Chapter 2: Misplaced

Irene was the first word that came to her mind; she assumed it was her name. But she couldn't remember anything else. Random words seemed to be floating around in her head and she tried her hardest to grab at some to make sense of what was happening. However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make the connection between words such as scorch, virus, test, or metal. She knew what each meant, but not recalling ever coming across those things.

Irene was also acutely aware of the coolness of the metal platform she was laying on and the sensation of ascending. Finally, she opened her eyes only to close them again just to double-check she actually performed the deed.

All Irene could see above her was darkness. For all she knew, her mind could be playing a trick on her and she could be descending to a bottomless abyss.

The platform eventually came to a stop and it wasn't until something made a thud sound did Irene realized there a few boxes surrounded her. She can't recall ever placing them there…though that was nothing new.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded from somewhere above her and she could faintly hear shouts. Irene was aware that they were of a male's, though she has given up trying to identify it with someone, anyone that came to mind.

Clank. Something metal hit the ground and Irene had to use her hand to shield her eyes from the sudden beam of light that shined into her corner of darkness. Then numerous voices started talking at once.

"Hey it's someone with long hair."

"A girl?"



"Are they gonna start sending up girls from now on?"

"She's going to work with the Cooks right?"

"All of you slim it!" Came a voice above all the rest. Suddenly, there was silence and Irene felt a presence beside her. The light helped her see the person more clearly. He was tall with auburn hair, amber eyes, olive skin and seemed to be in his late teens. He was wearing a simple blue t-shirt and beige shorts.

"Hey Greenie," the boy said. Irene figured now probably wasn't a good time to correct him on her name. "I don't know why you're here but I'm Nick. Nice to meet you and welcome to the Glade."

He stuck out his hand and Irene took it. She still didn't know how she felt at the moment. Not necessarily afraid; the boy who called himself Nick gave off a warm presence and didn't look like he was out for her blood. Not necessarily happy; there was no sense of familiarity between her and Nick, or the others standing above. Confusion would probably come the closest.

Before she could ponder more, a rope came down the hole and Nick reached out to grab it; one hand firmly on the rope and the other extended towards Irene, motioning for her to come closer.

"Go ahead," Irene decided, "I'll imitate what you're doing and climb up after you." No matter how friendly Nick may be, she wasn't going to have physically contact with a stranger so soon.

"Totally rejected Nick!" a deep voice sounded from above. Nick ignored the voice and proceeded to tying the rope around his waist, giving the rope a little tug, and used his feet to climb the walls while the others pulled him up. Minutes later, the rope came back down and Irene followed suit. As soon as she reached solid ground, she took in her surroundings carefully.

She was in the middle of a huge field of some sort, kinda like a football field her brain supplied (funny her brain can do all these estimates when, for the life of her, she can't recall ever being in one). There's a forest on one end and several wooden structures spread out. Massive grey stone walls that almost seem to be compressing her surrounded the entire area.

The accumulation of her memory loss and the strange environment was finally catching up to her and she started backing off until her feet missed a step. Then a hand reached out to steady her before she could fall.

"Careful there. You don't want to fall back into the Box do you?" The voice said. Irene looked towards the source and saw a tall, muscular, blond boy with short hair and square jaws.

"Uh…Thanks." Irene got out.

"Names' Newt. How about yourself? Come up with a name yet?" The boy introduced himself and held his hand out. Irene took it with another look around and realized that there were about 40 others in total; all boys.

"Irene" she said, then hesitated as she asked "Is this all of you?"

"If you mean to ask whether there's any girls, then the answer is no. I'm afraid all the rest of us shanks are male. you're our first female Greenie" Newt answered. There it was again, the word Greenie. Irene couldn't figure out why he bothered to ask for her name when he was going to call her by something else anyways.

"You're taking this awfully calm aren't you?" Someone questioned suspiciously. Irene looked up to meet eyes with another tall muscular male with dark skin.

"I can't remember anything," Irene explained, "It's frightening in that aspect. But for all I know, this could've been how I lived my entire life. Why would I freak out in that case?"

"Looks like we've got ourselves a tough one here" Nick said bemused, "come on all you slintheads, get back to work. The sun is about to set soon. Irene, come with me; there's some things I want to show you."

Everyone dispersed quickly in all directions of the Glade. Irene quickly followed Nick, who was approaching a side of the stone wall. As she got closer and closer, Irene realized that the structure is even more overwhelming. Nick turned around to double check that she was following him, and then began to talk.

"Here at the Glade, we have three simple rules. Everyone is expected to follow them. Now that you're here, you have to follow them too. No exceptions." Nick said seriously. Irene nodded, and Nick took that as a cue to continue.

"Rule one: Everyone does their part. No slackers, simple enough to understand. Rule two: Never hurt another Glader. Our entire foundation is built on trust, you break it, you get punished." Nick said. They were extremely close to the stone walls now, and he reached out to touch it. Irene noticed that the scratches she'd assumed earlier were names carved onto to wall. Barely visible, but it was there; some where even had a line through it. "The final, but most important rule: Never go beyond these walls."

As if on cue, there was a loud noise coming from the walls. Irene rubbed her eyes to make sure that she was seeing correctly. But there it was, the opening of the walls were unmistakably moving; one side towards the other, dragging on the floor and creating the loud sound. Irene took a few steps back, just to make sure she didn't get caught.

"W-w-what…?!" Irene could barely get out.

"Every evening, the walls close like this. No exceptions." Nick explained, then continued right when Irene was about to open her mouth again, "Nuh-uh. No questions until tomorrow after I show you around. Come on, let's go get something to eat and find you a place to sleep. It must've been a long day for you."

Then without looking back, Nick headed towards the center of the place he'd called the Glade again. Irene was lead to a hut that looked like it served as a kitchen and introduced to Frypan, a big guy that looked to be the head cook. Irene looked around before settling against a tree to eat by herself. Nick had ditched her and ran off to who knows where and the other boys already huddled in small groups, all the while stealing glances in her direction. The blond boy who introduced himself as Newt earlier seemed friendly enough, but he was nowhere to be found either.

Just as Irene finished her food and returned the utensils back to Frypan, the dark muscular boy from earlier approached her.

"Come on Greenie, I'm suppose to show you where to sleep," he said in a monotone, not mean, but not exactly friendly either. Irene followed him quietly and approached the biggest of the buildings.

"You can sleep in this building or outside. You're choice," he said, handing Irene a sleeping bag. Irene looked around to see that several other boys also took out similar sleeping bags, while others settled themselves on hammocks.

"Thank you…?" Irene trailed off.

"Alby," the boy said, walking away, "tomorrow Nick will give you the full tour. No questions until then"

Then Irene was left alone. She thought back to everything that happened today, all the negative feelings suddenly building up inside her. With all the boys around her seemly following routine and all knowing what they were doing, she felt misplaced, the odd one out; like she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. All of a sudden, Irene heard whirling and clicking sounds coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. It made her shiver despite the moderate temperature. Irene quickly sat up looking around but nothing could be seen. That was the last straw of the tiresome day and she felt a panic attack coming on when she saw a tall figure approach.

I've decided to have a mix of book and movie elements because there's some aspects of each that I liked.

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