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1Month after War

Capture the flag was canceled because the Stolls gave Leo candy while he was in the forest. Long story short, The whole thing was burned down. So, instead Charon decided to have a sword fighting tournament with the Romans.

That's how all the roman and Greek demigods ended up in the fighting arena in camp Jupiter. Rachel was pairing together people. Percy just disarmed Reyna . Everyone waited for Rachel to announce the last pair before the semi-finals.

"Next pair is going to be" Rachel paused" Jason VS Octavian"

Both Jason and Octavian stepped into the clearing and held their swords at the ready.

"Three, two, One, CHARGE!" The crowd screamed.

They both advanced, their swords clashing into each other. Octavian pushed Jason backwards and fell in the process. Jason got up first and remembered the Disney movie Hercules when he threw this sword and it hit all the targets. Octavian just got up, saw the sword and dodged.

"You missed!" Octavian said smugly only to be hit by a brick in the back of the head.

Everyone turned around to see the Stolls.

"Wopps! That was meant for Jason!"

I know its lame. And dumb.I will probably keep on killing Octavian with bricks, except if someone gives me another idea. But I had this plot since before the assessment so I just did it. Updates should be coming more often because my brother won't be here any longer, peeking over my shoulder on my chapters. I also had this other assessment for English where we had to write a short story. If u ppl want I can make it longer and publish it on Watt pad. My account is the same. I'm sooo sleepy ill just knock myself out. BAIIII.