Chapter 2: There's Always a Next Time, Right?

The next morning began like every other morning for Sesshomaru. He got up at six and placed the coffee. By the time it was eight, Kagura was still asleep.

"Kagura," he called three times before she sat up glaring at him.

"Dammit Sesshomaru!"

"It's time to go; your test is in two hours."

"Oh shit!" Kagura jumped out of bed.

" I'll drop you off,"

"Thanks, but your class doesn't start till 1:30 today isn't?"

He shrugged. "I've nothing better to do,"

"Good lord, you really do need a girlfriend." She stripped off her pajamas completely ignoring his presence. He looked away, blushing as she exposed her bra to his face.

"There's breakfast on the table," he cleared his throat, exiting the room.

Kagura dashed through the halls of the near empty university campus. A guy riding his skateboard sped away almost knocking her over and the many books she carried. She thanked the gods that she had worn a pair of sneakers instead of her usual 3 inch heels.

She had just finished her last mid-term for the semester but was now running late for her meeting. She prided her role as a biology major aspiring to be a great surgeon one day, though the road to being a top surgeon was a hard track, she is willing to do her best and sacrifice her social life in exchange for attending club meetings such as this. The club provided a good resume when applying for med-school and therefore she is willing to spare her extra hours on community service.

She reached her objective; she paused a moment trying to catch her breath as she stood outside of the lecture hall where the meeting was being held when suddenly the door swung open knocking Kagura and her textbooks to the floor.

She cursed her luck as she rubbed the area where the door had impacted her.

"Are you alright?" a rich male voice interrupted the chain of profanity brewing in her head.

She looked up to glowing mahogany red eyes. All she could do was gawk as the man's eyes bewitched her. "Miss?"

"Uh, yes…" she mulled over her thoughts. She took the hand he offered and then he helped her up. She was still shaken but he was nice enough to gather the few textbooks she had dropped.

"You here for the meeting?" he smiled at her, bedazzling her with his pearly white teeth and mahogany red eyes. He was really cute.

"Yes…" she snapped out of her daze answering his small talk.

"Don't waste your time," he winked. "It's just the first meeting of the semester. Just the general stuff, ice breakers…"

"Is that why you're leaving?" she glanced at the door, debating whether to heed his advice and ultimately skip the first general meeting.

He shrugged. "They usually send the schedule on email anyways, but you should still go in and sign in. Just so you know, you get the attendance point."

"I suppose that's one way to go," she laughed frivolously as she noticed his flirtatious gaze.

"I'm Naraku by the way," he extended his hand once more.

"Kagura," she shook his hand sending him a watt smile. He really was cute.

"Pretty name for a pretty girl," he smiled widely at her and she in turned blushed profusely on his compliment.

"Well I suppose you should go in now and get your attendance points," he winked at her. "And I'll see you around, Kagura."

"Y-yeah…." She found herself dumbstruck again in the gleam of his mahogany red eyes. She felt her heart race and her face warm as he once again winked at her.

"See ya," he waved.

Once again snapping out of her daze, she walked up to the giant wooden doors pushing it open, she entered the brightly lit room and looked around. There were as scarce as thirty people in the giant lecture hall that normally capacitated three hundred fifty students. It would be much too awkward to sign her name and leave like what the dreamy Naraku advised because the scarcity of people in the giant lecture hall, so she marched up the side stairs and found a seat and listened to the rest of the announcements.

The meeting didn't take too long since she arrived late; but Naraku was right it was a waste of time since the coordinator only talked about the club's purpose (which she already heard about the first time she signed up for the club about three years ago) and the upcoming events. This semester's events include three community services, including a fund raiser and a field trip to the Medical School downtown. All boring stuff she thought, but it would look great on her resume.

As soon as she finished, she searched for her phone and dialed Sesshomaru's number. Almost immediately he answered.

"Are you done?" was his greeting.

"Yes, sorry that meeting was a drag! Where are you?"

"I'm already at the parking lot."

"Oh. Okay, I'm coming then," she struggled as she tried to stuff her note pad in her backpack while balancing her cell phone between her shoulder and cheek.

"You're late," he said sternly as soon as he'd seen Kagura approaching the vehicle.

"Yes father I know," she rolled her eyes. "But you need not worry! I called in sick! How about pizza and a movie tonight?"

He arched an eyebrow. "For someone complaining of being broke…"

"It's Friday night, and I'm pretty sure I just aced all my exams! And it's my only day off! Let me have some fun!" she cut him off, already knowing what he was going to say.

He shrugged. "Your life,"

"Don't judge me," she chugged down her bottled water. "How was your day?"

"Same old," his short reply was a normal one and she was used to it. Still it was always a routine that she'd make him elaborate on it by asking a series of question.

"Anything interesting?"

"Only that betacyanin is what makes beets red," he replied sarcastically.

"You hate science, and only taking it because you need it to graduate." She snorted.


"Come on, that's all that happened today?" she berated.

"I guess," he shrugged starting the car's engine.

"Well if you're wondering," she bit her lips. "I met someone today,"

He arched an eyebrow. Kagura would openly talk about other guys in front of him but was never really serious about it, most of the time she complained on how annoying these guys are trying to hit her up but this time there was something different about how she introduced the topic.


"Nothing," she blushed. "I'm just saying I met someone, he bumped into me and helped me up,"

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes. "He helped you up and you're turning into a school girl with a crush, how pathetic,"

"Hey! Don't judge okay! He was dreamy!" she smiled remembered how Naraku's eyes glimmered. "Unlike you, I'd like to find someone and not grow old alone and miserable."

"You're 23 years old." He snorted.

"And not getting any younger,"

"But still young," he pulled up in his apartment's garage. "And you have school to focus on,"

"I didn't say I'd come and marry the guy sheesh!" she grabbed her things and shut the door behind her. "I'm just saying I met a guy, and besides, it's not like I'll ever see him again, and if I do, it's not like he'll remember me,"

He decided not to comment on it as he felt a little wave of jealousy inside of him. He's never heard of Kagura talk about someone like that.

"Are you planning on sleeping over again?" Sesshomaru watched as his best friend got comfortable on his favorite reclining chair.

"Is my presence not welcome?" she raised her head feigning hurt.

He rolled his eyes. "Rin is sleeping over, you can stay if you like but all I'm saying is—"

"I get along with Rin just fine." She stuck her tongue out. "Hell I bet she'll be more than a company than you this Friday evening,"

"She will be here in half an hour," he reached for the cordless phone to order dinner.

Sesshomaru wasn't surprised when his younger sister Rin was happy to see Kagura. The duo had settled in the cramp living room of his apartment watching Grey's Anatomy. The night began soon after Rin arrived, his plan included a nice action packed movie but since majority wins and two always trumps one, he bid his movie goodbye and was now stuck watching drama.

"Mcsteamy is better than Mcdreamy!" Rin said as she ogled the light haired man referred to as Mcsteamy.

Kagura shrugged. "I don't really care for neither. This series has great medical references!"

"That's right, Kagura!" Rin smiled at the older woman. "You want to be a surgeon as well!"

Kagura nodded. "Badass, huh?"

"It wouldn't be if you failed college because of your frequent procrastinating," Sesshomaru snorted.

"What's wrong with you?" Kagura noticed his indifference.

Rin laughed. "He hates dramas that's all,"

"And you're too young for this kind of drama," Sesshomaru retorted.

"I'm fourteen!" Rin stuck her tongue out. "And besides, I've adults with me."

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes. Rin always used Kagura as a shield, sometimes he wonders if she was a bad influence on his little sister. Kagura has always been free-spirited and Rin has always looked up on Kagura as an older sister; she adores Kagura's carefree attitude and finds the contrast between with his uptight attitude refreshing. That is why she enjoys Kagura's visits as much as he does. It was always seemed balanced when Kagura was around.

Kagura smiled impishly. "Hey, hey! Don't drag me into this Rin! He'll just give me hell about it,"

"Oh puh-lease!" Rin rolled her eyes. "Sessho-niisan is totally in love with you, he'll never hurt you in any way!"

Sesshomaru almost choked on his drink when Rin referred to him as being in love with Kagura. He gathered himself up to the kitchen to retrieve a paper towel to clean the drink he sputtered all over the floor…and also to hide the traitorous blush on his pale skin.

"Damn that kid seriously needs some beating." He thought to himself as he ripped a handful of paper towels.

"I think you and Sessho-niisan would make the perfect couple!" Rin blabbered on.

"Rin, is it time for bed?" He needed to put his foot down and he needed to do it quickly.

"Maybe," Kagura looked at Sesshomaru. "But that brother of yours is above being someone's boyfriend,"

"Rin," he warned giving his younger sibling a serious look. He received a pout but he stood his ground and the younger girl finally obeyed.

"I guess good night, Kagura!"

Kagura waved good night then stuck her tongue out to Sesshomaru. "She's just a kid. You don't honestly take her words seriously, do you?"

Sesshomaru shrugged. "She's a teenager,"

"So? You do?"

"I don't entertain such childish talks, it's Rin, and she's a carefree spirit."

"Well are you?" Kagura flipped through the channels, her question half-hearted.

"Am I what?" Sesshomaru lifted the mug to his lips, waiting for her to clear up the vague question.

Kagura looked up to him. "Are you in love with me?"

Once again, he finds himself choking on his beverage sputtering all over the kitchen counter. She chuckled at how disheveled he'd become with such question.

"Calm down, it's just a joke."

Sesshomaru placed his mug down and wiped his shirt. "What if I say I am… in love with you?"

She found his eyes on her, unfaltering. There was a thick silence between the two. This wasn't how he'd imagine he'd confess his long time feeling for his best friend but there's no turning back now. The words came out of his mouth long before he could hold back. His stare intensify as Kagura stared at him with a disbelief look on her face, then it suddenly dissipated when she burst out laughing.

"Then you are a great actor!" she wiped a stray tear from her laughter. "I say forget about being a lawyer and become an actor. Hell with your good looks you'd probably be an idol in no time!"

He frowned. "This Sesshomaru will not stoop so low for such a degrading job,"

"I don't think being an actor is so degrading, but then again we're talking about you, high all mighty Sesshomaru-sama." She rolled her eyes.

He decided not to grace her trivial conversation but instead he felt relieved that somehow she didn't take him so seriously. Perhaps, on a different day he'll confess.

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