AN: Cain and why he decides to come out of hiding and face the real monsters. Crossover, but small.

Real Monsters

I watched as the last bee flew freely, back to it's natural home in the wild. It hovered for a few moments in front of my face, as if saying goodbye.

I waved to the bee, and wished him good luck on his journey, while hoping my own journey would be fruitful as well.

I was tired of hiding.

It was time I did something about the real monsters plaguing this world. I looked in the mirror. Instinctively, my eyes flashed obsidian. My curse.

If I were to truly help people, I would have to find a way to suppress the demonic urges. I no longer had the blade, for which I was eternally grateful.

Dean had it. I had created another monster. I couldn't stop him without the blade, so why try?

I would help people in another way. It'd take liberal usage of my powers to get in, but it would be worth it.

Saving people was always worth it.

I glanced out the window of the plane I had chartered to Santa Barbara, California.

Beautiful. God's work. All of it beautiful. And I would never taste Heaven or the Garden again.

I walked in the police station as soon as I found it. I almost knocked over a woman about my age, at least in appearance.

She told me her name was Junior Detective Karen Vick.

It took a bit of usage of my demonic powers, but eventually I passed the exam to be an officer in record time. Karen and I became good friends.

At last, I could hunt real monsters. Not demons, angels, or even the Devil himself.

Humans were the real monsters.

I proved that when I slit my own brother's throat.

When I cursed Dean to an eternity of evil.

Humans are monsters. I am a monster. But I will dedicate my life to eradicating the worst of them.