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Kuroko Tetsuya is an epitome of mystery. His eyes are comparable to a gem making an illusion as a bottomless pit. It depicts nothing about what he is thinking and draws everyone like a flame to a moth.

He is the only person to do an impossible feat of being recognized by the generation of miracles, earning him a place with them along with the title as the phantom 6th man of the generation of miracles.

However, unknown to everyone, each generation of miracles has a secret nickname for him. He is also known as the phantom 6th bully of the generation of miracles and they affectionately called him Kuroko Trollsuya when he was not around. There are certain rules concerning him that ALL the generation of miracles has to learn the hard way. Yes, all, including their sadist red head captain.

Rule #1. Never get touchy-touchy to him without his permission - Kise

Kise Ryota likes to envelop everyone with his literally breathtaking hugs. Kuroko who is the cutest and smallest of them all will obviously the number one priority of his friendly actions. However Kise wondered if the number of uniforms he had to replace and rumors he had to deny will be worth every hug to the phantom. Why? Because every hug he made Kuroko learn to hug back while patting his back. He was happy to know that Kuroko finally feels the same way too but of course he will not be aware of the notes the phantom stick on his back concerning his sexual preference or notes 'Kick Me' and 'I love Justine Bieber' until he notices people laughing while he is walking. Sometimes Kuroko gets creative with the stain and he wonders what kind of chemicals he had wipe in his back.

Rule #2 . Never get touchy-touchy to him even with his permission - Aomine

Kuroko and Aomine get along together. They share the same passion for trolling other people but since he was the light, he is the only one that gets credit to their troll and of course he is the only one that gets scolded. Nevertheless, Aomine could never escape the creativeness of his partner in crime. After their training, they got a chance to talk seriously about their life and basketball. The two felt a different connection after that talk. Aomine, who is slightly at front of Kuroko felt that he was raising his hand. He knew Kuroko like to bump their fist every time they win a game and right now they felt like they are winning. Turning his back but still walking without looking at his path, he raised his hand and clenched his fist. He bumps his fist to Kuroko hard to show him his determination. What happens after the fist bump and him turning back to the front is a perfect picture of an everlasting bond between him and a pole. He shrieked from the pain of bumping in the pole and he left a permanent mark on it.

He swear he saw Kuroko laughing from the corner of his eyes and he kept wondering if he was an idiot for not noticing the pole or Kuroko's evilness distracted him.

Rule #3. Never borrow anything from him, especially if he meant it to be borrowed – Midorima

Midorima Shintarou concluded that he and Kuroko are not and will never be compatible after the pen incident in their class. He borrowed a pen from him for their exam because his pencil case mysteriously disappears that day. When all of them are trying to concentrate with their papers, the exam was interrupted of a very high, not so manly shriek which Midorima would deny later as not unmanly at all and would constantly explain the nature of developing voices of teenage boys. The borrowed pen turned out to release electrical shock when pressed. However his pencil case is still missing so he has to endure the shock every time he press the pen. He could only curse the phantom from the back of his mind. He still wonders if the missing pencil case is really coincidental along with Kuroko bringing such pen in school.

However fate has other plans for him when their teacher asked him to stay because of the disturbance he made in their test. After the sermon, he got the detention slip and made the teacher sign it. Forgetting all about the surprise attack of the pen, he let her use it. Needless to say, he got twice detention that day.

Rule #4. Never steal anything from him, especially if he meant it to be stolen – Murasakibara

Kuroko despite being unpopular one day attend practice with a bar of chocolates. When Murasakibara asked for some, he politely declines him and said that it is the rarest chocolate and the only one in whole Japan. He refused to share some but Murasakibara being curious about his words snatched the chocolate in his hands. For two weeks, Murasakibara could not go to school because of stomach cramps caused by the rarest and only one chocolate made by Momoi.

Rule#5. Never show him your weakness, you will never know when he will use it against you – Kagami

Kagami hates dog. Kuroko loves dog. So they compromise and got a dog. For Kagami's sake Kuroko made sure he will love the Alaskan malamute named after him or much known as Nigou. Seirin will never understand why nigou would love to chase Kagami when they are doing their rounds in the gym. Or why would he choose the perfect time to sniff his shoes him when he was drinking. Nigou would also wake Kagami when he falls asleep, causing him to panic and fall unconscious and then niguo will have to wake him again. Process will repeat until nigou is called by Kuroko. One thing they only know for sure, the only one nigou follows is his master.

Rule #6. Never show him your strength, you will never know when he will use it against you – Akashi

Akashi's emperor's eyes awakened at the end of their second year. It is used to determine the proper attacks and tactics to make Teiko team win every battle they face. The problem lies is the field of vision incorporated with the emperor's eyes which Kuroko took interest to.

Akashi's vision is so wide, he could see every angle of the court. One day Kuroko decided to test the extent of that angle. Momoi who is wearing a skirt unsuspecting to the hidden agenda of Kuroko cheer him from the sideline. Kuroko use the force of his pass to slightly lift the skirt of the pink haired girl making sure that it is in Akashi's field of vision. When there is no change in Akashi's expression, he tried to pass harder and use the spectator's skirt one by one. He took notice when he saw frowns forming from the absolute Akashi and even the broken tune when he whistle. He was only satisfied when Akashi voiced out that he needed to stop. The other people at the gym did not understand what irked the captain but felt his wrath during the hellish training. At the end of the day, the only smirking one is Kuroko.

Rule #7. He is well aware of his adorable cuteness and he had the very intention to use it for world domination - everyone

In contrast to what everybody believes, Kuroko Tetsuya is well aware of his cuteness. Even the generation of miracles could never lay a hand on him nor troll him back. In effect, his trollness dominates them all. He is even planning to expand his territory in a mega scale in the near future.

However, during their second year, Aomine's trollness suddenly bloom to a different level. He could now troll more people even without the help of his shadow. After Aomine, other generation of miracles also level up their trollness leaving the shadow on its own. Now what they need to do is to return the favor given to them by their phantom. They planned everything out and were sure to succeed this time. Or will they?

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