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Short one shot.

Those Who Watch

The air is crisp and the leaves are beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. Central Park is alive with the sound of laughter on an early Saturday morning. New York is his city; she knew that, yet somehow she always gravitates back.

She wasn't mad or upset when she left, she simply had enough. She knew she couldn't be with a man that didn't love her. He needed to open his eyes and open heart. Things need to change, for both of them. She had her life to live.

She finds herself sitting on a park bench. She had come back for a wedding, in between getting coffee and her hair appointment she decides to take leisurely walk though the park. That's when she sees him in the distance. She can spot him a mile away, he is a man that always stood out in a crowd.

Initially it was him had grabbed her attention and drew her in, but it's the person he's with that holds her captive, roots her to her seat. She looks on, unable to tear her eyes away. She watches as they walk hand-in-hand. It almost seems like there is a new air confidence to him. She sees the way he looks at her and smiles. A smile so genuine, one she's never seen him wear before. The pair stroll slowly, a pace set by her. She can't hear what they're talking about but she can see them chatting away.

He stops to buy her a flower from the boy selling them nearby. When he bends down to give it to her and she looks at him in awe, smiles shyly and then laughs a sweet laugh. He beams and his eyes light up at the sound and the look on her face.

They're finally in an earshot when they make it to the edge of the playground. "Daddy, I don't need my hat" he takes off her little knitted cap, ruffles her hair and waves of vibrant red, almost like a sunset, fall out.

There's no doubt who her mother is.

All Scottie can do is watch from behind her large rimmed sunglasses and newspaper.