Chapter 1: The fairytale creatures

Allison and Liza felt themselves on what felt like grass. Suddenly, a foul stench hit Allison's nose and bolted upright gagging. Liza followed doing the same thing.

"WHAT IS THAT HORRIBLE SMELL!" Liza said looking around.

"It smells like BUTT" said Allison.

They then heard a bunch of talking and commotion going on. Allison followed it to a nearby bush and peeked through it, that way they couldn't be seen. She could feel her heart beat so hard because they saw the tons of fairytale creatures like the shoemaker's elf, Pinocchio, the three bears and pigs, and many other recognizable characters.

"Liz! Look at this!" she whispered.

When Liza took a look, she too froze in surprise as they all did stuff among Shrek's mucky swamp.

"Oh my god we are in shrek the musical" liza said in shock.

"Did you hear zat?"

They both froze in terror as they heard a german accent coming from one of the pigs.

"Hear vat?" asked the second pig.

"Zat voice!" said the third pig.

Allison suddenly fell out from behind the bushes, causing the others to separate and panic. She looked up at everyone and was approached by a wolf in a nightgown, who started to sniff her whole body.

"It's a human girl" he said in his gruff voice.

Just as Liza came out, Peter Pan rushed over and started to flirt a bit.

"Hey cutie, you fall from vanilla heaven? Because I LOVE chocolate"

"Eww just get a life!" Liza said, pushing peter over in the mud.

"Hey I like her! She's got spunk!" came a high pitched voice.

They both looked up to see a tall, wooden puppet with gorgeous, silky black hair. He had a yellow hat on with white shirt and overalls. He held a hand out to Allison to help her up. She slowly took the hand and smiled.

"Thanks" she said, her hand still in his.

"Don't mention it, I'm Pinocchio! But people call me Pino"

"I'm Allison Rose and that's Liza" She said smiling.

"Ciao bella" he said as he kissed both her and Liza's hand.

They both got a huge blush and giggled.

Everyone then started to introduce themselves, becoming friends instantly…well…except for Peter.