Alternate Ending for Alice in Wonderland.

After her execution was ordered, Alice finds herself running away from most of the ones she had met throughout her day in Wonderland. Scared, she hid in a hole she found underneath a tree. As soon as she went in the hole, she could hear all the commotion coming from the ones who were after her. A few minutes went by when it all became quiet. When she dared to look outside the hole she was in, she was, once again, surprised by a voice, which began talking to her.
"Are you scared?" Asked the voice.
"Who- who is there?" asked Alice.
"I am here, I have always been" said the voice.
"Where? Who are you?" asked Alice timidly.
"You are beneath me, little one".
That was when Alice realized she was talking to the tree, and she stepped outside the hole as fast as she could.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you" said Alice, worried. She didn't need any more enemies in this place.
"Fear not, little one. I don't mean to hurt you. I am a tree, after all. I can't really go anywhere" said the tree with a light laugh.
Seeing that the tree meant no harm, Alice relaxed, and said:
"I am very scared. I don't know what to do! They are all after me, and I don't know my way home".
"There is no way home" said the tree bluntly.
"What? There has to be! The door… the rabbit's hole!" said Alice desperately. She couldn't believe that there was no way home.
" The Queen has ordered for all the doors to be blocked. That hole does exist, but your way to get to that hole is a long journey, blocked by the Queen's guards. You have gained enemies, and have close to zero allies. The only way for you to get back home, is for you to manage a way through the guards. I would help you, since you have been the only one to come see me in a long, long time; but, like I said before, I am stuck here."
"What do you suggest I should do, then? "
A moment of silence followed.
"Stay. Stay, and when the time is right, you can go back, and find your way home. All you can really do for now, is wait for the right time to go. So, stay."

And so she did.