Hello sweeties and welcome to A Different Sort of Goldfish! This is a Mycroft/OC story featuring my character Joanna Reyer who is featured in my main story The Resident Sociopaths of 221B. This is their love story. It is an eventual relationship, but it does happen sooner than Sherlock and Lexi. Please enjoy. This story is updated as it corresponds with the main story and includes all original chapters. Next chapter will be next week I believe. They can be short or long, depending on how much I had to tell and they are all important aspects of their lives. Pairing name is JoCroft ^-^ I just love them. Rating moves to M in later chapters. No joke.- Melody

Mycroft Holmes had just settled in and was enjoying a nice cup of tea in his office. He was indulging himself in a thin sliver of German chocolate cake that Lexi had baked for him from her own recipe. Everything had finally come to a close with the Irene Adler case and Lexi had just returned to London and made up with his brother, which Mycroft really was actually quite please about. Though the man would never admit it, while he did not agree with the relationship between his brother and the woman he considered to be his closest friend and like a younger sister to him, he was happy for them. Lexi balanced his brother and in many ways he dared say made him better. She did not let him get out of hand and kept him in far better control than he normally was. She even went so far as to keep him in line. Lexi reminded him of his mother in many ways. She was a strong woman, all Holmes' women were and Mycroft could see that she would make a good wife for Sherlock if he ever did ask her to marry him. Everything was finally back to normal and now that everyone was playing nicely with each other again, Mycroft was looking forward to a little bit of peace and quiet. He currently had no pressing matters that he had to see to in government which meant that he finally got to have a little break from acting as nurse maid to everyone.

His peace and tranquility were broken and smashed to pieces beyond any repair when the door to his office suddenly slammed open. Mycroft let out a very undignified sound of surprise and jumped roughly, losing his composure completely in his shock over the suddenness of the intrusion and he sloshed tea down the front of his suit jacket. He looked up to find a raven haired young woman standing in his doorway who was not Anthea. She was wearing dark washed, heavily distressed, and ripped jeans, a red plaid button down shirt, and cowboy boots which looked like they had several layers of dirt on them. Her hair was a colour that Mycroft could not distinguish between brown or black and it fell to her elbows in loose waves from a center part. She had several small braids in her hair, two of which had wooden, painted beads and feathers weaved into them in some sort of Native American like style. Mycroft was on his way to hitting the button to call his security team in to remove the unknown woman who he couldn't begin to fathom on how she had gotten past his staff when she lifted her sunglasses, revealing a pair of highly expressive and very beautiful blue eyes.

"Mycroft Holmes I presume?" The young woman asked him, raising her perfectly arched eyebrow slightly and Mycroft narrowed his eyes at her very thick and very obvious American accent. She was from New York if Mycroft wasn't mistaken which of course he was not.

"I am," Mycroft told her calmly as he set his tea cup down on his desk, regaining his composure and drawing himself up to his full height. This woman hardly looked dangerous thought looks could be deceiving. Of course if she was an assassin his security wouldn't get here in enough time so it would fall to him to protect himself. How tedious. He folded his hands in front of himself reservedly as he watched the woman in front of him, flicking the panel of the hidden drawer which contained a gun open with his foot under his desk.

"Well, that makes this so much easier," The woman said and Mycroft lowered his hands, slowly reaching for his gun, just as Anthea burst through the door behind the woman who turned around quickly. Mycroft's hand closed around his gun under his desk, ready to defend his personal assistant who was no doubt about to be attacked.

"Sir! I'm sorry we just caught it. There's been a security breach…," Anthea said, trailing off, her eyes widening in surprise as she saw the young woman who was smiling pleasantly. Anthea looked to Mycroft and he saw her little look of fear even if she tried to hide it.

"Five minutes, not half bad," The young woman said as she checked her wrist watch. "Took Secret Service nearly half an hour but that's the Americans for you. By the time they found me I was already having a lovely chat with the President in the Oval Office. To be fair I did hack their systems. Yours were just easy to get by," The young woman said and Mycroft frowned, suddenly feeling very confused an emotion that he didn't like feeling.

"I demand to know who you are," Mycroft intoned and the woman looked over at him, raising her eyebrow at him again as she smirked at him slightly and Mycroft's grip tightened around his gun, though he didn't bring it out just yet. He wasn't sure if he needed it.

"Ooooh demand do you?" The young woman asked him and she laughed slightly. "That's new. That is definitely a new one," She said before she tilted her head to the side and she suddenly started staring at him. Mycroft got the feeling that he was under a microscope as she watched him and he realized that she was studying him. She straightened her head all of a sudden and smiled at him in a cat ate the canary sort of way as she stuck her tongue between her teeth. "I think that I like you Mycroft Holmes at least I can tell why Lexi does," She told him and Mycroft's jaw dropped a little bit with shock as she said Lexi's name. "Oh you can put the gun away now too. Though I am flattered," She told him with a cheeky grin as she walked into his office further and sat down in one of his armchairs, sticking her boot clad feet up onto his nice table which dislodged a bit of dirt. "Mr. President…,"She said, her accent going rather southern. "See that would work if you were American. Don't worry. I'll figure out a nickname for you," She assured him as she reverted back to her normal accent. "Since you asked so nicely I'll oblige…I'm Joanna Reyer, though you probably know me better as Lady Liberty," The young woman told him and Mycroft instantly released his gun as the young woman placed both hands on the arms of the armchair she was sitting in and smiled up at him.

"My apologize," Mycroft quickly told her as he stepped around his desk, closing his hidden drawer and she waved him off just as quickly before she shrugged and stood up again.

"Don't worry about it honey, I showed myself in," She told him and Mycroft stiffened a little at the name she used for him as she smirked back at him and Mycroft quickly walked over to Anthea, ushering her to the door and whispering to her frantically.

Joanna Reyer was a very important woman and while he wasn't fond of her because of what he knew about her, she could destroy him and the British Government entirely if she wanted too, at least that is what everyone knew about her. She was known better as Lady Liberty, only a few knew her as Joanna Reyer and it was only by coincidence that Lexi had run into the most powerful woman in the entire world in of all places a pub in Dublin. Governments all fought for Lady Liberties attentions and if she chose to lend a certain government her aid, you did everything you could to keep her happy. Of course Mycroft thought she was just a woman who thought far too highly of herself and seeing her now, he was proven right. When he turned around after Anthea left, shutting the door behind her, he found her sitting behind his desk with her feet propped up on his work space. He gritted his teeth in irritation as she just smirked back at him, knowing full well what she was doing. She was testing him to see how he would react to her very obvious display of disrespect.

"Do you mind?" Mycroft asked her through clenched teeth as he gestured to her feet and she tilted her head to the side as if thinking about her answered and hummed for a minute before she smirked a bit at him.

"Yes actually," She told him before she gestured with her foot to one of the chairs which sat across from his desk. "You might want to sit honey, we have business to discuss," Joanna told him, her smile fading as she grew more serious and Mycroft could tell that he original joking was over. Some people, mostly the Americans who came in contact with her said that she could be rather frightening at times but Mycroft Holmes never backed down and he was never frightened, certainly never over a woman. A muscle in Mycroft's temple jumped at her use of the word honey again and he glared at her for a long moment before he walked over to the chair that she had indicated and sat down with as much dignity as he could muster as she watched him. He studied her, beginning to try to deduce her before he hit a brick wall. It was as if someone had turned it off completely. He was looking right at her but he could tell nothing about her. He bit the inside of his cheek hard enough that he could taste blood as he stared back at her watching the intelligent spark light up in her eyes. "Now then, I believe you are more than aware of who I am Mr. Holmes and how I work. You should also be quite aware of what I am capable of doing," Joanna started and Mycroft nodded once at her in understanding.

"The British Government has been monitoring your activity over the last decade, especially of late," Mycroft told her calmly, referring to the fact that she was one of the heads of the Bond Air project and also because she was so closely connected with Lexi.

"That's so sweet," Joanna laughed and Mycroft bit his inner cheek again as the woman infuriated him to no end. "You'd think you'd have better things to do than worry about what I'm up to," She continued before she raised her eyebrow slightly. "Come on Microsoft, we both know that the British Government actually means you. We also both know that I am friends with Lexi and you watch her closer than your own brother," Joanna said, taking her boots off of his desk finally as she leaned forward in her chair and Mycroft gritted his teeth at her second name for him.

"My name is Mycroft," He growled at her and she frowned at him as she snorted.

"Did your mother really hate you?" She asked him with a pitying look and Mycroft ground his teeth together at her mention of his mother. "What I call you doesn't matter and you'll agree with me in a minute," Joanna told him and she smirked when Mycroft raised an eyebrow at her in an "Oh will I now?" manner. "See I'm here to make sure that your brother doesn't fuck up and hurt my best friend. That's the only reason I'm in London honey. That and it was getting a bit boring cleaning up after American fuck ups. Lexi's here so I am too," Joanna told him before she picked up his cake and his fork and took a bite of his uneaten dessert. "Hmm just as good as mine though it is my recipe so it should be," She said with a shrug and Mycroft felt slightly shocked that his favourite treat actually came from this woman. "I'm offering the British Government my services," Joanna told him, getting back on topic as she put the cake down. "And no, before you ask, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. That's the way this works," She told him as she gestured in between them and Mycroft gritted his teeth again, feeling his blood boil as she took another dainty bite of his cake. "And you really can't refuse me. I mean you could try and I would give you points for your efforts but we both know how that would end," Joanna told him before she stood up, brushing her hands off on her jeans. "You will be hearing from me very soon honey and just remember before you try to refuse my help that I don't give it very easily," She told him before she walked over to his office door and opened it, pausing for a moment as she looked back at him. "Oh and just as a warning you might want to pass on, if your brother ever hurts Lexi like that again I will personally hunt him down and after I exact the amount of pain I think he deserves I might be merciful and kill him," She told him, he voice dark, ominous, and very unnerving before she smiled brightly at me. "Have a nice day," She told him waving cheerfully and winking at him once before she walked out, leaving the door open behind her. And that was how Mycroft Holmes met the woman named Joanna Reyer and learned to despise her all in one day.