Episode 2 – Winx

*Ganasta's paradise plays and Grimmjow enters the stage and a fan bra flies through the crowd and hits him in the face*

Grimmjow: *Removes bra and grimaces* Only clean underwear may be thrown; burn this *tosses bra to Nemu who opens her midsection and tosses it into her built in furnace*

Grimmjow: *Wide eyed* I didn't know she was a robot.

Rogue: She isn't, that psychotic clown experiments on her and that bullshit Soul Society allows it *growls at the soul reapers*

Renji: It's not like we make the rules, go fight with Yamaji. Time for the guests

Grimmjow: *eye twitches and he pulls at his collar* No one told me we were having strippers on…

Kurotsuchi: Idiot; if you bothered to read the data supplied prior to the show you'd know that these are fairies.

Grimmjow: *looks at the paper planes around him* I was bored and found better use for them. Wait a sec Fairies exist?

Rogue: You're a ghost and you exist.

Rangiku: Well if these 5 girls are here you must have some reason to burn them….

Rogue: *smirks evilly*

Renji: Let's just get on with this before my captain finds out I skipped work to do this stupid show

Rogue: If you think it's stupid; why are you here?

Renji: Ichigo said I couldn't handle it

Icy: You just got played

Bloom: Icy what are you doing here? Magic Winx *music starts playing as all the winx transform*

Grimmjow: What the fuck is this shit? If you were in a fight with me you'd be dead by now quit the awful music and poses. Argh my ears are bleeding!

Rangiku: I didn't think they could look sluttier….

Grimmjow: Don't you usually have your valley of the boobs on display? Oh look there they are *looks longingly at Rangiku's cleavage* I would love to get lost in that Valley.

Kurotsuchi: Make that blasted music stop!

Rogue: Oh it takes a while…

Icy: Why can't I be on a show without drama queens – all I wanted was world domination….

Grimmjow: You and me both honey, What's your name *Gives Icy bedroom eyes*

Icy: *smirks and sashays to Grimmjow* They call me Icy *blasts Grimmjow with a little cold air*

Grimmjow: Maybe I should warm you up…

Rangiku: *Hits Grimmjow on the head with the sheathed Heineko* You have a show to do, stop seducing the guest.

Grimmjow: The other 5 retards are still doing the transformation dance. Are you jealous?

Rangiku: Puh leeze

Rogue: Jealousy makes you nasty

Rangiku: You're trying to ship us!

Rogue: *Looking innocently* whatever do you mean

Bloom: Icy I'm coming for you!

Grimmjow: You can't attack each other! This is a talk show. You may fight when the bell rings, without powers and in the mudpit wearing the provided attire.

Rangiku: Seriously Grimmjow? Why does the 'attire' look like two sets of strings with barely enough to cover their nipples or nether areas?

Grimmjow: It's mud appropriate

Rogue: You're fucking kidding me right? You do realize we're going to have to go through another one of their transformations with their shitty music

Grimmjow: *Takes out camera* Hey Nemu mind getting that watermelon tentacle monster out?

Rangiku: Just when I thought you couldn't get more disgusting

Stella: Why is no one paying attention to me?

Rogue: Why is it that though you're the reincarnation of Daphne; Daphne was still resurrected? *looks at Rukia* can one soul inhabit 2 bodies?

Rukia: Nope

Grimmjow: They're even involved with different men….

Rogue: I oppose Musa and Rivin!

Musa: What? Why?

Rogue: Riven and Musa don't look as good as Riven and Tecna do, I thought they were pairing Tecna with Riven initially then all off a sudden Riven's with Musa?

Rangiku: Plot holes and bunnies

Rukia: Wait did the bunny fall down a hole?

Everyone: *face palm*

Rogue: Where's Ichigo when we need him?

Renji: Visiting Tatsuki in hospital, she got food poisoning

Grimmjow: Orihime?

Renji: Orihime

Rangiku: I thought it was delicious and I'm fine

Rogue: Maybe it has something to do with the colossal size of your boobs…

*Bell rings*

Grimmjow: Now put on your bikini's and get into that mud and fight!

Bloom: Let's transform! Winx Encantr-

Rogue: Now Rukia!

Rukia: Hakuren! *Winx trapped in various stages of undress in ice*

Grimmjow: This is not fucking fair! Last time you shot someone now you've frozen the guests to death!

Rogue: *Shrugs* they had it coming, all that euro trash transformation music needed to stop.

Icy: Hey how come you could kill them with your ice? I've tried freezing them several times and they break out.

Rukia: It takes one heroine to take out another; well in this case 5. Let's be honest their fighting isn't worth shit. All they do is throw pretty colours around.

Renji: Did anyone else notice that they aren't fully dressed *pulls at his collar*

Kurotsuchi: Nemu come here and help me take them to the soul society to study them, I would have appreciated a live specimen *glares at Rogue*

Rogue: Want to find yourself in my specimen jar bitch?

Kurotsuchi: One day I will unlock the secret of fanfiction and then you can be a test subject.

Grimmjow: He's creepy

Renji: He's the Soul Reaper version of Szayel

Grimmjow: *Whispers to Rogue* Maybe you should burn him next….

Rogue: His time is coming wait until we troll bleach itself.

Rukia: Why would you want to troll Bleach? I thought you loved us.

Rangiku: Have you seen the size of our plot holes and the numerous plot bunnies?

Rukia: Bunnies? Where? *Starts crawling around looking for bunnies*

Grimmjow: I was supposed to be dead then I'm magically alive

Renji: and somehow all our villains look more or less the same

Rogue: and the whole world of bleach ends up revolving around Ichigo. How the fuck did you survive without Ichigo for over a thousand years?

Rangiku: Why do you think I drink so much? Nothing makes sense

Grimmjow: Seeing as every disaster to befall you guys always involves Ichigo maybe you should just kill him off.

Rukia: Want me to turn you into a Grimmsicle like those fairies? *crazy look in Rukia's eyes*

Grimmjow: Calm down… no one's going to kill Ichigo

Rukia: Good, only I'm allowed to kill him, now where are those bunnies?

Rangiku: Who gave her sugar?

Rogue: I think Kurotsuchi did

Renji: My Captain is going to bankai his ass

Rangiku: He'll bankai yours if you don't get back soon.

Grimmjow: Well I think that's the end of the show *looks at Icy* wanna make out?

Icy: Come here big boy

Rangiku: Oh please*Pushes Icy in the mud pool and drags Grimmjow off stage by the ear*

Grimmjow: My poor ear *glares at Rangiku*

Ichigo: *Walks in red faced* Why was Kurotsuchi moving around half naked girls in ice

Rogue: Ask Rukia

Rukia: Ask Rogue

Ichigo: *looks between Rogue and Rukia and sighs* Never mind

Grimmjow: You didn't let me have my Jerry Springer moment

Rangiku: You just wanted to perve over those girls scantily clad and rolling in mud

Grimmjow: Not rolling, rubbing deliciously against each other and losing more clothing….

Renji: *Nose bleeds* It's a good thing Uryu isn't around…

Rangiku: Lose more clothing? Seriously!

Ichigo: *Looks and Grimmjow and Rangiku and bumps Rukia's shoulder*

Rukia: Lovers spat

Grimmjow and Rangiku: We are not lovers!

Ichigo: Now you know how I feel

Rogue: So guys we've had some feedback

Rangiku: Yippeeee! Well give it to us

Writophrenic: This is as awesome idea... I love it.
LOL... So funny, I still watch TVD and all I can say is this fic idea is genius. I kept laughing from the first sentence down to the last.
I like how you didn't just troll TVD but also fanfiction in general (mpreg and what not)

And thumbs up for picking Grimmjow as the host...perfect choice :)

Can't wait for the next guests (show) and I hope in future you will be accepting requests from followers and stuff.

Grimmjow: Of course I am the perfect choice, who can be better than me? I have better hair than the other twerps.

Rogue: Thank you Writophrenic; yes we will be taking requests and suggestions. This is an interactive fan fic.

Rangiku: Just don't join the writer in her obsession to pair us up

Rogue: Maybe you want to be paired up… I didn't say I was pairing you up you said so yourself. Grimmjow is pretty versatile with lots of characters; Nel, Orihime and I saw one where he was paired with Rukia

Ichigo: I will fucking kill you

Rangiku: Someone is protective…

Ichigo: I'd protect you from him if you wanted me to but you're a big soul reaper and I'm sure you won't need my help

Rukia: Are you calling me weak *punches Ichigo and walks away while Ichigo runs after her*

Rogue: It's taking a little too long for those 2 to get their shit together…. Doesn't Ichigo have hormones and all those other things that normal guys do?

Grimmjow: He's part Soul Reaper, part Quincy, part hollow and I wouldn't be surprized if his grandmother turned out to be a mod soul and his great grandfather a Vizard. That's boys DNA is complicated.

Guest: LOL

Rangiku: That's it? LOL does that even mean anything?

Grimmjow: Well LOL to you to Honey

Rangiku: Uryu needs to come back; he's the voice of modesty and decency

Rogue: He's gay and hot for Ichigo

Rangiku: I thought it was Renji…

Rogue: Renji and Ichigo are pretty similar… and apparently they grow into Byakuya

Grimmjow: I thought he had the hots for Orihime

Rangiku: He doesn't

Grimmjow: You're idiots.

Rogue: We got a fave and a follow from darkboy18

Rangiku: So what are we doing next?

Rogue: I was thinking reality TV. Let's bash 'Honey Boo Boo' that deserves to be ridiculed.

Grimmjow: What's that about?

Rogue and Rangiku: *smirk evilly* it's a surprize