AN: Short one shots from Supernatural. First is Crowley PoV.

One shots

The Deal

I glanced at the grave beneath my feet, pouring the last bit of Craig in my bottle over it, and lighting in on fire with a fingersnap.

You know, every day I wish I could warn you that my deal was better than what you got. In the end, I got you into Hell anyway.

At least if you had kept to my deal, I wouldn't have had you in Hell in such a short time.

Here I was, the King of Hell, talking to an empty grave.

The human blood must really have done a number on me, awakening feelings and thoughts I'd never had before. I wanted to save you.

I didn't want you to die.

I even tried allying with the monster that killed you to save your life. King of Hell, Crossroads demon, I've always had a bit of prophet in me.

Ah, well. It isn't the road to Heaven that's paved with good intentions.

I think Squirrel said that once. Or Moose. I can't really be sure. I've stopped paying much attention to who's who.

I glared at the gravestone.

If you had not decided to back out of my deal, you would still be alive. Ten years, mate.

You only got two after you got your soul back.

I smiled. A real smile, not my usual smirk.

You idjit. Should've taken my deal, mate.