Even if she was only five years old, Motomiya Jun remembers the day her baby brother Daisuke was born. She did not want another baby in the house. Motomiya Jun did not want to be a big sister, she was quite happy as an only child, thank you very much. She did not want to be like her friend Momoe-chan, only one out of a bunch of other kids she didn't even like. Well, Momoe-chan liked her brother and sisters most of the time, but Jun knew that she wouldn't.

What was worse, Jun would have to share! Share the TV, share her toys, share her parents. Motomiya Jun did not do sharing, other people shared with her, not the other way around. Now, with a new kid around, she would have no choice but to share, and she did not like that. So she wanted to get rid of the problem before it started; already her mother was coming home with shopping bags full of things not-for-Jun.

Jun was considering just how to get the baby out of her mother when kaa-chan grabbed her large, round tummy and made a strange noise. Her parents had begun rushing around and making phone calls and packing bags and Jun felt very lost all of a sudden, very small, and very, very invisible. The stupid baby wasn't even here yet, and already it was taking over her life, making her parents forget about her, ruining her plans. He had better not make a habit of it, but even at five years old, Jun doubted that.

She had to sit in the waiting room for a long, long, long, long time. She fell asleep way before her bedtime, that was how much fun she didn't have. Later, her dad woke her up to go see the new baby. Jun protested, but tou-chan laughed like she was making a joke.

Yet for all that Jun hated that new baby for stealing her parents and making them move into a new apartment and making her share her things and for everything else and it had barely been born, she was also scared. Not just about being forgotten, but what if she wasn't a good sister? What if she broke the baby on accident (that isn't to say that she would not try to do it on purposeā€¦ just, you know, on the off-chance Jun learned how to like the stupid kid)? What if he didn't like her or turned her parents against her or was as evil as Momoe-chan's baby sister?

Jun hovered outside of the open hospital room door, hesitating. She didn't want to go in there. She didn't want a new baby, and she didn't want to share her parents and she didn't want to be a sister. But tou-chan pushed her into the room and Jun had no choice but to keep walking until she stood beside her mother in bed, holding a bundle of blankets in her arms.

"Nee-chan is here!" Kaa-chan only spared the smallest of glances towards her oldest daughter. She continued to stare down at what Jun guessed was the baby in her arms, smiling that special smile that Jun thought was only for her. Jun frowned, arms crossed, refusing to step any closer or say anything about the baby. She wasn't special anymore.

"What's wrong, Jun-chan?" Tou-chan asked, leaning over Jun to look at the baby. He nudged her shoulder. "Don't you want to see your brother?"

"No." Jun answered honestly. She wanted the baby to go find someone else to live with. Someone else who lived very, very, far, far, far away.

"Don't be silly," he shook his head, but Jun could tell in his face that he wasn't finding her very funny anymore. Good, because she didn't want to be. "Get up here." So he lifted Jun until he could sit her in her mother's bed, kneeling over her mother's shoulder and gazing into the face of her newborn brother. Kaa-chan smiled her special smile at her, but it wasn't the same anymore. Jun felt betrayed.

"This is Jun," Kaa-chan spoke to the baby softly. "Jun-chan, meet Daisuke-chan. Say hello." Grudgingly, Jun actually looked at the baby in her mother's arms. What she saw inside was the squishiest-squashiest thing to have ever existed. It was ugly. Jun frowned. Weren't babies supposed to be cute? The squishy thing in the blankets wiggled and opened his eyes. At least those were kind of pretty, Jun thought.

He blinked once, twice. Jun had to admit that maybe he was a little bit cute. The eesiest-teensiest bit cute. Maybe.

Until he burst into big fat, noisy tears.

Jun knew there was a reason why she didn't like that stupid baby.