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Timoteo entered the Cavallone manor in style, of course, that meant that he was flanked with his two most trusted Guardians, Coyote and Schnitten. And the style came from their grand entrance of pushing the doors to the front lobby open with a big bang. Vongola wouldn't have anything less, so much to the fact that they have hired a personal door swinger whenever there was such a need to open the double doors of any sort of building, and it worked superbly when facing anything in court.

Still, Timoteo couldn't even begin to wonder why they even had such jobs in the Vongola as he watched the young male run towards the back to mesh in with the backdrop, maybe it had started when Secondo took over? He sighed, moving forward, there really wasn't much time to ponder on such menial thought processes when there was something more larger to look at. He allowed his gaze to wander, re-familiarizing himself with the manor's interior once more.

It hadn't changed much in the lavish reds and shades of maroon, or from the intricate gold swirls on the wallpaper, he thought in self-satisfaction.

Timoteo's attention was soon snatched by Dino's cheery voice. "Uncle Timoteo! Uncle Schnitten, Uncle Coyote! It's good to see that you have finally arrived, in a grand style, as always!"

He let his lips twitch into a smile, being met with Dino's cheery façade. Sometimes he could still see the teenager as a young tyke, tripping constantly. "It's good to see you doing well, Dino, not tripping often?"

Dino grew beet red, sputtering. "N-No, I-I'm n-not!"

"He isn't, with me around, Vongola Nono," Timoteo turned to the bespectacled man, a few feet from where the red teen stood.

"Romario, was it? I'm glad, on behalf of his parents, that you stand by him." He chuckled. "Makes it a lot easier for me to breathe in the sense that I don't have to watch over him constantly." He heard a choke from where Dino stood.

"My pleasure," Romario nodded.

"A-Anyway," The teenager gained the group's attention. "I heard that representatives from CEDEF were to come along with you," He looked around curiously. "so where are they?"

"They, unfortunately, were caught in traffic, so they would be delayed for quite some time." Timoteo conceded, remembering the last phone call he received before entering the Cavallone domain. "So until then-" He was interrupted with a loud screech from behind. Everyone turned to look at who it was, though Timoteo had an inkling of who it could be.

Oregano stepped out, followed by Basil, from the sleek car that clearly was from CEDEF HQ. The bespectacled woman pushed up her glasses, smoothly fixing her suit. "I'm sorry for our tardy entrance, but we are now present."

The young boy beside her shook his head, otherwise didn't say anything to interrupt the older woman. Timoteo smiled as Coyote started questioning the woman. "How did you get here with such a short time interval, Oregano?"

The woman smirked, allowing the light to glint off her glasses. "I urged the driver to speed up a little." She stated easily. Timoteo then found himself wondering, again, on how Vongola needed to be grand while Coyote muttered under his breath.

"I feel sorry for the poor guy," Schnitten commented.

Oregano shrugged, turning her attention towards Dino. "I see that the young heir has grown quite a bit, makes you wonder what sort of crybaby Reborn had to train gutless this time round." Dino grew red again at the comment, even though it had no spite, it did sting quite a bit. Oregano turned back towards Timoteo. "I also hear that both Reborn and Lal have been going to some unknown group meetings, have you heard much about them?"

Timoteo only shook his head. "I'm afraid that Reborn wouldn't tell me too much, though I can see that he is quite contemplative at times." He gave a small sigh. "It doesn't suit him."

"Well," Dino spoke up again, gaining everyones attention. "if you want to meet them, you can, they arrived before you guys." At their curious looks he gestured towards the meeting room. "I'll lead you to them, and we can get the introductions underway."

Without another word, the group left for the room that stored the seven adults.


Skull looked up when the double doors opened again, immediately recognizing the Ninth Don of the Vongola, and his Guardians. He should have expected them and not Camellia waltzing through, stating that he psychically knew that they were left alone. He gave off that sort of air.

It was impossible, but for a long supposed to be dead man, it really wasn't that hard to imagine such sort of things.

Of course after hearing the proclamation, from the teenager, of having another set of disguise for his self-proclaimed investigation, Skull was now worrying over the fact that maybe he wouldn't recognize the teen when they would meet up.

Furthermore it surprised him that it wasn't Fon or Verde that was asked to meet up with him, but him, the so called lackey in this group of misfits.

He gave a sigh, shoulders slumping. Really, what could have driven the teen to select him, out of all of them, to meet up at the dead of night?

A whack behind his head brought him back to point zero. "Ow!"

"Pay attention, lackey!" Lal's voice came through, snapping with it's usual edge. Skull had to wonder how Colonello was alive with the force of these hits. "We were in the middle of introducing each other, when you were off spacing out!"

"Sorry! But did you have to hit so hard?" Skull whined.

Lal looked ready to explode, but was stopped by a mere cough. They both looked over towards the senior, who clearly had amusement etched on his face. "I would like for the introductions to continue, Lal."

Lal moved away from Skull stiffly. "This guy here is Skull,"

"I am Fon," The martial artist gave a smile.

"Verde," The scientist stated.

"It's nice to meet you all," Timoteo nodded. "you all should know me, because of my outrageous status, unfortunately, and these two are Coyote and Schnitten." Timoteo explained as he gestured towards his Guardians. "Oregano is from CEDEF, in Iemitsu's stead, and the young lad beside her is Basil." He continued, gesturing to the latter two.

"Now that we know each other," Dino immediately picked up after Timoteo finished. "we can get the facts organized about this unfortunate money ruse."

Skull didn't really fit in with a meeting of sorts, he just didn't like all of the facts being presented to him. He withheld a sigh, as he tuned in, the information now would be important for Camellia later when they would meet up.


"Chin up," A finger lifted the pale ceramic chin. "back straight," A finger traced the spine, stopping at the small back and gave it a small poke. "and always look forward." The speaker stood in front of the smaller teen, his emeralds examining the revamped look he had done on the petite male, Camellia. A fine dusting of powder, gave the skin a softer look, as did the mascara, making his eyelashes pop-out more, framing chocolate doe brown eyes. A small dash of blush was added to merely pronounce the femininity quality the boy had, a natural in his opinion. The only problem was the pouting frown he was making. Cindy sighed, massaging his temples. "It's not going to help you out if you keep sulking,"

"I'm not sulking," Camellia muttered, averting his gaze away as he slouched, crossing his arms.

"Nevermind that!" Cindy huffed, immediately reaching over to fix Camellia's posture. "Slouching is a complete no! You must act like you come from a long line of regal nobles'!"

"Do I have to?" He whined. "It's not like I am related to such a line anyway!"

"Listen," Cindy stopped fussing over the petite teen's appearance, looking at him dead in the eye. "you wanted to have another disguise, and I gave you this one." He let out a breath, inhaling again before letting it out again. "If you don't want to accept it, that's fine by me, but if you need it, like you say you do, then I suggest that you embrace it." He continued after a small pause. "Besides," A grin crept up on his face, his tone going a pitch lighter. "you'd be surprised by how many people underestimate females." He gave a shrug. "Well, it's all up to you in the end, so choose now,"

Camellia was pretty quiet, that much Cindy could tell. It was a first for him to see such a thought-filled face. Sebastian was pretty much the opposite of the younger teen in front of him, and that was emphasized with the fact that both Sebastian and him were of 16 years of age. Just that fact was impressive, to him alone of course. A sigh brought him back to the present matter, and he refocused on Camellia. "Your decision?"

Camellia looked up, seemingly tired with all the thinking he had to go through. "I'll stick with the disguise, but I won't go as far as picking this as my past-time hobby." He warned, eyeing Cindy warily. The latter gave a snort. As if he could do something as force crossdressing as a hobby onto the younger male. That part just came naturally. "So, I decided that embracing the act, just this once, is enough to get me through with this undercover duration." Camellia concluded, remorsefully.

Cindy grinned. "Now that's what I like to hear!" He gave another once-over of the younger male, frowning. The maid outfit was passable, with its frills and laces, but it didn't fit with the wig he had given him. "I'll hand you another wig, that just doesn't suit your style," He stated, immediately turning to his wig collection. A groan from behind made him snicker, he couldn't really deny that this was fun.


"Who do you think Camellia chose?" Fon questioned Verde when the meeting had adjourned. They were currently walking through the Cavallone manor at their leisure, and Verde had to question again, for the millionth time on why he was even walking with the other. "Since I'm sure he didn't say anything to me," He paused, allowing his thoughts to head further down their lane. "what about you?" He turned to Verde.

The latter gave a snort. "Your guess is as good as mine."

"That isn't helping, Verde," Fon gave a sigh.

"Well what do you expect me to say?" Verde sent a glare towards the martial artist. "That he picked Skull as a trustworthy alliance?"

"Don't be rude," Fon huffed with a frown set on his face. "I was only asking if you knew." He shook his head.

Verde snorted. "If Camellia said anything, we would know, if he didn't there isn't any reason to play whack-a-mole for this." Fon merely gave a sigh at the logical answer.

Dino, who had been walking past them, overheard the name of the flower. He braced his gut and went over to them. "Fon and Verde, was it?" Both adults turned around, one giving a questioning glance, the other an analytical stare. Swallowing a lump, Dino continued. "I couldn't help but overhear a name," He didn't miss the hardened glances sent at each others way. "and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about it."

The silence was palpable, making the blonde don think it would last forever.

He was saved from the pressure, when Fon spoke up, giving a smile. He could see traces of strain in it. "We were talking about my homeland, and I was explaining to Verde, here, about the beautiful Camellias in bloom." Dino gave a smile, but was disappointed in what he heard. "They are rather complicated flowers with many petals." Fon concluded.

"I see," Dino gave a nod. "that is a very nice memory." He gave a small bow, before stepping backwards. "I'm sorry to have interrupted, so I'll be taking my leave now."

The relief in their stances didn't drop his suspicions. It was clearly a lie about the martial artist talking about his homeland. Dino set a brisk pace towards his office, deep in thought. From the past few months or so, Reborn had let a cross mutter out about the same Camellia he still keeps being cross over, the only difference between them is that it has apparently become so subtly frequent than the past month.

If Dino had not known Reborn so well, he would have assumed that the hitman was starting to go crazy. Though that was slightly impossible with such a huge reputation he was carrying around. He gave a sigh, massaging his temples slightly. "Things just keep getting all the more confusing!"

"It's not good to space out for so long, Pipsqueak-Dino." The blonde don jumped slightly, and turned around with a swiftness he didn't know he could use, ending up facing Reborn on the other end of his office.

"R-Reborn! Since when were you here?!" He let out an unmanly yelp.

"Still harboring that shriek, I see," Reborn nodded to himself.

Dino gave an exasperated sigh, recovering from his startle. "I don't shriek, Reborn!" He gave an annoyed pout, turning back to his desk. "You didn't even answer on why you were here either!"

"Now the don's whining," The hitman watched as his student sat down behind the desk. There was a time, at the beginning of their session when the teen would literally jump out the window to escape sitting on the rather comfortable leather chair, he didn't get away unscathed with a broken bone in every part of his body. They had to allow him to rest for two and a half weeks, thanks to Reborn's Sun Flames. Otherwise a huge delay would have messed up his plans. "Maybe I should beat everything into your head again," He mused, leaning back into the comfortable sofa.

"Please no," Dino sighed, holding back from slamming his head on the desk before him. He gave a critical look at the older man. "and don't change the subject to your liking, you've been avoiding my questions like a rabid dog on a good day."

A pause.

"You are not suited for metaphors, Pipsqueak-Dino," Reborn drawled.

"Tell me about it," The teen snorted. "now answer the question, Reborn." Dino didn't know how long his patience was going to last with all this cat and mouse chase.

"Answer what question?" This time the blonde don didn't hesitate to bang his head against his desk a couple of times.

"Have I ever told you that you are impossible!" He shot at the man, while keeping his pricking tears in and nursing his forehead. Maybe he shouldn't have hit his head...

"I know," The hitman smirked. "it's in the blood."

Dino groaned. "Now you're acting very much out of character!" He slumped further on his desk. "That's not the Reborn that I know,"

"What's this?" Dino peeked from under his bangs towards the hitman. "The foal has a crush on me?" Sputtering, Dino shot up immediately. Denying all factors of such a relationship, and how he wasn't into such a relationship in any way, before he run out of the room spouting nonsense. It brought an amused smirk on the hitman's lips, enjoying this new roundabout torturing technique. Maybe he could save it for future prospects.


Tsuna could breathe. That thought allowed him to breathe more, at his leisure. It was about time he had gotten out of the horrid crossdressing place, even though he came out in the said crossdressing attire... He felt himself go into depression slightly. Giotto's drunk attitude was more tolerable than this... outfit!

"Pay attention, Lillian, you need to understand the basics of your business," Cindy apprehended lightly.

"But, this isn't my business..." Tsuna muttered. A slight jab in his ribs corrected him. "Lillian answers morosely."

"Still," Cindy looked at him from the corner of his eye. "it's better than not knowing, right?"

Tsuna only looked away, pouting. He just hoped this wasn't going to take up most of his time. The culprit could be catching wind of their activities. That wouldn't end too well, and he didn't want to extend his stay with his dad's stay declining fast. He still had his suspicion of the Ninth being his Grandpa Teo, and he sure wasn't looking forward in being blown from his cover this early. Just thinking on what kind of reaction it will bring about was horrifying to the degree of the scariest haunted house!

"Lillian, be on your guard, there is someone I need to introduce you to," Tsuna mentally sighed, preparing himself.

"Yes, Cindy," Tsuna recited, eyes closed. "Lillian said dutifully."

Why the heck was he even speaking this way? The answer to that question was the very person in front of him. Cindy had threatened that he would pop all his bones, and then let him die off of blood loss, before dumping his body in an ocean far away from here. Tsuna had been terrified, he was rather young, and much too young to face an early grave, that he had agreed to talk with this ridiculous way of speech. Now, he sighed mentally, he was wondering if agreeing was such a good idea in the first place...

"Who is your friend, Cindy?" His eyes snapped open at the voice. Looking up slowly at the new voice. He was undoubtedly met with a young blonde, with good looking features. Tsuna mentally cursed, thinking up all the terrible words he knew of from his small language span. He was still sore from his trip to the past, and the raw wound with this attire was adding salt to his wound. Nonetheless he kept his composure proper, as he let Cindy take care of the problem.

"Ah, Young Master," Cindy gave a bow, smiling pleasantly. "I see you're not doing your paperwork again,"

Tsuna momentarily forgot about his humiliation to bask in the awkwardness that was emitted from the supposed 'Young Master'. "I-I finished them this time, I swear!"

"Really?" Cindy didn't budge with his smile. "That's a surprise,"

"Anyway, I just got out of the room because Reborn was there... sleeping," The pause contradicted the whole statement, it seemed. Plus Tsuna couldn't cross off the fact that the Don was sweating heavily... Was it possible to sweat that much?

"Young Master, Reborn doesn't sleep on his job," Cindy inquired. "he's here to teach you on becoming the Cavallone Don."

Tsuna blinked. So this was Reborn's student? He looked him up and down, inquisitively. Just how, exactly, was this weak looking teenager Reborn's student? The Don whined. "Aw, come on Cindy, I hardly need anymore tutoring! I'm already 20 for pete's sake!"

He was 20? Tsuna frowned, re-evaluating his conclusion. Reborn was still tutoring a 20 year old? What the heck was that hit man doing in his free-time? On second thought, the brunette blanched, he didn't want to know.

Tsuna's attention was soon brought back when the conversation took another turn. "All that aside, Cindy, you didn't tell me who your friend was!"

This time Tsuna tried not to allow much expression to show. Hardly a feat when he became flustered with what Cindy introduced him as. "Oh my, how rude of me, my companion is a dear friend from my past. The fragile flower has had an abusive past, and I found her on the streets like a beggar." He gave a sniff worthy of the emmy's they gave out to the top movie actors and actresses. "So I took her under my wing to plump her up a bit," He then gave a grin, grabbing hold of the brunette's slim arm. "And she already looks better!"

It was hard for Tsuna not to choke on how Cindy put a scenario for his sudden appearance.

...At least it wasn't something over the top random.

"The poor thing!" Tsuna was squeezed all of a sudden, and it took him a few seconds to process what was happening. "You are welcome to stay for as long as you want!"

Tsuna blinked.

"Her name is Lillian, Young Master," Cindy piped up.

Was he just accepted with no suspicion?

"That's a pretty name!" The Don stated cheerfully, grinning like he had won first prize in a top-grade contest. "I'm Dino Cavallone! Please, just call me Dino!"

Tsuna had to remind himself that he was still being hugged by the Cavallone Don, and that it was starting to get awkward. A glance towards Cindy told him that the older male was content in watching him flail about. So he took it to himself that he would try and get out of this scandal as politely as he could. "U-Uhm, L-Lillian starts uneasily, c-could y-you let go of me... um, D-Di-Young M-Master...?"

It worked somewhat, but it went as far as being pushed at arms length so as to be evaluated. The frown on Dino's features didn't befit his young features. He then turned to face Cindy, still holding onto Tsuna. "What kind of abuse has she gone through to refer to herself in third person?"

Cindy gave a remorseful sigh, as he went through the explanation. Amazingly he did a wonderful job explaining what had happened, that it was too much of a wonderful job that it had made both Tsuna and Dino blanche at the description given. "And that's how Lillian refers to herself in third person," Cindy concluded with a shake of her head. "sometimes I would take her away from the hellhole of the place and treat her, but she'd always get beat up for it."

"Th-That's the worst!" Dino exclaimed, completely horrified with the story. He turned towards Tsuna, his gaze demanding. "Tell me where they are so I can give them a piece of my mind!"

The thought of a Mafia Don demanding justice on an 'abused girl' was heroic yet funny... Tsuna shook his head, eyes wide. "I-It's o-okay, Lillian reassures the Young Master, they're g-gone,"

The honey brown eyes softened. "Oh, I don't know whether I should feel satisfied or remorseful..."

Tsuna gave him a shy smile. "It's alright, Lillian smiles shyly, your thoughts are enough."

"Ah, well, my condolences then," Dino returned the smile ten-fold, then brought up one of the brunette's small hand up and kissed it. Tsuna turned a very dark red with the action, his fishtail wig bouncing with the startle. "you're welcome to stay as long as you want, now pardon me, I need to attend to business, Reborn's going to kill me if I stay out for so long..." Dino then turned around to head back to his office, muttering every so often under his breath.

Cindy and Tsuna watched as the Don walked out of sight, before the former smirked towards the latter. "The Young Master has started an unknowing crush, yet again,"

"Shut up," Tsuna muttered darkly, still red. A jab in his ribs made him add to his sentence. "Lillian scolded Cindy."

Cindy laughed, moving on. "Come on, we need to start our tour, Lillian,"

How long was this day going to be? Tsuna sighed, catching up after the other.

"Nana..." Iemitsu took a deep breath. "there is something I need to tell you." Nana turned to face her husband, wiping her hands on her apron. The slight tilt of her head indicated that she was listening. It didn't help to ease the guilt that seared through him. He looked down, an imaginary weight on his head.

He must have taken too long to answer, when Nana spoke up. "It's about the baby proposal, right?"

Iemitsu looked up in surprise, and in guilt. It only hurt more when he detected a sad hint in his lovely wife's voice. Her smiling features didn't match up with it. He hung his head. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay dear," Nana came forward and wrapped her arms around her husband. She loved the warmth emanating from him. "I understand," She then let go and returned to her cooking, putting her cheery front once more. "dinner's almost ready, dear!" What Nana wasn't expecting was for Iemitsu to wrap his strong arms around her. "D-Dear?"

"I'm truly sorry, Nana," Iemitsu breathed out. "maybe when the time is right, another child would sound good." Nana smiled.

"When the time's right," She agreed.

Omake: The Hassle; Part 1 (sequel to 'The Crocodile, and the vial')

"Did you find a cure yet?"



"How about now?"






"How 'bout now?"

Verde tried breathing through his nose to ease the frustration he was feeling. The cause? Tsunayoshi Sawada. The brunette was currently pouting with an intent stare towards him. Really, how did he come to be friends with him? "Tsunayoshi, I'm not a robot that can find a solution to your problem instantaneously."

Tsuna gave a glare at the scientist. "Says the person who gave me this problem!"

Verde averted his attention towards his calculation mess in front of him. Nothing made any sense. He had thought of all the possibilities of what could have changed the brunette into a female. He scratched his head, frustrated at the dead end of this complicated puzzle.

"How about now?"

The green haired man swore that his blood vessel might burst with the pressure it was exerting. "Leave."

"Huh?" The brunette-turned-female blinked.

Verde then exploded. "Leave! I won't get anything done if you keep asking if I'm done! So go and do something else!"

It was silent, as Verde huffed in his aftermath, and Tsuna sat there stunned. He didn't know that the green haired male could shout so loudly. He got off the stool he was sitting on, and walked off, not glancing back at the now slightly guilty man. Shutting the door to Verde's lab behind him, Tsuna decided that he needed to start things slowly. "I should know better," He muttered, remembering Verde's outburst. "nothing is so quick to finish." He gave a sigh, trying to reorganize his thoughts. "Now what do I do in a situation like this?" He began walking aimlessly, waiting for some sort of idea to pop into his head. But nothing did. He sighed. "What am I–" He stopped, blinking. "That's right! I have to tell kaa-san! She'll be terrified of the transgender idea!" Tsuna didn't waste anymore time, heading for his room.

Unbeknownst to him, Reborn had heard, just behind the corner rounding the hallway that the brunette had been in. He gave a frown. "He's planning to become a girl?" And here he thought that the he had affronted the weirdest of situations. Shaking his head, he pulled down his fedora, covering his eyes. "That's not my problem." And so he left, heading for the kitchen. He really needed an espresso right now...

"Kaa-san," Nana blinked at the tired tone she was receiving. Her lips pursed in thought, that wasn't the word she was thinking of... it was more like... gloomy. And it came from her beloved son on the other end. "I don't know how to break it to you..."

Break what? Nana's forehead crinkled slightly. Was this something so traumatizing that he couldn't find the words to explain it? Her frantic mindset froze. Who would traumatize her adorable child!? Unknowingly the air around her grew dark, not being able to hear what her son was stuttering over the line. Whoever this person is, and what they did to her son, would regret they had ever laid a hand on her darling Tsunayoshi.

Back in the lab of a certain green haired scientist, Verde gave a sudden shudder. He paused in his research to ponder on why he felt such extraordinary killing intent, only to shake his head at the absurdity of such a delusion, and continued working on his research.

"K-Kaa-san?" Nana snapped back to the present, blinking out of her dark stupor.

"Ara? Tsu-kun? Sorry, I was spacing out," Nana stated airily. "could you repeat it again?"

"Um, y-you see I need to stay for a b-bit longer than usual," Tsuna stuttered through the receiver. "just until this problem is solved!" He quickly reassured his mother when the silence seemed to be deafening.

Nana speculated the problem at hand. It was clear that her son didn't want to tell her the problem... Why was that? Should she pry or let it slide? Sighing, Nana spoke up, surprising herself with how calm she sounded. "Alright, Tsu-kun, I'll let you extend your stay, but only on one condition."

The groan on the other end made her giggle. They didn't have a good 'one condition' deals memory between them. Nevertheless, her son conceded. "Alright, what is it this time, kaa-san?"

"You'll have to accompany me to the spa, Tsu-kun!" Nana answered cheerily. The silence was the only indication that Nana got from a gaping son on the other end of the receiver. "Have a nice stay!"

With that, Nana hung up, already planning the trip to the spa. Humming her happy tune.

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