"An old very dangerous group called the Reapers have caused many murders in various areas of the world. A few other leaguers have noticed a pattern. They are headed here to happy harbor." Suddenly Robin started to back up eyes wide and a terrified look on his face.

"Robin? Robin, are you okay?"

"N-no. They-they're coming for me. To d-do it a-agai-again." He struggled to respond still backing up. When he reached the corner of the room he fell to his knees then curled into a small ball. He began repeating the same sentence over and over again.

"No. No. Wherever I go. Go. Trouble seems to follow. I only plugged in to save rock and roll."

Batman and the others were a bit more frantic now. Batman began yelling orders "Wally call Roy, Artemis call Canary. Superboy take Robin to the Med-bay with M'gann. Aqualad stay with me we must inform the original league what's happening"

Everyone set off to do as they were told at an equal speed to a Flash.

"Batman to Original League." Batman set the call. Less than 3 seconds later the 6 other original league members showed up on the screen, Kaldur standing behind Batman with a worried look. "Batman we're all here. What's the emergency?" Superman asked for all of them.

"Something is wrong with Robin. When I told the team about the Reapers Robin apparently has something to do with them and I believe is in severe shock and fear."

The leaguers on the screen's faces were either grim, worried, or angry. You can probably guess who had which faces. "We'll be there immediately" The call was ended before anyone hit the end button. Batman was already on his feet headed to the med-bay, Kaldur right behind him.

The leaguers arrived only seconds after Batman and Kaldur. Everyone was staring at Robin on the table curled into a tiny ball. If they didn't know it was Robin on that table they could have though he was a real ball. Robin was still repeating the same lines over and over but non of them could see his face. "No. No. Wherever I go. Go. Trouble seems to follow. I only plugged in to save rock and roll..."

"What does his words mean?" Wonder Woman broke the silence quietly

"We don't know. Apparently Robin thinks The Reapers are going to do something to him." Batman also responded quietly but still firm.

M'gann raised her head from Conner's head tears still pouring from her eyes. "I remember him saying "again". Does that mean whatever may have happened before they've come to do it again?" Batman now looked grim and a bit guilty "Possibly. I honestly picked him up off the street at age nine. His parents had just died the year before and he wouldn't tell me what happened between the time of their death and when I found him.

I now feel guilty for forgetting about it. Maybe he met this gang during the time." Suddenly, music began to play in the room. It sounded a bit like the words Robin were saying. They all looked at Robin for a change because of the music and were cast with a scary site. Robin was standing up slightly hunched over. His clothing was torn his hair was messier than usual and had blood in it along with his face. He also had yellowish eyes. He looked demonic or demented. They all gasped. Even Batman.

The music was still playing but none of them could hear it over Robin's deadly snarls. Now he sang in his normal voice the words "NO! NO! WHEREVER I GO! GO! TROUBLE SEEMS TO FOOOLLLOW! I ONLY PLUGGED IN TO SAAVE ROCK AND ROOOLL!" Despite his look and previous snarls, his voice was perfect.(A/N- Watch the YoungBlood Cronicles on Youtube. WARNING-Severe blood, gore, torchure)