"Maria, do you feel like Lo had a problem with you?" Nathalia questioned.

"I feel li-" Maria pause.

"You wanna go ahead and get this over with" Savannah asked as she stood up and walked towards Maria.

"Get what over with?" Nathalia asked.

Savannah swung out and punched Maria in the face.

Maria reached out and grabbed Savannah's fist; Savannah brought her other fist down and started to repeatedly punch Maria in the face.

"NO MIMI NO" Nathalia exclaimed.

"Nah, man fuck that" Milyn exclaimed as she tried to stop Savannah from punching Maria.

Christina is seen trying to pull Savannah off of Maria.

Security guards came and grabbed Savannah.

"Why y'all grabbin' me?" Savannah exclaimed, "I'm a lay that bitch the fuck out"

"Chill Lo" Nathalia remarked.

"No, that bitch wanted some when she ran that mouth on Twitter" Savannah exclaimed, "matter of fact"

Savannah walked around security and started punching Christina in the face.

"NO NO NO" Nathalia screamed.

Christina pulled onto Savannah's hair; Savannah pushed back. Christina fell back on the couch; Savannah punched Christina twice in the face. Christina started kicking her feet out and tried to kick Savannah off of her.

"Get that bitch" Déjà cheered.

Savannah is pulled off of Christina.

"I ain't never scared bitch" Savannah stated as she threw some of Christina's hair on the ground, "remember that"

Savannah was taken backstage.

"While Lo is given the chance to collect herself we're going to bring back out the Jordan Sisters" Nathalia stated, "So please help me welcome back, Camilla and Rebecca"

Camilla walked on stage wearing a Black Zipper Tank Bandage Jumpsuit with Black Faux Leather Strappy High Heel Booties; her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Rebecca walked on stage wearing Black Faux Suede Lace Up Jumpsuit with Giuseppe Zanotti women high-top sneakers in black calfskin; her hair was put into a messy bun.

Camilla and Rebecca walked onstage.

The twins got escorted to sit down in the audience.

"Welcome back" Nathalia greeted, "unfortunately we got to have you sit in the audience"

"You bitch" Rebecca exclaimed as she pointed at Christina, "got an ass whooping comin' your way"

"Rebecca, what's your issue with Christina?" Nathalia asked.

"Her coming at my sister over something that Déjà did" Rebecca explained, "makes me feel some type of way, so for that bitch wait your turn"

"Camilla, I never did get to ask my questions" Nathalia stated, "Why do you think Maria had a problem with you?"

"I don't know, when we was in the house, I never said shit to her" Camilla stated, "but that bitch talked about me 24/7 to MiMi"

Mari rolled her eyes.

"What?" Camilla asked.

"What?!" Maria taunted.

"What?!" Camilla taunted back.

Rebecca looked at Camilla.

"You wanna go?" Camilla asked Maria.

"Don't do it to yourself" Maria warned her.

"We can handle this right now, one on one" Camilla stated.

"Y'all both pussy" Maria exclaimed.

"Word" Camilla stood up.

Rebecca stood up with Camilla, "I'm pussy?!"

Camilla and Rebecca stepped on stage.

"Y'all mad pussy in my book" Maria exclaimed.

Camilla reached out and punched Maria in the face; Milyn hopped up quick and punched Camilla in the face.

"Fuck out of here bitch" Milyn stated.

Rebecca pulled on Milyn's hair and started punching her in the face.

Security guards ran onstage.

Camilla is on the ground pulling on Maria's hair; Maria is throwing punches at Camilla's body. Rebecca is punching Milyn in the face; Milyn is trying to cover her head. Two security guards grabbed Camilla and Maria; Camilla was punching Maria in the back of the head while being lifted off of the ground; Rebecca was pulled off of Milyn and taken backstage.

Milyn was being held down by two security guards.

"Fuck you weak ass bitches" Camilla exclaimed as she started struggling in the security guard's grasp, "Any of you bitches can catch these hands"

An audience member (Tamera aka Maria's friend) ran out of her seat towards Camilla.

Camilla brought her fists back and started punching Tamera in the face.

Maria came from behind Camilla and pulled her by her hair; Camilla fell back onto the ground while still punching Tamera in the face. Déjà hopped up and tried to pull Tamera off of Camilla; Christina hopped behind the couch and started punching on Camilla. Savannah and Rebecca ran from backstage.

"OH MY GOD" Nathalia exclaimed.

Savannah grabbed onto Tamera's hair and pulled her away from Camilla, while punching her in the back of the head; Rebecca started in punching Christina in the face; Camilla flipped over and started to punch Maria in the face. Déjà tried to pull Savannah away from Tamera; Tamera started windmilling towards Savannah. Rebecca was on top of Christina while punching her in the head. Security guards stepped onstage to stop the three fights.

"HATE ME ALL DAY, I'LL STILL LOOK BETTER THAN YOU BITCH" Camilla exclaimed as she was taken backstage.









"We're back" Nathalia greeted, "Unfortunately a huge altercation broke out and we had to escort the ladies back to their dressing rooms"

{Zooms backstage}

"Do you promise you can keep your cool?" Michael asked Maria.

"I promise" Maria promised him, "just don't have that bitch look my way"

{Zooms back to the stage}

Nathalia took a pause, "We're going to bring back out these girls at different times until we can confirm they can stay as group"

{Zooms to Savannah and Déjà's dressing room}

"I'm ready to go back onstage" Savannah exclaimed as she pulled her gold chain off.

"Chill boo" Déjà commented, "they trying to see if we're going to act up again"

"But I'm good now" Savannah exclaimed as she ran her fingers through her hair.

{Zooms back to the stage}

"Please help me welcome back" Nathalia announced, "Maria, MiMi and Christina"

The audience started clapping.

Maria, Milyn and Christina walked onstage.

"Welcome back" Nathalia greeted.

Maria had her heels off; Milyn had her hair tied back; Christina had her hair in a messy bun.

"Can you three explain to us what happened?" Nathalia asked them.

"You're going to have to ask them that, because we was chillin" Maria explained.

"So what's going on now?" Nathalia questioned.

"Honestly, you see the way Lo, Camilla and Rebecca are dressed" Milyn stated, "all I know is I'm not getting caught off guard"

"Okay, so did y'all come to squash the beef or fight it out?" Nathalia questioned.

"The three of us really came here to hash things out and squash it" Christina answered, "but them bitches don't know that because they're so mad"

"Like I already know I was that bitch and couldn't none of you beat me" Maria exclaimed.

"MiMi, are you okay?" Nathalia asked, "because those were some deep scratches"

"Girl I'm fine, she came out here trying to fuck my face up because her face looks like the bottom of my shoe" Milyn answered.

"With that being said it's time to welcome these three girls back to the stage" Nathalia announced, "Please welcome back, Amber, Cass and Déjà"

Déjà, Amber and Cassandra walked from backstage and took their seats.

"Wow" Nathalia stated, "did y'all expect that to happen?"

"I'm not surprised" Cassandra answered, "Maria had it coming from all three of them, added to the fact that Christina and some random bitch from the audience ran up"

"For three girls to jump one person, but still get their ass whooped is hilarious to me" Amber commented.

The audience ooh'd.

"Was that necessary?" Maria asked her.

"No we're not doing this" Nathalia stated.

"I had no beef with you" Maria stated.

"Ok, I don't care" Amber remarked.

"Then move the fuck on" Maria exclaimed.

"Déjà, what do you have to say?" Nathalia asked.

"Like I know where Lo and Camilla stands when it comes to Maria" Déjà answered, "Maria got that mouth on her and she needs to learn that hiding behind security and a computer screen is not going to prevent her from get her ass whooped"

"But they came together as a group" Maria exclaimed.

"Y'all keep claiming that y'all didn't regret it, but when they did the same thing back it's wrong!" Déjà yelled, "don't forget y'all jumped Camilla already tonight and they did the same back to you bitches"

"With that being said we're now going to switch groups for a moment" Nathalia announced, "we're going to have Maria and Christina sent backstage and move on from there"

Maria and Christina was escorted backstage.

"With things being like this, I have to say that this reunion is more crazier than mines" Nathalia joked.

Déjà, Cassandra, Milyn, Amber and the audience started laughing.

"With all jokes aside" Nathalia stated, "we're now ready to bring out Camilla, Rebecca and Lo"

The audience started clapping.

Camilla, Savannah and Rebecca walked from backstage.

Camilla and Rebecca took their seats in the audience and Savannah sat next to Déjà.

"Girls, what in the hell!" Nathalia stated.

The audience started laughing.

"Lo, what happened?" Nathalia asked.

"I've been wanting to catch her" Savannah answered as she fixed her hair, "either I was going to catch her in the streets or here"

"Here's my thing, throughout the season you kept giving her second chances" Nathalia stated, "Why?"

"Because, I don't trust that many people" Savannah answered, "in that house I was working on my trust issues, there were times where I fucked with Maria here and there, but she had it coming because she'll start doing the most."

"Elaborate" Nathalia demanded.

"For instance, when Déjà fought Camilla in the limo ride home" Savannah remarked, "she didn't have to say shit to Camilla at all"

Nathalia nodded her head at Savannah.

"Then you wanna keep fuckin' with me, so I had to get yo ass every chance I got" Savannah stated.

"But what about Christina?" Nathalia questioned as she waved her hand towards backstage.

"I peeped that anytime that I stepped to Maria she had something to say in her interviews saying that I'm scared to fight her" Savannah explained, "I had the intention to address that tonight, but you're not going to keep doing shady shit"

Nathalia nodded her head, "Camilla what about you?"

"Maria has been going back and forth with me on twitter talking about me, Rebecca and my family" Camilla explained, "but you crossed the line when you tweet about jumpin' me"

"But you talked about her to her family" Milyn stated.

"No I didn't" Camilla argued, "I avoided her family out of respect for them"

"Nobody went to that girl's family, her brother wanted to cause some shit and he did" Rebecca stated.

"Well, I want to move on" Nathalia stated, "I wanted to get to show the best friendship this season that received the most reaction out of fans"

Savannah and Déjà looked at each other and smiled.

"Déjà, did you ever expect to have the type of friendship you have with Lo?" Nathalia asked.

"I actually didn't expect to become best friends with her" Déjà stated, "Like this was the first girl I met, straight off the bat I liked her, when it came down to her beef with Maria in the beginning I wasn't for it, but after I seen the way that Maria would nitpick with Lo, it became a problem"

Nathalia nodded her head.

"This girl is someone I consider a sister" Déjà stated, "I don't care about what anyone says about her, she knows that I got her back"

"We're going to talk about that" Nathalia stated.

Nathalia nodded her head, "Lo what about you?"

"Honestly, in the beginning I wasn't expecting to become friends with her neither because it was showed that on the first night I wasn't rocking with the other girls, so I would go call Paris, but after going on shopping trips and rooming together with her, I had gotten to know Déjà for who she is" Savannah explained, "this girl is more loyal than anybody else was to me in the house, if you was talking shit about me she'd checked you, so for me and her to have the type of bond that we have now it's amazing because I don't let that many people in"

The audience started clapping.

"I have to say I love it" Nathalia told them, "now it's time to change gears, Déjà, the last time we saw you was when you flipped out of the limo onto the highway"

The audience started laughing.

"Did they pull me out?" Déjà joked.

"We don't know" Nathalia joked, "watch what lead to Déjà's departure from the house"

{[Déjà walked up to her,"So why you touch Shay?"

"She ran her mouth and she got touched" Camilla responded.

"So what!" Déjà exclaimed,"You didn't touch Maria or Savannah when they ran their mouths off on you"

"Okay, so I didn't big deal" Camilla told her, "What do you want to do about it?"

"Don't fucking try me Camilla, I'm telling you right now back down" Déjà told her.

"But you came at me though!" Camilla exclaimed.

"And what if I did, you attacked this girl for what reason?" Déjà questioned her.

"Why does it matter to you?" Camilla asked her.

"Because you always doing the fucking most whenever the people you know that can kick your ass leave, but when they come back you want to act all innocent" Déjà remarked.

Camilla grabbed a pillow and threw it at Déjà.

Déjà tried to charge at Camilla but she got grabbed by Maria and Savannah, Déjà went around both of the girls and clocked Camilla in the head.

Savannah- "I see Déjà swing her fist out and all I'm thinking is Camilla doesn't want to fight a person outside of her weight class, and then get beat up by two other girls"

Camilla tried to swing at Déjà but she got grabbed by Milyn.

Déjà was taken outside and she started throwing the lounge chairs all over by the pool.

"Let me fuck that bitch up" Déjà exclaimed.

Déjà- "I'm not the one to ever try and fight over petty things, but once you throw something (Camilla throwing a pillow at Déjà) at me, it's all fair game by then"]

["Since we're all grown lets talk" Camilla exclaimed as she sat down across from the three girls.

"Okay" Déjà exclaimed,"Maria and Savannah can y'all go in the house so me and her can actually talk without either of us cussing her out"

Maria nodded her head and walked into the house.

Savannah had a skeptical look on her face,"I don't trust her, but I trust you not to fight her" she told Déjà as she stood up and walked into the house.

Déjà took a smoke from the cigarette,"You wanted to talk so let's talk"

"Okay first off, I wasn't trying to come at you any kind of way" Camilla told her, "That's one thing I wanted to clear up, my attitude and words are coming from a place of hurt because you had Hilary's back against Maria and Milyn, but didn't have mine when I fought Maria, so how can you have a Hilary's back but not mine?"

"I don't have an issue with Maria and Milyn" Déjà told her, "And when it came to Hilary it was a whole different situation then what you caused tonight; If I wanted to be friends with those two girls than I'm a be friends with them"

"So you admit you never had my back?" Camilla questioned her.

Déjà- "I'm not about to entertain Camilla for the simple fact that I want to kick it with Milyn and Maria, you can't dictate my life and think that it'll be okay with me."

"Camilla I had your back, so excuse me for not wanting being the one who want to keep fighting everyone over petty shit" Déjà told her.

"Okay so what they came at me!" Camilla yelled.

"I don't care if they talked shit about your damn life" Déjà told her, "Act mature for once in your damn life"

"You know that I don't fuck with them and you want to be cool them" Camilla told her, "I'm over you"

"So why try and come talk to me then?" Déjà questioned her.

"I wanted to try and work out our friendship, but I can see where this is going," Camilla told her, "And I'm done"

"Okay, so after this we're not friends, you respect me and I'll respect you, don't talk to me, don't ask me for shit and vice versa" Déjà told her as she took a smoke from her cigarette.

"That's fine with me" Camilla told her; she walked into the house.]

["I don't know why the both of you are feeling this type of way towards me" Camilla exclaimed,"But I want to say even if y'all don't like me can we put a hold on the drama for this trip?"

"Like I said, you respect me and I'll do the same" Déjà told her.

"I don't know" Savannah exclaimed,"I don't dislike you, I just think things needs to calm down between me and you for a while"

Camilla- "I really don't know what's the issue with these girls', I never had so many bitches just hate me for no reason"

Camilla sighed real loud.]

[Déjà- "The Baker House, everything is so vintage (A vintage chandelier hanging from the ceiling)(A huge round table) We got our hats (Déjà taking a hate off of the rack and she walked into the dining area) and we took our seats like this is so much better than I'm usually use to when I go out"

The girls' were talking when Alisha walked into the room carrying drinks,"Okay ladies, we have some specialty drinks here for you"

Each girl received their drinks.

"Since we're in this nice little place, I'm going to try and act civil so that means I'm not going to be negative or rude to anyone" Déjà exclaimed.

"It's a little too late for that" Camilla exclaimed.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Déjà asked.

"Nothing" Camilla replied.

Camilla- "It's no secret that me and Déjà now have beef, I'm not going to take her talking to me like this lightly so most definitely it will be addressed tonight"

"You say it means nothing when it definitely means something" Déjà exclaimed.

"Okay Déjà" Camilla remarked.

Déjà- "Camilla, is most definitely going to try and say slick shit to me and it'll bother me because she got me fucked up; I'm not Maria so she most definitely has to watch what she say (The girls' get up to leave) You really beginning to get on my nerves and it's leading up to me blowing a fuse on your ass"]

["The only fake one here, is you" Déjà exclaimed.

Camilla- "I feel like Déjà feels some type of way tonight and she wants to open her big mouth, so since she was looking for a problem now she found it"

"I'm not fake" Camilla exclaimed.

"I'm not going to entertain you, because you already know what's up" Déjà exclaimed.

"I've never talked about a person behind their back" Camilla exclaimed.

"I can honestly careless about what you're saying" Déjà told her; she walked into her room.

"Bitch I am, who I say I am" Camilla exclaimed; she stood up.

"You coming to my face" Déjà exclaimed.

"Nah chill" Maria remarked; she sat up on the couch.

"Why you trying to leave though?" Camilla questioned her.

Savannah closed Déjà's room door.

"Just wait until we get back" Déjà exclaimed.

"You can run away that's fine with me" Camilla remarked.

Déjà- "Bitch what?" Déjà had a confused look on her face,"Like it's been taken there, now you getting your ass whooped"

"Who the fuck is running though?" Déjà exclaimed as she walked out of her room.

Maria grabbed onto Déjà's right arm and tried to pull her back into her room,"No no no"

Déjà went with Maria.

Savannah took Camilla outside.

Maria- "I'm very annoyed right now because Camilla annoys me too,(Camilla walked back into the house) but Déjà you a whole different size than this girl."

"I'm going to fuck you up" Déjà exclaimed as she clapped her hands.

"Come on then" Camilla exclaimed,"I'm not scared of you"

Déjà tried to walk out of her room, but Savannah was trying to keep her in the room by blocking the door.

"You always saying slick shit" Deja exclaimed as she tried to swing around Savannah.

"You stupid fat bitch" Camilla exclaimed.

Déjà ran back up and tried to swung around Savannah again.

Shay had moved the living room table back by the center couch.

Déjà- "I'm tired of this bitch talking shit, it done clicked (Savannah was pushing Camilla away from Déjà) in my head like 'you've done took it there bitch' now I'm going to pop you in the mouth"

Déjà grabbed one of the couch throw pillows and threw it at Camilla.

Camilla blocked the pillow from hitting her face.

"What's up now bitch" Déjà exclaimed from behind the couch.

"Come on then bitch" Camilla exclaimed; she grabbed a throw pillow and hit Déjà with it.

Déjà walked around the couch,"Get your ass out of here" she exclaimed as Camilla hit her with the pillow; "Bitch" Déjà exclaimed as she clocked Camilla in the face. Camilla's head went to the side as she pulled Déjà's hair, Déjà pulled Camilla's hair and started punching her in the face, Camilla fell to the ground from the punches and she pulled Déjà down with her. Déjà started punching Camilla in the head. Camilla reached out and pulled Déjà's hair while punching her in the temple. Security guards ran over and tried to lift Déjà off of Camilla, but Camilla had Déjà's hair and started kicking her in the head. Savannah helped pulled Camilla off of Déjà's hair. Déjà started punching Camilla in the head. One security guard pulled Camilla off of the ground, while Déjà was being held back by three guards.]

[Camilla walked outside with Déjà.

"So what's going on?" Déjà asked.

"I just wanted to know if we're good?!" Camilla replied.

"I don't have a problem with you" Déjà told her as she took a hit from her cigarette.

"Well you called me a bitch and told me to shut the fuck up, so I didn't know if you was joking or being serious" Camilla explained.

"You good" Déjà told her.

The limo pulled up; the girls' got into the limo and headed home.

Déjà placed her cup on the ground and started taking off her heels, "Did everyone have a nice night out? Because I did until whatever happened outside occured, that shit had me confused on some real shit"

"What do you mean? I asked you a question" Camilla told her.

"You asked me question about my feelings towards you" Déjà exclaimed, "If I felt any type of way towards you I would've told you."

"And I have too" Camilla told her.

"All I'm saying is that we respect one another" Déjà exclaimed.

"You want to be extra" Camilla told her.

"No bitch you're being extra" Déjà told her as she put her hand in Camilla's face.

Camilla shoved Déjà's hand down, "Don't put your hand in my face"

"Don't touch me" Déjà told her as she put her hand in Camilla's face again. "Bitch I'm saying that we respect one another, we don't have to be cool or nothing"

Camilla slapped Déjà's hand down again, "Do not put your hand in my motherfucking face".

Savannah- "Déjà is not making any sense right now, you and Camilla talked outside that's all I know and the conversation that happened outside is now the argument in the limo"

"What's up, I told you what happened at the club so don't play dumb" Camilla told her as she slapped Déjà's hand down.

"Okay, let me tell you something" Déjà told her, as she took her sandals off, "I'm a punch the lights out of you, touch me one more time and I'm popping you in the mouth, I'm not playing with you"

Camilla looked up at Déjà, "Come on you oversize cow," Camilla took off her heels,and swept all of her hair to one side,"You took off your shit, I don't care bitch you mad extra, because you can't handle the tru-"

Déjà punched Camilla in the head, Camilla latched on to Déjà's hair and started punching her in the head. Déjà started throwing punches at Camilla's head and body; Camilla brought her feet up and tried to kick Déjà in the head. Déjà pushed one of Camilla's leg away from her and punched her in the head; Security guards came into the limo and grabbed Déjà's arms. Camilla had some of Déjà's hair and was throwing punches.]}

"Déjà, I have to ask, do you regret fighting Camilla?" Nathalia asked.

"No" Déjà answered, "Camilla has that mouth too, but she dials it down because she knows when to stop, but I want to make it known that what Maria did after our fight was corny"

Camilla was nodding her head.

"I had no idea she would make it seem like she was doing me justice by attacking you, nor would I allow for somebody who isn't Lo to fight my battles" Déjà explained.

"That makes no sense" Milyn exclaimed.

"How?" Déjà asked.

"We talkin' about you and her fight! what does Maria has to do with it?" Milyn questioned.

"I was talkin' to Camilla" Déjà exclaimed.

"But you fought a girl who is smaller than you?!" Milyn exclaimed.

"It doesn't matter" Déjà stated.

"How does that work in your world?" Milyn asked.

"When you talked yo shit to Hilary, didn't she lay into your ass?" Déjà questioned.

Nathalia had a shocked look on her face.

"That's irrelevant" Milyn stated.

"How when you talked your shit and Hilary whooped your ass, but when I do the same its wrong?" Déjà questioned, "shut the fuck up and speak when spoken to"

"I actually didn't see a problem when me and Déjà got into it" Camilla stated, "I talked my shit, I did things to her, but the only time I didn't really do anything to her was the night of the limo fight"

"Which was on my part because you didn't do anything towards me" Déjà stated.

"Can you two girls be friends or cordial?" Nathalia asked.

"Me and her already talked about it" Déjà answered, "I admitted my wrong and apologized for it"

Nathalia applauded them, "Clap for them, because that's showing growth"

The audience and some of the girls started clapping.

"I just got word that we're bringing Maria and Christina out" Nathalia announced, "can y'all promise me that y'all be good?"

The girls nodded their heads.

"Okay, please help me welcome back to the stage" Nathalia announce, "Maria and Christina"

Maria and Christina walked back onstage and took their seats.

"Okay" Nathalia exclaimed, "before the fight had broke out, Maria, I asked why do you think Lo had a problem with you?"

"You have to ask her" Maria stated, "when we was in the house I generally liked Lo, but then she started coming at me and be very disrespectful"

"I liked you in the beginning" Savannah exclaimed, "so how the fuck was I disrespectful when you came at me not only once but twice"

"We were cool as fuck" Maria exclaimed.

"No we're not" Savannah stated.

"I said we were" Maria exaggerated, "pay attention"

"Bitch, fuck you" Savannah exclaimed, "you're the one who stepped to me multiple times, you walked up on me"

"Lo, you good?" Nathalia asked her.

"No" Savannah answered, "I'm tired of this bitch putting on a front like she the damn victim, I fucked with you, yes I gave you a chance but you did the same right back"

The audience started clapping.

"I'm a say this and then I'm done with the both of you bitches" Savannah stated, "Christina, why you kept talking shit about saying that I was scared to fight you?"

"I never said that" Christina replied.

"Bitch don't lie to me" Savannah yelled, "you fucking said it you dumb bitch, I saw it! you said it multiple times that I was scared to fight you"

"At those times I thought you was" Christina remarked.

"You seen how I popped your ass without any regrets right" Savannah taunted, "I don't have problem with scooping your ass up again bitch"

"Choice words coming from a lame bitch" Milyn whispered to Maria.

"Bitch I can hear you!" Savannah exclaimed as she sat on the edge of the couch, "you're the main one to call someone lame but get their ass whooped"

Déjà put arm in front of Savannah, "Chill"

"Nah" Savannah pushed Déjà's arm off of her, "let her put her foot in her mouth again, because I'm a tell you something" Savannah stood up, "bitch I wish Maria and Christina would jump me when I swing on you" Savannah stated as she stood in front of Milyn, "remember my face good honey, because I when I come to Miami, I'm coming for your head" Savannah walked back to her seat and sat down, "continue with the program"

"Wow" Nathalia stated, "did you get it all out, Lo?"

"I'm good, change the subject" Savannah demanded.

"Well things have definitely heated up" Nathalia joked, "but our next bad girl can definitely cool things down"

The audience started laughing.

"We all know her as the Boss Model herself" Nathalia introduced, "please welcome, Shay"

Shay walked onto the stage wearing a Black Faux Leather Waist Bandage Dress with Black Faux Suede Caged Lace Up High Heels; her hair was designed into a long high curly ponytail.


[Shay walked into the house,"HELLO" she exclaimed.]["I don't fight" Shay exclaimed.]["I'm not going to bite my tongue for anyone" Shay stated.][Shay posing for her cast photo]

Shay walked from backstage and sat down next to Cassandra, "Hi"

"Hey boo" Nathalia exclaimed, "welcome to the reunion, it's been crazy and intense"

"I can imagine" Shay joked, "I had enough time to get me a nap in"

The audience started laughing.

"Now, Shay, how does it feel to see all of these young ladies again?" Nathalia asked.

"What I only see 7 young ladies" Shay stated, "including you"

The audience ooh'd.

"Wait, wait" Nathalia exclaimed, "I'm confused"

"I only see 7 real ladies, but three of them are peasants" Shay stated.

"Who is you directing that towards?" Nathalia asked.

"Them three bitches sitting next to you" Shay answered.

"Really, Shay?" Maria asked.

"Why are you shocked?!" Shay exclaimed, "you know I don't like you, so don't pull that card"

"Wait" Nathalia exclaimed, "Shay, I want to hear your side, but you can't come out here ready to argue"

"I'm not here to argue" Shay stated, "I'm here to be that Boss Model that I am"

The audience and Savannah started clapping.

"Okay, Shay, I want to talk about you leaving the house" Nathalia suggested.

Shay nodded her head.

"You left the house after revealing to Lo, that Maria and MiMi was talking shit" Nathalia stated, "but everyone wants to know your side"

"Okay, that same night Camilla and Maria got into it" Shay stated, "As I said before, I understood why Camilla always had her guard up around these girls, Maria is a messy bitch and a bully"

"Who did I bully?" Maria asked.

"Hush, I'm talking" Shay stated as she brought her finger to her mouth.

The audience ooh'd.

"It's no oh, when I'm talking be respectful" Shay stated, "as I was saying, Maria is a bully and MiMi is her follower"

Milyn rolled her eyes, "Okay!"

"Own your truth" Shay stated.

"Bitch don't try it" Milyn exclaimed.


Maria sat up, "How?" she asked.

"I said it before ain't nobody going to touch me" Shay exclaimed as she sat up.

Maria reached over Nathalia and socked Shay in the face. Savannah charged over and started punching at Maria's face. Security guards came to pull Savannah and Maria apart.

"You weak sauce ass bitch" Savannah exclaimed as she broke away from security and was forced to stand in the audience.

"Lo, what the fuck?" Nathalia questioned.

"No fuck that shit" Savannah exclaimed, "when I socked that bitch she didn't want to do nothing, but you're gonna hit Shay knowing Shay don't fight"

Maria sat down in her seat.

"Hit me bitch" Savannah exclaimed, "Hit a bitch that wants to fight"

Nathalia looked back and forth between Savannah and Maria.

"Hit a bitch that wants to fight" Savannah taunted as she tried to step back on stage.

Maria charged out of her seat towards Savannah; Savannah grabbed onto Maria's hair while tossing Maria to the left and punching her in the head. Maria grabbed onto Savannah's shirt while punching her in the body; Savannah bashed Maria in the back of the head. Security guards tried to pull Savannah off of Maria; Savannah kicked her feet out while repeatedly punching Maria in the face. A security guard ran over to break Savannah's grip on Maria.

Maria was taken backstage.

Savannah stepped back on stage, "That's not going to happen"

"Lo, can you tell me what happened?" Nathalia asked.

"Shay, doesn't fight, we all on this stage know that" Savannah answered, "but what you're not going to do is sock her when she's not looking at you"

Shay came from backstage and sat down next to Déjà.

"I believe it's time to play the clip that started it all" Nathalia announced, "in this clip, Shay, tells it all to Lo"

{[Shay walked back into the house.

Shay- "At the moment I'm considering going home on my own terms, I don't enjoy all this drama, this experience isn't anything I was looking for"

Shay was in her room packing up her things.

Savannah walked into the room, "Why you packing up?"

"I'm debating if I should go home or not" Shay replied.

"Why would you go home?" Savannah asked as she sat down on Shay's bed.

"Because I'm not feeling this experience and most definitely not feeling Maria or Milyn" Shay told her as she put some shoes in a duffel bag.

"Why ain't you feeling them?" Savannah asked as she stood up.

"They was talking major shit about you, Déjà and Camilla on our way to Lake Geneva" Shay explained.

Savannah- "Once again my name was in your mouth, fuck all these other girls' because I've only fuck with two people and one isn't here" Savannah had an exasperated look on her face, "No matter what the fuck is said about either of them I still fuck with them"

"You know what I'm not about to go there because obviously Maria is still intimidated by me and Déjà's friendship" Savannah remarked.

Milyn walked to the living room, "Maria, Shay just Savannah that the two of us were talking shit about her"

"When did we talk about Savannah?" Maria asked.

"Apparently on the way to Lake Geneva" Milyn replied.

Milyn- "I told Maria what Shay did because I'm already feeling some type of way and she's definitely adding fire to the flame."

"Well lets go see" Maria remarked; Maria walked into Shay's room.

Savannah was changing into her pajamas; Déjà was laying down in her bed.

"Shay, did you tell Savannah that I was talking about her?" Maria asked.

"Yeah" Shay replied as she put her duffel bag on the ground.

"But what's the reason for you even telling her that?" Maria asked.

"I'm not going to bite my tongue for anyone and if I have to tell her before I leave I'll damn well please, because if it was any other time it would've been at the Reunion" Shay replied, "Is that the answer you wanted from me?"

Shay- "I'm definitely leaving because I'm tired of all this bullshit ass drama;t his was supposed to be an experience of growth, but I refuse to stay when others don't want to even try"

"That's some bullshit" Maria exclaimed as she waved her hand, "You trying to start shit and you keep acting like you're innocent"

Maria- "It really irks me how Shay talks shit about people, but when you get in her face she quiet"

"Keep being a weak sauce ass bitch" Maria told her; Maria walked out of the room.

Savannah started laughing, "The pot calling the kettle black"

"For real though?!" Maria remarked; Maria walked to Savannah's room.

"Really" Savannah exclaimed as she tied up her hair with a red bandana, "That's the pot calling the kettle black"

"So how am I weak sauce?" Maria questioned.

"You already know because that's on some real shit" Savannah told her as she pulled her cover back to lay down.

"I'm do what the fuck I want" Maria exclaimed.

"So keep doing weak sauce ass shit then" Savannah told her. "Get out of my room Maria"

"You was talking shit about Hilary on the first night then you wanted to fight her, but you was also talking shit about me and Déjà and tried to be still our friend" Savannah remarked, "Maria come on"

"Don't confuse me for nothing" Maria told her.

"Maria, get the fuck out of my room" Savannah told her, "Because I already told you how you a weak sauce bitch"

"You tried to come at me though" Maria yelled.

"This is my room, BITCH BYE!" Savannah yelled as she stood on top of her bed pounding her fists.

"What you mean though?" Maria questioned as she looked up at Savannah.


"Get off the bed and make me" Maria told her.


"What's up?" Maria remarked.

Savannah mushed Maria away from her; Maria reached out and grabbed Savannah's bandana. Savannah started throwing punches at Maria's face and body; Maria fell into the wall and started punching Savannah in the head. Savannah grabbed Maria by her head and slammed her to the ground; Milyn walked into the room and tried to pull Savannah off of Maria but backed away when Déjà rose out of her bed.

"Come on Savannah, let her go" Déjà exclaimed.

Savannah started kicking at Maria's head when Déjà pulled on her arms; Maria was grabbed by Milyn. Security guards bombarded the room.]}

"Shay do you feel like you started that fight?" Nathalia asked.

Shay shook her head in disagreement, "I didn't control nobody in that house, so if Lo opened her mouth and defended me then that was Lo, plus Maria didn't have to go into her room and obviously we see where that got her"

"Lo, explain to us your side" Nathalia asked.

"Me and Shay had a talk, she wanted to go home and I'm telling her do her" Savannah stated, "not even 5 minutes later she is getting confronted by Maria, but the only person she said anything to was me, so now I'm confused and irritated because this girl is getting checked for something she told me in privacy, that's when I realized MiMi was a fake ass bitch"

The audience ooh'd.

"MiMi, you should be ashamed of yourself!" Nathalia exclaimed, "you ran back to Maria after eavesdropping with the intention to start a fight"

"I didn't want to start a fight" Milyn exclaimed, "Shay was talking shit about us to Savannah"

"Only thing she said was that, y'all was talking about me and Déjà" Savannah stated, "And y'all was"

"I've never talked shit about you though" Milyn remarked, "At the end of the day, I fucked with you and tonight you proved to me that you're the fake ass bitch"

Déjà sat up, "Bitch the only person fake is your fake rabbit wannabe famous ass"

"Don't come for her" Christina stated, "sit back"

"Who you talking to?" Déjà asked.

"No, let her open her mouth this time" Savannah told her, "because next thing flying is her bitch ass off of this stage"

"Well, Shay, is there anything you wanted to say to these girls?" Nathalia asked her.

"Only thing I have to say is directed to Camilla" Shay stated, "even though I understand the reason, I didn't deserve to get beaten up like that"

Camilla stood up, "I actually wanted to be real with you" Camilla walked on stage towards Shay, "I want to apologize for that you really didn't deserve that from me, so I sincerely apologize for it" Camilla reached out and gave Shay a hug.

Shay returned the hug, "Apology accepted"

Nathalia, the girls' and the audience started clapping.

"Well, Shay, I know you have a flight to catch" Nathalia stated, "it was nice of you to come and give your side and tell us your story"

Shay nodded her head.

"I wish you the best and hopefully can see more of you" Nathalia told her.

Shay stood up and walked backstage.

The audience and the girls started clapping.

"Since we're down one bad girl, I guess it's time to introduce our last bad girl for the evening" Nathalia announced, "She came here today but had a personal situation came up, so here via Skype we know her as a firecracker, Hilary"

A screen turned around and faced the girls.

Hilary's face popped up, and she was waving. Hilary was wearing an orange jumpsuit.

"Hilary can you explain to us why you're not here" Nathalia requested.

"Unfortunately, the last time I was seen is after I socked one of the producers' in the face and that lead to me going to court over assault so I have to do time" Hilary explained.

"Do you regret anything?" Nathalia asked.

"I regret fighting Rebecca because we actually took the time after we fought" Hilary answered, "Other than that those other two bitches deserved to get their ass whooped"



"Maria and MiMi, what is it about Hilary that gets y'all so riled up?" Nathalia asked them.

"She's a shit talkin ass bitch" Milyn answered, "she obviously irrelevant so she didn't come"

"Exactly" Maria agreed, "fuck that bullshit about something important she didn't want to get touched"

"Well if you girls' don't have a problem telling me all of this then you won't mind telling her in person" Nathalia announced, "please welcome, Hilary"

Hilary walked from backstage wearing Gray Ruched Dress with Black Faux Suede Open Toe High Heels; her hair was pulled back with mini-curls in a ponytail.


{[Hilary dancing with a random girl][Hilary posing next to Savannah and Déjà][Hilary swinging at Milyn][Hilary walking up the street]}

Hilary walked on stage, "Hey everybody" she exclaimed.

Nathalia started laughing, "Welcome"

"Nathalia, can I give you a hug?" Hilary asked.

"Sure" Nathalia replied as she stood up and gave Hilary a hug.

Hilary returned the hug and turned towards Maria, "Back to these basic ass bitches on this couch right here"

Nathalia moved herself back.

"What y'all gotta say now?" Hilary asked, "I'm here in yo face pop some shit now!"

"Hilary take your seat, for me" Nathalia asked her.

Hilary sat down next to Cassandra, "I'm a sit right here so I can easily reach over and pop you bitches"

"So let's dig right on in" Nathalia stated, "Hilary, how does it feel to see all of your old roommates?"

"I mean how should I feel?" Hilary questioned, "It was months ago, I'm over it, those who had my back in that house I appreciate them for that; but after all the shit that I've been hearing go down tonight, I'm prepared"

"True, true" Nathalia stated, "Déjà, how does it feel to see Hilary again?"

"I missed her until I felt like she caused a division between Lo and Camilla" Déjà answered.

"Can I clear that up?" Hilary asked.

"Go right ahead" Nathalia told her.

"I never sent a email to that house nor would I ever waste my energy on some petty shit" Hilary explained.

Maria rolled her eyes.

"Nice to see you too" Hilary stated.

"Hilary, this is the first time you're seeing Maria after leaving the house" Nathalia stated, "is there anything you want to say to her?"

"The only thing that I have to say to Maria is that she was in the wrong for alot of shit and deserved a severe ass whooping" Hilary answered.

"Are you mad?" Maria asked.

"Don't address me" Hilary exclaimed.

"Can you ask her why she mad?" Maria asked Nathalia.

"Talk to the host not me" Hilary stated.

"She wants to know why are you mad?" Nathalia asked.

"I'm not mad, I don't like anybody who talks about my child" Hilary stated, "I'm the second 'bad girl' mother on this show and I would not allow for some random bitch to talk about him"

"What did I say?" Maria asked.

Hilary took her bracelets off of her wrists, "didn't I say not to address me!"

"You wanna fight?" Maria asked.

"You keep opening your mouth and I'm a shut it for you" Hilary remarked.

"Hilary, I want to show everybody your time in the house" Nathalia told her, "Hilary, was our first bad girl to go home, but check out what sent her packing"

{["Really though?!" Hilary exclaimed as she got in Milyn's face.

Milyn mushed Hilary back,"Don't do it"

"Bitch come on" Hilary told her.

"Hey calm down over there" Déjà told her.

"Get me out" Hilary exclaimed,"I'm a lay this bitch out"

"Bitch I'm a knock you the fuck out" Milyn exclaimed as she leaned over Hilary.

Hilary lunged at Milyn, making Milyn fall on her back.

"Hey, Hey" Déjà exclaimed as she reached out and try to grab Hilary.

Milyn started punching at Hilary.

"Really bitch" Hilary exclaimed as she was being pulled back.

"Chill out you on some other type of shit" Déjà told her.

Camilla- "Watching Hilary snap is funny to me, it shows she's a damn joke"

"That bitch hit me in the face" Hilary exclaimed.

"What you expect her to do you lunged at her" Déjà told her.

"Get the fuck out of here" Milyn told her as she put her hair in a messy bun.

"Shut the fuck up" Hilary told her.

The limo pulled over.

"Get me the fuck out of this limo" Hilary screamed as she started bashing on the windows.

As Hilary was about to leave the limo, Milyn reached out and pulled her by her hair.

Hilary fell down to ground and tried to swing back at Milyn, A security guard reached out and tried to pull Hilary out of the limo.

Milyn tried to get out but Savannah pulled her back.]

[Milyn and Hilary were sitting down while a couple of guys were around talking to them.

Milyn- "So I'm a try and give Hilary another chance hopefully tonight she can redeem herself with me"

Hilary was laughing as she sat on a guy's lap,"No she looks like that because she sucked too many"

The guy started laughing at her.

"What you talking about?" Milyn asked her.

"Nothing, but she got no hands from what I was told" Hilary said aloud.

Milyn- "Okay, now I see" Milyn started nodding her head,"Hilary you think you're slick but watch what I'm a do to your ass"

"But yet I'm not the one being deemed to go home," Milyn exclaimed,"Ask everyone of these girls 'who going home? Hilary' Bitch so do us all a favor and go home"

Hilary- "Fuck you Mimi, your jackrabbit lookin' ass bitch" Hilary gave a disgusted look, "Stop sucking dick for a day job and get paid for being a real women"

"Bitch you got me fucked up" Hilary exclaimed as she looked Milyn up and down.

Milyn turned towards the guys, "Did I say anything about this bitch right here?"

Hilary yanked Milyn by her arm and mushed her away, Milyn came back with her fist and socked Hilary in the eye. Hilary kicked at Milyn and made Milyn fall to the ground. Milyn grabbed Hilary by her foot and pulled out of her seat. Club security came and grabbed Milyn and took her outside of the club.]

["So why do I need to go home?" Hilary asked Rebecca.

Rebecca took out her earrings,"My reason for you to go home is that you're a mother and I don't want to bash on you or your son" she told her as she started taking her heels off.

"Wow so you want me to go home because I'm a mom and I left my son" Hilary exclaimed as she walked up to Rebecca.

"That's not what I'm saying" Rebecca told her as she stood up.

"So what's your problem?" Hilary asked her.

"Back up" Rebecca told her as she pushed Hilary back away from her.

Hilary grabbed Rebecca's hair and she yanked on it hard. Rebecca punched Hilary in the face, both of the girls floor, Hilary got on top of Rebecca and started punching her in the face. Rebecca threw out one of her fists and punched Hilary in the face. Security guards ran into the room and pulled Hilary off of Rebecca and forced Rebecca to stand behind her bed near the wall, while Hilary was being pushed to the entrance.

"You dumb broad" Rebecca exclaimed.

Hilary- "I'm over Rebecca, bitch you fake and there's nothing to say about it"

Hilary ran from behind the security guard and lunged at Rebecca. Rebecca clocked Hilary in the face, Hilary grabbed Rebecca's hair and started pulling her over the bed. A security guard grabbed Hilary around her waist and tried to pull her away from Rebecca. Hilary dragged Rebecca by her hair on the bed. "Get her off of my hair" Rebecca exclaimed. Hilary punched Rebecca in the back of her head. A security guard and lifted Hilary up and took outside of the room. The girls were standing outside watching everything go down.]

["Wait boo" Maria told her as she tried to push Milyn towards her room.

"Why what's up?" Milyn told her.

"Hilary just fought Rebecca, and I don't need you to do anything crazy" Maria told her.

Milyn- "I'm cracking so hard that my anger is rising to it boiling point" Milyn gave an angered look.

"Fuck this shit" Milyn exclaimed as she walked around Maria and headed to where all the girls were at.

Hilary turned around and saw Milyn.

Hilary- "I fought Rebecca and it's definitely time for me to get my revenge on Mimi"

"Let's go, let's get it crackin" Hilary exclaimed as she walked towards Milyn,"What's up because I didn't say sh-"

Milyn reached out and grabbed Hilary by her hair, and pulled her towards her. Hilary stumbled and grabbed Milyn by her neck. Milyn threw Hilary into a the plant bed and punched her in the head. Hilary grabbed Milyn's hair and made her bun fall out. Milyn fell on top of Hilary and she rolled over while pulling Hilary's hair."GET THAT BITCH MIMI" Maria exclaimed. Security guards walked towards Milyn and tried to lift her off of Hilary. Milyn started throwing punches at Hilary's body. Hilary started punching at Milyn's head. The security guard pulled Milyn off of Hilary, but Milyn pulled Hilary with her. A security guard grabbed Hilary and helped her up while also trying to pull her away from Milyn, but Milyn had Hilary's hair. Milyn tried to punch at Hilary's head but the security's arm was in the way. Hilary tried to grab Milyn's hand. Milyn let Hilary's hair go and was taken to her room, "Let me fade that bitch out" Milyn exclaimed.]

["Well so there'll be no more tension and things will be more clear, Hilary I want to trade rooms with you since nobody here wants to room with your dumb ass except for Camilla" Milyn exclaimed.

"That's fine with me,"Hilary told her, "Maybe Bieber can come to my room instead of your stank pussy"

"You sure right" Milyn told her.

Milyn- "I'm not going to let this go, Hilary you're going down and hopefully you'll go home after this"

Milyn walked into her room with Camilla and she grabbed all of her things and brought it to where Maria is,"Which bed does Hilary sleep on?" she asked.

Maria pointed to the bed next to hers.

Milyn dumped all of her things on the bed, and grabbed Hilary's things and threw them out of the room.

Hilary rolled her eyes, and she started picking up her things.

Hilary- "This on-going fighting with Milyn is funny to me" Hilary started laughing,"She honestly believe I give a fuck about who the fuck she is"

"It's nice that I don't have to room with fake ass bitches anymore" Hilary exclaimed.

"Who the fuck is fake yo" Maria exclaimed.

Maria- "Today must be the day bitches are trying me, y'all want to push my buttons so I'm give you guys the reaction"

Maria walked out of her room,"Who the fuck is fake?" she asked as she got in Hilary's face.

Hilary dropped her things on the floor,"What you want to do?"

Maria pushed Hilary back,"It's nothing"]

["I don't feel comfortable around two of you but the rest of you guys had put distance between us, and I don't know why?" Hilary exclaimed.

"Well I don't like you" Maria exclaimed.

Hilary- "I'm not going to feed into bullshit I just want answers now, because I haven't done anything to these girls for all of them to hate me"

"And why is that?" Hilary asked her.

"You attacked my bitch twice, then you fought Rebecca who hasn't been nothing but nice to you until last night" Maria explained.

"But you can't hate me for defending myself" Hilary told her.

"You wasn't defending shit" Maria yelled at her,"You purposely fought both of them girls last night"

"Okay I will admit that I did" Hilary told her, "But none of that had to do with you though!"

"It doesn't matter" Maria exclaimed as she sat up, "At the end of the day, I haven't like you since Day motherfucking 1, and I gave you a chance after all of that"

"I have nothing to say to you, other than one thing" Hilary exclaimed.

"That's fine with me" Maria told her.

"I really do think that you're self-centered and don't care for no one but yourself" Hilary told her.

"And I wonder, if your child thinks that his mom is fucked up for leaving his dad, after being married for four years." Maria exclaimed back.

Hilary- "I'm shocked that Maria tells me this, you're going to sit here in my face and talk about my past marriage and my child in one sentence, now I have a problem with you and it'll never be resolved until I say so. Talk about me all you want to but don't bring my child into anything that you have against me"

Hilary charged out of her seat and punched Maria in the head, the security guards grabbed Hilary and tried to pull her away from Maria. Hilary latched onto Maria's hair. Maria tried to punch Hilary but the other security guard grabbed her arms.

"She's pulling my hair" Maria exclaimed.

Hilary had let go and she was carried out of the room, "Don't you ever talk about my child again" she screamed.

"Fuck you and your child you dumb bitch" Maria exclaimed.]

[Rebecca- "I'm back from my little stay from the hotel and my head is more clear to run everything from last night through my head" Rebecca gave a sigh,"Hilary even if it pains me to do I owe an apology because I had no right to come at you, but hopefully she can come to terms and apologize to me for putting her hands on me first"

Rebecca walked into her room and saw Milyn on Hilary's bed,"Where's Hilary?" she asked.

"She and I switched rooms" Milyn told her as she was painting her nails.

"But don't you think that was a little bit mean to do?" Rebecca asked her as she sat down on her bed.

"Not really," Milyn told her, "Don't get me wrong, The girl has went through enough, especially today after Maria talked about her child"

"Wait why did Maria talk about her child?" Rebecca asked.

"Hilary said how she felt towards Maria" Milyn told her.

Rebecca- "It's kinda messed up because me and Maria shared a room with Hilary, and I feel like it's going to look fake on us or majorly me because I asked this girl to be our roommate, and we're treating her like a trash"]

["Since we're staying in tonight, I'm not going to be sent to a hotel or be held down, Hilary you little smart remarks are now going to get you an ass whooping so be ready" Milyn exclaimed as she looked at the camera with a murdering look, "Bitches want to cause petty drama and start with you for no reason, so if I'm about to go home it's going to be with a big ass bang"

(Hilary walking in the hallway and she knocked on the confessional door)

"Show time" Milyn whispered.

Hilary walked into the confessional, Milyn reached out and snatched Hilary by her hair. Hilary pulled Milyn's hair and started punching her in the face. Milyn started punching and pulling hair, one of Milyn's punched landed in Hilary's eye. Milyn start uppercutting into Hilary's face. Hilary start covering up her head. A female producer and security guard ran to the confessional room.

"LET GO" The producer exclaimed.

The security guard had grabbed Milyn and held her by her arms. The producer stood in front of Milyn, Hilary started uppercutting Milyn in the face. Milyn grabbed Hilary's hair, and Hilary started punch Milyn in the head. The producer pulled Hilary and made her sit down, while the security guard took Milyn over near the door.

"That bitch hit me" Hilary exclaimed.

"Bitch you want to fight?" Milyn asked.

Hilary tied her hair back,"Come on then" she told her.

Milyn ran around the security guard and started to repeatedly punch Hilary in the face, Hilary tried to cover her face. Milyn grabbed Hilary by her hair and dragged her out of her seat and started punching her in the face.]

[Hilary had walked out of the confessional with a bloodied face.

"Hilary please come here" The female producer requested.

(Screen turns black and white [Milyn punching Hilary repeatedly in the face][Hilary uppercutting Milyn in the face])

Hilary turned around and she punched the producer in the face.

Another security guard came and grabbed Hilary and took her to the back patio.

"Y'all let that bitch touch me twice" Hilary screamed as she started struggling in the security guards arms.

"Bitch I'll beat your ass again" Milyn exclaimed as she tried to run after Hilary.

"You fucking jackrabbit ass bitch" Hilary, "Go suck Maria's dick hoe"

Maria jumped over the couch and tried to punch Hilary in the face.

Hilary stumbled over the security guard and tried to push Maria away from her.

Maria grabbed on to Hilary's hair.

Déjà grabbed on to Maria and tried to pull her away from Hilary.

Hilary was pulled away from Maria and had got taken outside.]

["Unfortunately no you're going home" He told her.

"What why?" Hilary asked.

"You physically attacked one of the producers, and that violates your contract so we're going to escort you to the van, while we go and get your things" He explained to her.

Hilary- "So I'm officially going home, you girls got what you wanted" Hilary started laughing,"Everything i did I wanted to do,[Hilary yanked Milyn by her arm and mushed her away][Hilary grabbed Rebecca's hair and she yanked on it hard][Hilary dancing in the club] It's been real unlike some of you girls" Hilary started laughing harder,"My friends who are invisible, I'll miss you guys a lot"]}

The audience started applauding Hilary.

"Hilary, there is alot to discuss with you" Nathalia exclaimed, "What was it about MiMi that you couldn't stand?"

"After every fight we had, Milyn would come and apologize to me" Hilary answered, "so, when she got hyped up by Maria, because Maria instigated two fights we had, my dumb ass would accept her apologies"

"You stated that you're not a fighter, but you was involved in many of the fights in the beginning" Nathalia stated.

"First, I stated in my audition tape that I'm not a violent person, but I refuse for somebody to put their hands on me and I don't do nothing about it" Hilary answered, "Secondly, I was involved in every fight because they would nitpick with me about my lifestyle; and Thirdly, the person that I am can be very quiet, but when you got two girls who are constantly attacking your over the smallest thing you're gonna be on your guard 24/7"

"Hilary, be for real now, we didn't torment yo ass" Milyn exclaimed.

Hilary rolled her eyes.

"If I wanted to torment you or as you called it 'constantly attack' then I would've did it and kept on doing it" Milyn explained.

"But you did" Hilary exclaimed.

"Don't come on this stage trying to be something you're not" Milyn stated.

"Same can be said about you, I beat yo ass in that house, you had to sneak my ass to actually beat me" Hilary exclaimed.

"Really?!" Milyn asked.

"Dead ass" Hilary answered.

"Fuck me up right now then" Milyn stated as she stood up.

"Why you mad?" Hilary asked as she took her shoes off.

"She taken her shoes off" Christina exclaimed.

"Bitch shut up, we all know you sucked ******'s dick" Hilary exclaimed

Christina hopped up, "So wassup?!"

"You ain't shit" Hilary argued.

"You never been shit" Milyn exclaimed as she walked towards Hilary.

Security guards came onstage and stood between Hilary and the three girls.

"Fuck outta here" Hilary exclaimed.

Milyn pushed through security, "COME ON THEN BITCH!"

Rebecca, Déjà and Savannah stood up.

"TOUCH ME IF YOU WANT TO" Hilary exclaimed as she stood on the couch.

Milyn reached out and pulled on Hilary's dress; Hilary socked Milyn in the face.

"STOP! STOP!" Nathalia exclaimed as she stood up.

Milyn latched onto Hilary's hair; Hilary was throwing punches at the back of Milyn's head.

Security guards came and pulled them apart; Maria reached through and pulled on Hilary's hair. Nathalia stood up and pulled onto Maria's dress.

"Cut that shit out!" Nathalia exclaimed as she pulled Maria away.

Milyn was taken towards the edge of the stage.

Milyn walked towards Camilla and Rebecca; she dived at Rebecca. Rebecca brought her fist back and punched Milyn in the face; Milyn started punching and pulling at Rebecca's hair. Camilla reached out and pulled on Milyn's hair. Security guards ran over and tried to separate them.

"Stupid bitch" Milyn exclaimed as she threw some of Rebecca's hair on the ground.

Rebecca took her heels off and charged towards Milyn; Milyn covered her head as Rebecca started throwing punches. Rebecca was pulled back by security guards, so she started dragging Milyn across the the stage. Rebecca got pulled off of Milyn.

"GUESS WHAT? I DRAGGED THAT ASS LIKE YOU DID MY SISTER BITCH" Rebecca shouted as she was taken backstage.

Milyn was escorted back to her seat.

"Camilla can you explain what just happened?" Nathalia asked.

"I honestly have no clue, MiMi bum rushed Rebecca so you're gonna have to ask her" Camilla answered.

"MiMi, you ran up on Rebecca? Why" Nathalia questioned.

Milyn was taking her earrings out, "I got tired of her running her mouth period, you're not going to attack m-"


"Well honestly, girls there's only so much that we can discuss, but obviously things can not be resolved" Nathalia stated, "so before we end this reunion, I want to bring out somebody who can actually talk some sense into you, please welcome to the stage, Life Coach Jazmyn"

Jazmyn walked on stage with Rebecca, "Hi Nathalia" she greeted.

Everybody on the middle couch moved down one to accommodate Jazmyn on the couch.

Rebecca sat down next to Camilla.

"How does it feel to see the girls again?" Nathalia asked.

"I love them" Jazmyn answered, "What more can I say, these girls will honestly change the game up for future bad girls"

"How did it feel walking into the house?" Nathalia asked, "did you feel like you signed up for the wrong thing?"

"I felt out of the loop, when I first got the call, but after watching past seasons of the show I got a feel of what my job is to do with these batch of women" Jazmyn answered, "and no this is my job, so I definitely don't feel like I signed up for the wrong thing"

Nathalia applauded Jazmyn, "Who do you feel had the most and least change this season? and why?"

"The most changed I would have to say is the twins, they came onto this show against one another, but they worked on themselves and focused on their goal as being sisters and not enemies" Jazmyn answered, "And the least changed I would say is Maria, she had me fooled obviously when I thought she had it, but after talking with the producers and seeing everything on social media, Maria has not proven that she can change"

"Maria, how does it feel to hear that?" Nathalia asked.

Maria looked at Nathalia, "How do I feel? I don't want to be like this, but when I'm constantly getting attacked I refuse to show these bitches the new move"

Milyn nodded her head, "That's honestly true, Maria has been chill"

"MiMi, don't lie for her" Déjà stated, "Maria been poppin' too much mouth"

"What the fuck are you talking about Déjà?!" Milyn asked.

"Maria been talkin' about me, Lo and Camilla all over twitter" Déjà exclaimed.

"You always on twitter talking about us and we don't say nothing" Milyn stated.

"But who talked about who first?" Déjà asked.

"It doesn't matter" Milyn exclaimed.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA" Jazmyn exclaimed, "let's keep it peaceful"

"I agree" Nathalia commented, "Camilla and Rebecca, how does it feel to see Jazmyn again?"

"We love her" They chorused.

"She helped you two focus on y'all bond as sisters" Nathalia complimented.

"I honestly can say this is the most we ever spoke up for one another and it feels amaze balls" Camilla added.

"I agree" Nathalia told her, "Lo and Déjà, how do you feel?"

"I love Jazmyn, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't had never had that conversation with my mom on family day" Savannah explained.

Déjà nodded her head in agreement, "The only thing I do regret is that I didn't listen to her and that's what sent me home"

"But they gave you a chance to come talk to me" Jazmyn commented.

"And I should've took it and kept it movin" Déjà stated.

The audience applauded Déjà.

"Maria and MiMi, how did you guys feel about the life coach?" Nathalia asked.

"I honestly didn't care for Jazmyn in the beginning" Milyn stated, "but she helped me address why I was so manipulative and angry"

"I loved Jazmyn" Maria exclaimed, "If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't had address my anger problems and fix them"

"Well Jazmyn, is there any final words you got for these bad girls?" Nathalia asked.

"Just stick to your truth, know who you are and don't let nobody take that from you" Jazmyn told them, "I love each and every one of you, and I hope you continue to change for the better"

Jazmyn stood up and walked off the stage.

"Now we have officially reached the end of the crazy reunion" Nathalia announced but there's one question remaining, if given the chance would you do the bad girls club all over again? Déjà?"

"Yeah" Déjà answered.

"Same bitches?" Nathalia asked.

"The same bitches" Déjà stated, because they opened my eyes to the boundaries and lines I now established for any person I meet now"

"I just wouldn't want the bitches I don't like in the house" Savannah answered.

"I enjoyed my time in that house, I met two amazing people, but I wouldn't do this again" Christina answered.

"I'd do it again, but would like to make it to the end" Milyn answered.

"I would do it all over again but only if MiMi is on there" Maria answered.

"No, this wasn't for me, I enjoyed the experience but this is for the people who need help" Hilary answered.

"I agree" Nathalia stated.

"I would do it again but I would come as an Original" Cassandra answered.

"I'm a agree with Cass, I loved every second of it and I wouldn't mind putting some dumb bitches in their place" Amber answered

"Hell No!" Rebecca exclaimed, "I'm just playing, I would do it again because I got my sister back"

"I most definitely would do it all again" Camilla answered, "I have love for every one of these girls, even though we fight and argue"

"Even for Maria and MiMi?" Nathalia asked.

"Them too, because they was in that house with me, I might not like you today but it's love" Camilla added.

"Well on that note, BGC3: Chicago, it's a wrap" Nathalia announced.

The audience started applauding the cast.

"So, where we going after this?" Nathalia asked the girls.

All the girls busted out laughing.

"Group hug everybody" Nathalia stated as she stood up.

All of the girls gathered in the middle of the stage and hugged each other; they started heading backstage.

"Now, if you thought tonight was crazy then you haven't seen anything yet, next season we're heading to the Big Apple" Nathalia announced.

(Grey overlay effect)

[The Empire State Building]

[Time Square]

{Overview of the Statue of Liberty}



{The house is shown from an aerial view}


{"Bitch you never was real to begin with!" Mehgan exclaimed}



{"Since Day 1 you've had a problem with me" La'Sandrea argued.}

"Staten Island"

{"You are a fake bitch" Brittany stated.}



[Jennifer getting pulled around by her hair]

"If you not going to respect me then you need to get the fuck out of my house" Brittany told Kacey.

[Brittany and Kacey hugging]


"You planned that shit" Jennifer exclaimed.

[Jennifer and Brittany arguing in the limo]

"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP" Rossy exclaimed.

[Mehgan running around security]

"Run up on me again!" Vivian exclaimed as she was carried away by security.

[The girls' in the living room having a house meeting]

"If you thought that I'm not going to swing back then you had me fucked up" Kacey exclaimed.

Next Season on Bad Girls Club New York

[Mehgan dancing with La'Sandrea and Ciara]

"We're going to COSTA RICA" the girls started screaming.

[Clips of the girls in Costa Rica]

[The girls partying in the club (the screen goes black and white)]

[Chanel walking out of her room ready to fight]

"I will be running this house and if you think I'm not then guess again" Brittany remarked in her confessional.

[Mehgan and Vivian arguing]

"The three of you are major ass followers" Mehgan exclaimed.

[Mehgan getting in Chanel's face]

"Respect is all you talk about" Ciara screamed, "But you ain't got no respect for anybody in this house"

[La'Sandrea punching at Jennifer's body]

[Ciara pulling Mehgan off of Vivian]


[Brittany tying her hair up]

"She's going home" Brittany exclaimed.

[Brittany charging at Jennifer]

"If you don't like the way that I talk then raise at me" Rossy exclaimed

[Mehgan throwing the phone at the glass wall]

[Chanel walking up to Ciara]

"I want to fight" Chanel told Ciara.

[Vanessa throwing punches at La'Sandrea]

"I'm going to make it my mission to get you out of this house" Mehgan told Vivian.

[Kacey being escorted by security, while brushing her hair from her face]

[La'Sandrea and Mehgan walking into the house with Brittany, Iggy and Vivian waiting by the front door]

"YOU A FAKE ASS HOE!" Ciara exclaimed as she was being held back by security guards.

[Brittany and Jennifer throwing each other around]

[Empire State of Mind, started playing in the background]


[Chanel arguing with Ciara]

"Aye, back the fuck up yo!" Ciara yelled.

[La'Sandrea and Brittany making out]


[Jennifer and Brittany fighting in the limo]


"I promised that I wasn't going to ever let my anger get the best of me while I was here" La'Sandrea told Mehgan as she was crying in the van.

[La'Sandrea tying her hair up and charging after someone]


[The girls in the living room]

"I'm here to say we can all be cool or we don't have to because I'm tired of fighting" Rossy told them.


[Iggy grabbing on Kacey's hair and punching her in the head]

[Jennifer throwing punches at Brittany, Vivian, Iggy and La'Sandrea]


[The girls at a photoshoot]

[The girls leaving the living room]

"We need to show that we can change" Ciara exclaimed.