AN: Inferno Movie Fic!

Hey everyone, MLS here. So, I went and saw the Inferno movie today (and let me state for the record that Felicity Jones is damn hot), and was inspired to write a you all a new Robert/Sienna fic!

Now, it won't be coming any time soon; for one, I need to get some of the dialogue from the film right, and I don't want to buy movie tickets every time I need to double-check it, so I have to wait until Inferno is released outside of theaters, so that I can either buy the DVD, or record it on the DVR for reference

At the earliest, I would expect to have it written by Summer of 2017, so if you're interested, drop me a Follow.

And now for what I can tell you:

There was one line the Provost says in the movie that I thought would be perfect, as it describes what a fanfic is at its very core, so without further delay, I would like to formally announce:

Cinematic Hearts- A Manufactured Reality

Coming Summer 2017!

This story may or may not be canon to the Hearts trilogy; this idea is only an hour or so old at the time I'm writing this AN, so who knows? We'll see where my writing takes me.

Can't wait that long for one of my stories? I have a new fic already out for you! It's not a Robert Langdon story, but it can be found on my profile if you're interested.