whatever it hits, then the blade will break, only to be replaced by another from an alternate dimension.

The dimension related abilities and its kaleidoscopic appearance all link to Zelretch 'The Kaleidoscope'.

That intrigued him. He was curious about Tohsaka Rin. Which is why he wanted to see her true potential by making her his apprentice. Not only that, she was a survivor of the fifth Holy Grail war, and one of the key factors in preventing the corrupted vessel from unleashing the Persian God of evil, Angra Mainyu, into the world.

Two other key factors were living happily together, last he checked.

'Hmmm, dumping her in Little Garden would be good exercise for her to adapt in a foreign world. I guess I could give it a shot.' Zelretch hummed as he stood vigilantly behind Rin, who was busy tidying up the books that were scattered about the room.

"Why…*huff* do I *huff* have to clean all this up?" the raven haired tsundere said with annoyance written all over her face.

Ah, did I tell you that Zelretch also uses her as a maid of sorts and constantly gets on her nerves?

"Because I asked nicely?"

"You didn't even ask me at all, you just said 'Clean the books up will you?'!"

"But that was a question wasn't it?"

"It sounded more like a statement or an order with the way you said it!"

"What are you complaining about, I'm teaching you how to enter different dimensions! I think cleaning the place up should be the least you could do to show some appreciation."

"That would be true if you had taught me anything useful, which you haven't as of yet!" Rin snapped and pointed a finger at the old vampire, who was smirking. Rin immediately paled when she saw that smirk. "W-what are you planning now?"


"Don't 'Hmm?' me! I know that look! It's the look you get when you're about to prank somebody humiliatingly!"

Zelretch chuckled before leaning forward from where he sat on the large pile of books. "Tell me, would you like to try and open a different dimension for me?"

The heir of the Tohsaka family sniffed in disdain before crossing her arms. "If I could, I would have done it ages ago. Unlike you, I have to learn all the damn mechanics and physics of that sorcery first. Not everybody can be a sorcerer like you."

"What if I prepared the materials and physics while you just perform the magic?"

Rin froze where she stood. "A-are you serious?"

"It would be interesting to see if you could actually open a gate. Of course, there is no guarantee that you could actually do it. Feel free to back out if you don't feel like you're up for the task though."

His carefully worded sentence successfully invoked Rin's anger at being underestimated.

"Grr…. Fine, I'll try it, just to shut you up!" 'It might be a prank... But with something as serious as opening another dimension, he wouldn't joke around about that, right?'

Oh how wrong she was.

#an hour or so later#

The tsundere magus was staring at the scene in front of her. She opened it. She opened a portal of sorts. It was just like she imagined it would be like, a bright vortex of colors with a strange feeling of displacement around it, like it should not exist.

Thing is, it shouldn't. Zelretch could already feel Gaia reject the portal's existence. So he snickered before stepping up behind his pupil. "Well, you completed your first task. Now on to the second one."

"Which is?"

"Seeing how well you can adapt to that new world."

Before Tohsaka could fully process what he just said, he kicked her in. As he heard her swear at him in so many colorful words, he chuckled and closed the portal which he opened. Tohsaka only thought she did.

Little did he know yet, Tohsaka's non-invited entry to Little Garden set off a small chain reaction (by my power as the author, I hereby make this statement possible).

#village ruins#

In a completely different universe, a man lay on the rubble of a house. His body was not his, as he had possessed it using the art of a cursed sword. Now, a man whose body was practically a sword on its own, had defeated him and taken the blade. Separated from the cursed blade and weakened by the battle, the body's true owner resurfaces into consciousness. He weakly turned his head around to see the state of the village. The village which once held his clan. His friends. His family.

All gone and dead because he held that cursed blade. That Deviant blade.

He sighed weakly as he looked up to the sky. His time was coming. Soon, death will take him. As he was about to drift off into his eternal slumber, something strange happened. Something was fluttering down from the sky towards him. As it got closer, he realized it was a black envelope with a white seal stamped on it.

The letter fell on his chest and he weakly lifted his arms up to open it. He was delaying his own peaceful death for the sake of one letter, so it had better be important.

The message on it was vague.

'By signing this letter, will you agree to forsake your life and any afterlife you may have in this world, to redeem yourself by entering a world completely new?'

The man frowned. A letter from the heavens perhaps? Still, he wanted to die. That much was certain. He wanted to die and go to the afterlife to meet everybody else and….

'…how will I face them after all this body has done? After destroying the village, how can I face them? I deserve no place in heaven with them….'

He reread the letter, coughing badly as he felt the wounds take their toll. Raising a bloodstained talon bearing finger, he wrote his answer weakly.

I agree.

And then everything went white.

#empty glowing space#


A silver haired teen was drifting in a sea of bright green particles of light. He had been defeated. Or at least the being that used his body as an avatar had been defeated. But then again, he was made to be used as His avatar, so technically he lost as well.

As such, he was now dying, or dead.

He remembered the slightly concerned look of the one who was technically his brother, the so-called 'black sheep' of the family. Stupid, everybody else was the black sheep, he was the only one who had any common sense.

So now, he heard his mother's voice, their mother's voice, asking him to approach the light.

And then something strange happened.

He felt himself drift away from her. Something was pulling him away from mother!

"Mother… no, mother, what's happening…?"

"I think… you are being given another chance…"


"You are being given another chance at life… so you may live and redeem yourself for the bad things you've done… so you may live the life you deserved…"

"I don't want that! I want to be with you!"

"Can you do it for me?" The soothing voice asked. The teen was conflicted. Very conflicted. At last, he could be with mother, but she wants him to go?

"….What about…"

"Your brothers will be fine. In fact, they want you to go. Take this chance my son… please… you deserve another chance at life…"

"….Will it make you happy?"

"…Yes, it will. It will make your brothers happy too."

"….Okay then… for you…" the teen said before feeling a warm glow engulf him and make him drift off.

"Thank you Kadaj…" the voice that he called "Mother" said softly.

#dark gulch amidst ruins#

This body was not hers.

Not technically anyway.

They once called her Noise. Or at least that's what they called the other her. Or was that other her really her? Or were they two separate beings?

Either way, it mattered not. 'Noise' was too weak to control the body. To control the monster that was connected to it. To control the powers she had been given. All the other 'brothers' and 'sisters' could, so why couldn't she?

Then her monster had created a substitute. This substitute would control the body for nearly 98% of the time, while 'Noise' would just wallow in self-pity. This was all according to the monster's plan.

What wasn't according to plan was the stand-in becoming self-aware and developing its own individual personality. It became perfectly sentient, a perfect mimic of a human. Thought it still lacked in the emotion department.

Certain people took great advantage of this substitute, as it was perfectly obedient and had unwavering loyalty. A certain golden haired man with heterochromia took much pleasure in 'using' the stand-in.

The others called her Zwei.

She called herself Echo, for that was what she was. A mere echo of a monster's power.

This echo stood on the balcony, having been in another 'session' with her master. She would have despised the man if she had been capable of feeling such an emotion. Not yet.

She did feel concern though. For Noise. She was in much pain. This place was hurting her. She couldn't do anything about it though, she was just a puppet.

So when a black envelope fell from the sky, she barely even twitched in response.

She eventually picked it up and read it. The text was simple and vague.

'By signing this letter, will you agree to forsake your life and any afterlife you may have in this world, to redeem yourself by entering a world completely new?'

She reread it wordlessly.

Was this a chance?

A chance to just leave everything behind and start anew? The monster, the puppeteer would try to prevent her. But what if the person that sent the letter had the power to remove the monster?

Without even a twitch in her facial expression, she signed her agreement on the letter with a pen she picked up from the table in the room.

As the world turned to white, she briefly wondered if she just made a wise decision.

#spiraling light#


A fierce shriek pierced the loud noise of the dimensional tunnel as a certain pigtailed tsundere fell down and down and down, courtesy of a kick from her asshole of a teacher who happened to be able to travel into different dimensions.

Eventually, she fell out of the tunnel, falling straight out of the colorful portal and into a bright place. As Tohsaka Rin adjusted her eyes, she saw that she was falling through the sky of a beautiful place. A vast green landscape of trees, bright blue sky and a gigantic structure in the distance that seemed to have many towns and cities in it.

And she also noticed that she was approaching a lake below her, fast.

Activating her magic circuits, she reinforced her body as best as she could before she splashed into the water. In her panic, she failed to hear three other simultaneous splashes.

Coughing and sputtering, she dragged herself out of the water before collapsing on the grass and heaving deep breaths of air.

"*gasp* Damn-*huff* you…*heave* asshole…" the tsundere said before coughing a bit more and resting her left arm over her eyes. She stayed like that for a while, feeling nothing but the cold dampness of her clothes and the warmth of the sunlight.

'So… I'm in a different world now?' she thought as she began to calculate over her situation. It COULD be a prank by Zelretch and he just dumped her somewhere in a greener part of the world, like New Zealand. But that doesn't explain the giant structure she saw. Maybe New Zealand's equivalent of the Clock Tower?

"*cough cough* Fuck, that's cold…"

Tohsaka's eyes widen as she realizes that she isn't alone. She quickly sits up and turns her head to find three people she has never seen before.

One was a young man, probably no older than her, with silver hair and luminous aquamarine eyes.

Literally, his eyes were actually glowing a bit. His pupils were slits like a cat's. He wore a black leather looking outfit that seemed to be a mixture of a bodysuit, a trench coat and a leather jacket. A short Japanese katana in its sheath was on the grass next to him.

The second figure was dressed even weirdly. He wore an outfit that was most likely a customized Japanese kimono, but that was where the resemblance ended. The rest was all avian.

He had some sort of mantle around his shoulders and neck that seemed to be made of red feathers. His pants resembled the ones a ninja would wear but was white instead of black. Coming out of the pants were legs covered in some sort of material that seemed to resemble the skin around a bird's legs. A cloak made of the same red feathers on the mantle was attached to the back of his waist.

His arms were covered in the same material as his legs, only his fingers were tipped with black talons, just like a bird's. His head had a strange looking head gear on it, a helmet of sorts with a long upper beak coming from his forehead like a cap. From the back of the helmet, a long plume of black feathers jutted out.

His face was relatively normal, save for the fact that his eyes were closed and he had red tribal looking marks on his eyelids.

Just like the silver haired teen, he was coughing and trying to catch his breath. Both of them were obviously under water as well.

The third figure was a short girl, at least a year or two younger than Tohsaka herself. She had pale pink hair and wore a strange outfit that resembled a mixture of a one piece dress with a miniskirt and a female sailor school girl uniform. It was white and blue. She had detached sleeves around her arms that went all the way down past her hands, hiding them completely. The sleeves were wider around the hand area and was a bit frilly.

She wore white thigh highs on her feet that seemed to be modified to work as long boots as well.

Her eyes were what stunned her though. They were dull and dead looking, just like Sakura's were when she was still a young child, only a few years after she had been given away to the Matou family.

'Thank God Sakura is in a safe place with a person to take care of her. God bless you for that Shirou." The raven haired magus mused mentally after noticing the resemblance of the girl in front of her and her younger sister.

Eventually, the three caught their breath and finally relaxed on to the grass. After several seconds, they all sat up and looked at each other in surprise.

"Oh… I'm alive." The man in the bird get up remarked off handedly. He looked at everybody, feeling the tense atmosphere.

"…So, how many of you died and got offered a second chance?"

"I did…" the silver haired teen said with a wary look. The pink haired girl just stared at them dully before speaking in a monotone voice.

"Not dead yet. Not really alive either."

Tohsaka dropped her face in her palm.

'I think I'm stuck with weirdoes…'