Hush, Hush, all characters, and all credit belongs to Becca Fitzpatrick!


Patch's P.O.V

"I swear my vow to let the girl live. If I break my vow, I plead that I may die and return to the dust from which I was created." Hank said. I cut my hand and swore my vow in return. I didn't trust the bastard; that was for sure, so I'm not quite sure why it shocked me when he got and his phone and ordered Nora to be taken away.

"I swore an oath to let her live. When I release her is up to me- and you. She's yours after you've given me enough information to guarantee I can overthrow fallen angels by Cheshvan. Consider Nora insurance."

I was ready to make a break for the door; there was no way in hell I was going to just let them take Nora from me.

"Don't go down that road. You're outnumbered twenty to one. We'd both hate to see Nora needlessly injured in a scuffle. Play this smart. Hand her over." Hank said, unable to control the sneer on his face. The son of a bitch; he really thought that this was going to go his way.

"If you take her away, I will see to it that your corpse fertilizes the ground we're standing on." I threatened. The asshole had the balls to look me in my face smugly, as if he wasn't standing less than a foot away from the person who could (and would) personally tear him limb from limb.

"Is that my cue to laugh?" Hank said, opening the door.

Nephilim came charging in from the door. I backed up, Nora in my arms. I sat her down in the corner, where I could defend her from every man coming for her. She was still unconscious. One jumped, I grabbed him and broke his arm, kicking him to the floor. Another charged, this time with a weapon in his hand. I laughed, twisting it away from him and stabbing it through his stomach. Using the weapon (a crowbar it seemed), I swung at the nearest head, knocking teeth and blood out of the next man's mouth. Three more approached me. I began tearing skin off of limbs with my bare hands. I can't lie; these men were impressive when it came to determination.

Suddenly, while I punched one to the floor, another nephil came up behind me and tackled me to the ground. Three of them began holding me down. I was going to easily throw them off when I heard a small scream that made me freeze. One held my face up; a nephil was holding a knife to Nora's neck and had pressed down enough to cut skin. She looked at me with horror on her face.

"Now," the nephil said, breathing heavily from the fight I'd put up, "I don't want to have to hurt your lady here because you won't cooperate. You move anymore, I start cutting skin." He moved the knife to Nora's arm and began pressing. Her eyes grew huge as he began pressing down and she began to whimper. I couldn't take it.

"Okay! Stop it…I'll stop fighting…" I said.

"Patch…Patch no…" Nora began. I turned towards her, ignoring every other person in the room.

"I'm sorry Nora…you have to go with them for right now." I said, trying to hide my fear and anger under a calm voice. The nephil tied a blindfold over her face, and threw her over his shoulder. She began to scream in a panic.

"Don't let them take me! Patch NO!" she screamed, squirming in the nephil's arms.

"It's okay! I'll find you, I swear I will! I won't let them have you!" I shouted out the door, trying to remove myself from the arms of the three nephil holding me down. I heard her screams all the way until I heard a door close, and a car drive off. The three nephil released me on the floor. I laid there, in shock at how fast everything had gone down. They began laughing at my position on the floor.

"Aw…lover boy's got to find his girlfriend," one said, mocking me.

"The fallen angel's probably thinking about his loss. What a shame too; gorgeous set of legs she's got too. Wonder what he's done in between them," Said another, making them all laugh harder.

I saw red. I stood up slowly, staring at them all. They didn't seem to realize that they'd said the wrong thing, about the wrong person, to the wrong person. I got ready to fight, and by fight I mean tear out intestines.

They turned their backs on me to walk out of the door. Wrong move.