10 reasons why I like Petunia more then James Potter

I don't live with her 24/7.

Potter constantly owls me, annoys me, chases after me and is always an idiot. Petunia doesn't do that, at least.

Potter talks to me for hours on end, but Petunia doesn't.

Petunia doesn't really care if I get a new boyfriend, Potter does.

Potter cares if I have a crush on a celebrity, but Tuney doesn't.

I can talk about anything to Tuney, but all Potter wants to talk about is Quidditch.

Seriously. Quidditch.

I don't have to worry about offending Petunia because she already pretty much hates my guts, but boys (mostly James), can get so offended easily.

Tuney doesn't care if I occasionally slam a door.

James has a thing against cupcakes. Like, really?

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