I know I should be working on all the other things I've started, but I've been wanted to write a Pokemon crossover for a long time now. Follows the basic plot of LeafGreen. -Rin

The Very Best

Momoshiro Takeshi had been waiting for this day since he'd first learned what Pokemon were. Today, he would set out on a journey, and have really cool adventures! He made sure he had everything, checking over his room one last time before heading downstairs.

His mom was sitting downstairs, waiting for him. She was a little sad that her oldest son was leaving, but she knew how important this was to him.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. All boys leave home one day. It said so on TV." Momo gave his mom a hug and went next door to see Professor Kaido in his lab, but he wasn't there.

Well, I guess I can leave without seeing him. Momo thought to himself. He headed for the path out of Pallet Town, but stopped when heard yelling.

"Don't go yet, it's not safe! You need your own Pokemon for protection from wild Pokemon. Come back to the lab with me." Momo followed Professor Kaido back to his lab, where Kaido's grandson (and Momo's rival) was waiting.

"Oh, hello Kaoru. Have you been waiting long?" The boy shook his head, and the professor turned back to Momo.

"I have three Pokemon for the two of you to choose from. Momo, you can pick first." Momo hurried over to the table with the three Pokeballs on it, examining each of them.

"I want this one!" He held up his choice. Professor Kaido nodded.

"The fire Pokemon, Charmander. That's a very energetic one. You two should get along just fine. Now, Kaoru, which one do you want?"

Kaido chose Squirtle, the water type. Momo decided to name his Charmander Bakuhatsu, since it was a fire type. He thought it sounded cool. Kaido called his Squirtle Suisei.

"Hey, Mamushi! Let's battle!" Kaido hissed.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that?" Momo ignored him and threw the Pokeball containing his new Charmander at the floor between them. As Bakuhatsu emerged, Professor Kaido waved his hands frantically.

"Not in here! Go outside if you need to battle." Momo ran to the door, yelling back at Bakuhatsu and Kaido.

"Let's go!" Bakuhatsu glanced at Kaido and followed his trainer. Kaido hesitated a moment before heading for the door.

Momo and Bakuhatsu were already in position, waiting for him. He hissed softly and released Suisei from her Pokeball. Momo suddenly realized he didn't know what moves Bakuhatsu knew. Well, Kaido's in the same situation with Suisei. He decided to try a really basic move, scratch.

Bakuhatsu knew scratch, so Momo had him use it repeatedly. Kaido had Suisei use tackle. It seemed to Momo like that was the only move she knew. Momo won the battle, and he told himself it was because he was better than Kaido, not because he had attacked first. Kaido hurried off to the Pokemon Center to heal Suisei.

Momo chatted with a few lab assistants on his way out. When he stepped out into the sunlight, he realized he was finally beginning his journey. He set off, heading for the path out of Pallet Town.