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Olivia stood in front of the mirror and put the large brimmed white hat on her head. It was a work of art with its blue ribbon and red trim on it. Today would be the first test on the way to First Lady. The press conference took her out of the shadows and made them a couple. Her dress was designed especially for her by Michael Kors. The cobalt blue sleeveless dress showed off her toned arms from hours of swimming. Her feet were well taken care of by Jimmy Choo and the star spangled pattern onto them. The five inch stiletto heels were all she needed to stand next to her tall boyfriend.

She gave anything to have a glass of wine, but it was too early in the day. Abby came in the door and then she looked down at her itinerary. "You look gorgeous." She smiled.

"I look like I am trying too hard. I look like I am trying to get America to accept me as the new First Lady." Olivia mumbled as she put her hands on her hat and adjusted it. "I look like I belong on some World War 2 billboard."

"Now you and the President will be heading to Marine One to the George W Bush where you will christen the ship and then board it for a tour. The afternoon will be followed by a picnic with the children at Camp David., where you will spend the weekend. Your clothes have already been loaded so you can go right from the ceremony." Abby recited. Suddenly Cyrus and Fitz came into the bedroom.

"There she is America's newest sweetheart." Cyrus grinned. He came up to Olivia and kissed her cheek. "You look gorgeous." He smiled.

"I look like I should be run up a flag pole." She deadpanned.

"You look like a million bucks. That's why everyone is going to love you as much I do." Fitz said as he took her hands and then placed a kiss on her lips.

"I am not Mellie. I am not the all American type. I don't go to garden parties, or restore paintings. I think we are rushing things with this battleship dedication. You should go alone." Olivia panicked.

"Bull shit. You are going to be great. In fact, I have a present for you." Fitz took the small jewelry box from his coat and then opened it. In the middle of it was a string of diamonds combined with seed pearls.

"Oh I can't take this Fitz." Olivia pushed the box back to Fitz.

"You are going to be my First Lady. You are going to get used to it and someone I am going to marry will get spoiled. " he said as he took it from the box and put it around her neck. Red, white and blue Henri Bendel bangle bracelets adorned her wrist. They fit nicely next to the Movado watch.

"Liv, you have been around the spin game long enough. You know the score. When Fitz brought your relationship out into the sun, we had to do damage control. America needs to know that you stand by your man and this dedication is picture perfect. America will see you standing loyally by the President , a former Navy hero, take some pictures for tomorrow's paper and tonight's news. " Cyrus reassured her that this was the right thing to do.

Fitz was his usual handsome self. The Brooks Brothers suit fit his body very well. "Has anyone seen the approval numbers following the interviews?" he asked as he sat down on the couch and put his feet up.

"There was a little bit of a dip following the divorce. But then you redeemed yourself when you announced the relationship. The American public saw Olivia as a savior instead of a whore and praised her. When you two's love story was played out on television , numbers continued because .."Abby stated.

"The world loves a love story." Fitz continued.

"Exactly, and this photo op on the fourth of July with her high profile , former military hero, boyfriend will further cement the fairytale. The clothes scream future First Lady, why Mellie never even looked this good. Olivia has that All American look where she can pull of fashion. There won't be a magazine that won't want to put her on the cover. It's a publicist dream!" Cyrus squealed.

The military assistant popped inside the door. "It's time for Miss Pope and the President to leave." He said.

Cyrus led the couple out as him and Abby followed behind. Photographers captured Fitz and Olivia getting on Marine One as it headed toward Virginia and the navy yard. As they climbed onto the chopper, the two of them smiled and waved. Abby and Cyrus walked back as the chopper took off.

"I don't think I will ever be used to that." Olivia said as she pulled off the hat.

Taking her hand , Fitz smiled. "Yes, you will. It seems you are a natural." He then leaned over and began to kiss her. Her mouth opened to accept his tongue and he took his hands and wrapped them around her petite body. Her manicured fingers made a home in his curly dark hair. The next thing Olivia realized that his erection was rubbing against her stockings . There was nothing she could do at this point as she could feel it's hardness through his slacks.

Before she knew it, the chopper landed near the battleship. As it set down, Olivia pulled away and grabbed the straw hat and placed it on her head. Fitz straightened his tie and then took his hand and smoothed down his hair. America's couple could be loving, but they couldn't afford to be too loving.

"Show time, Livvy." He smiled as he chastely kissed her on the cheek.

Climbing off Marine One, the Marine guard helped her off of the chopper by taking her hand. He then helped Fitz off as well. With his physical shape and health, he really didn't need it. It was more of a ceremonial thing . The guard then raised a salute to Fitz and then he returned it.

The admiral walked to the end of the line and then turned to face the President. "President Grant, it is indeed an honor to allow you to come aboard the George W Bush. We are also very honored by your presence as well , Miss Pope. "

Olivia took Fitz hand as once again photographers snapped the pictures as the couple continued down the row. Television cameras also showed every step as they were greeted by officials of the Navy.

The program began with a midshipman singing the "Star Spangled Banner". At the end of the song, the Blue Angels flew over the gathering. Olivia's mouth dropped as she was caught by their grandeur when the jets went through their paces. She actually turned to Fitz and pointed to the sky.

"Did you do that?" she was in awe.

"No, unfortunately I wasn't that good." Fitz admitted.

Following the demonstration, Fitz took the podium for his Fourth of July address.

"My fellow Americans, and my fellow Navy comrades. Today is a great day. Today we are here to dedicate this fine ship . I can remember back to when I was stationed on a ship not much different than the one we are on right now. I had a purpose. I had spent my whole life wondering what was that purpose was. The day I joined the Navy it answered my question. It was the day that I decided that I would dedicate my life to serving my country. I proudly wore the uniform that you wore. I fought my enemy and defended my country. Everything I encountered after that , was minute compared to my time in the service. I would like to think that I am the man I am today because of my Naval service. Originally I joined so I could show my late father that I was my own man. That I wasn't going to be what he wanted, I was going to be the man I wanted to be.

I can't think of a more appropriate day than the day that we celebrate our freedom, to dedicate this fine ship. May it continue to serve our country and defend its borders. And to the young men and women on this boat, and all members of the Armed Forces, I salute you. "

At that moment, the band leader struck up the "Stars and Stripes Forever." Olivia stepped forward and then took the bottle of champagne to hit the side of the boat. "I hearby christen this ship, George W Bush. May all who sail on her be protected and blessed."

Following the ceremony , the couple was taken on a tour of the ship. Olivia was very interested as they were taken through the quarters on the ship. She couldn't help but wonder about a certain young captain when he was stationed back in the day. She tried to picture her handsome boyfriend when he was younger in a naval uniform. She had seen Jake in his uniform many times, but it didn't erase her wondering about a young Fitz.

As the chopper lifted off, Olivia wondered what else was coming in her future. Now it was her turn to act as the Grant kids mother.

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