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Chapter 5

Eiji brought Momo to a cheap hotel and checked him in before pulling his arm and hopping away again, this time to the Pokemon Center.

"Hey, wait, Eiji. I've already been here." Eiji shook his head as the automatic doors opened for them.

"But you haven't seen Oishi yet, so we had to come back." Oishi? What's an oishi? Eiji tapped on the counter while he talked to the lady behind it, as if some part of him had to be moving at all times. After a brief discussion he spun around and beamed at Momo.

"She's gonna go get Oishi for us!" He bounced on his toes and looked at the door to the back of the Center and its "EMPLOYEES ONLY" sign. After a short wait a boy who looked to be about their age, with what Momo could only describe as "weird hair" emerged.

"Oishiiii!" Eiji ran over to him and tackled him, but unlike Momo had a few days ago, the boy didn't fall. Somehow he caught Momo's bouncy friend and returned his hug. "Eiji, they said you wanted to show me something?"

"Ooh, yeah! I forgot!" The boy set Eiji down, and Eiji bounced over to Momo and waved a hand at him. "This is my new friend Momo! He's staying in town for a little while. Momo, this is Oishi!"

Oishi smiled. "Hello. It's nice to meet you, Momo." Eiji twirled over to Oishi and threw his arms around his neck. Now that he had an unobstructed view, Oishi noticed the days-old scratch on Momo's face.

"What happened to your face? Eiji, why didn't you bring him to me sooner? We have to clean that up right now, so it won't get infected. Come with me."

"It's fine, it doesn't even hurt." Momo waved a hand and tried to escape treatment, but Eiji grabbed his arm again and pulled him along.

Oishi led them all into the back and sat Momo down in an office chair while he bustled about pulling a few things out of the cabinets. When he had everything, he pulled up a chair across from Momo and shook up a small bottle before uncapping it and spraying its contents on the scratch.

Momo hissed at the sting of what he assumed was disinfectant, watching as Oishi's rubber-gloved hands opened the package of a small self-adhesive bandage. He glanced at Eiji, sitting on an examination table in the corner, kicking his feet. Eiji waved cheerfully, completely missing Momo's telepathic why-did-you-bring-me-here vibes. Oishi applied the bandage to Momo's face and stood.

"There, now it won't get dirty or infected." Oishi began clearing away his supplies, and Eiji hopped down from the examination table.

"Isn't Oishi great? He's an intern here at the Pokemon Center, but he can take care of people too!"

"Yeah." Momo attempted to sound as impressed as Eiji made it clear he should be. "It's cool."

Oishi waved off the compliments as they went outside to walk Momo back to his hotel for the evening. Now that Eiji was holding hands with Oishi instead of dragging Momo, he saw that there was a gym near the Pokemon Center.

"Eiji! You guys have a gym! Why didn't you tell me? I need to challenge the leader!" He was ready to sprint to the gym and take down everyone inside with his awesome skills, but Oishi followed his gaze to the gym building and shook his head.

"It's closed. The leader has been gone for a while now." Momo deflated a little, but shrugged. Oh well.

They reached Momo's hotel quickly, since the town was small. Momo unlocked his room with the key he'd been given when he checked in, and Eiji and Oishi said their goodbyes and left.

The next morning he went to find his friends to say goodbye. Eiji followed him from the PokeMart to the Pokemon Center, where they found Oishi. Eiji tried to persuade him to stay, but Momo wanted to travel, to see new things and meet new people. And battle, of course.

So they waved to him from the doorway of the Pokemon Center as he headed north out of town. Hopefully the next town I come to will have a gym with a leader.

Number of Pokemon recorded in Momo's Pokedex: 5



Bakuhatsu - Charmander, male

Kojima - Pidgey, female



Suisei - Squirtle, female



Koni - Vulpix, male

Nana - Pidgey, female