{Camera clips}

[Clips being shown]

(Effects being shown)

[Songs being played]

(Yellow overlay effect)

{Overview of Chicago}

"Chicago:The Windy City"

{The house is shown from aerial view}

"I'm working on being me" Savannah screamed.

"Don't put your hand in my face" Camilla voiced out.

[Camilla throwing a pillow]


"I'm tired of smiling in bitches faces and acting like I don't care, I'm here to work on me" told the lifecoach.

"Don't fuck with me then" Camilla exclaimed.

[Maria and Milyn walking down the sidewalk]

"I'm learning how you need to be honest in this house, and just go with the flow" Milyn told the lifecoach as she was sitting on the couch.

[Savannah standing on the balcony, looking over Chicago, while her hair is blowing in the air]


"Bitch MOVE" Deja exclaimed.

[Security struggling holding Deja back, while she is hitting someone]

"You talked about everyone here"


"Come On You Dumb Hoe" Camilla exclaimed as she was standing in the living room.

"Bitch" Deja exclaimed as she tried to walk around Savannah.

[Deja punching Camilla in the face]

"How you going to be real with the next bitch?!" Savannah exclaimed.

Next Season on Bad Girls Club Chicago

(Neon Jungle starts playing in the background)

[Milyn twerking on a stripper pole]

"We're going to HAWAII" the girls started screaming.

[Hilary stumbling and trying to push Maria away from her]

"We're going to run this house" three girls yelled inside the confessional.

[Milyn standing in front of Camilla]

"I've never called her weak" Cassandra exclaimed.

[Deja slamming Camilla on the ground]

"Bitches always talking shit"

[Maria running up on Shay]

[The girls dancing in the club laughing (the screen goes black and white)]

[Savannah wrapping her hair up]

"There's seven girls here, we all won't get along you're my bitch I got your back" Camilla exclaimed to Savannah as they was outside in the backyard.

[Camilla and Savannah arguing in the limo]

"You suppose to be my sister, but you just making it worse" Rebecca exclaimed before she threw a pillow.

[Rebecca and Camilla arguing]

"Learn the motherfucking rules of this house before you make another bitch mad" Maria exclaimed.

[Maria fighting Rebecca on the patio]

"I'm ready what's up" Savannah exclaimed as she walked down the stairs.

[Rebecca getting dragged across the bed and punched in the back of the head]

[Rebecca pushing Hilary]

"I've kept it real" Camilla exclaimed.

[Camilla struggling in the security guards arms]

"PATTY WAGON ASS BITCH" Camilla yelled.

[Milyn reaching out and pulling Hilary's hair and falling into the flower bed]

"GO HOME BITCH" Deja exclaimed as she tried to move around security.

"This is my room, BITCH BYE!" Savannah yelled as she stood on top of her bed pounding her fists.

[Savannah and Maria pulling each other's hair]

"I don't give a fuck no more" Cassandra exclaimed as she broke down crying.

[Savannah punching Maria in the face]

[Deja sucker punching Camilla]

[Hilary and Milyn fighting in the club]

[Blondie getting her hair pulled and swing and then getting punched]

[Rockstar 101 by Rihanna {Butch Clancy Remix} started playing in background]


[Milyn's hair getting pulled while she is pulling Rebecca's hair and getting thrown to the ground]

"What the fuck you thought this was? You gotta GO!" Savannah exclaimed.


[Savannah and Maria in the hot tub]


[Milyn leaning over security in the limo]

"Bitch I'm a knock you the fuck out" Milyn told Hilary as she was leaning over her.


[Maria putting her hair in a ponytail]


[Camilla get pulled down to ground]


[Milyn getting carried out by the police]

[Deja socking Camilla in the face and dragging her around the floor]

[Hilary getting punched in the face]

[Cassandra getting pulled across the bed]