Blonde and Blue Experiment

At Kyoya's house one night,Kyoya was reading the news online until he saw something

people with blonde hair and blue eyes are considered sluts

Kyoya was surprised by that sentence because he knew a certain blonde with blue next day at Ouran Academy,kyoya was already in the clubroom when tamaki showed up."hello there Kyoya,how are you today?""I'm very good tamaki,hey listen I was reading a news article when I came across a sentence and I want you and I to see if it's true."Tamaki was amazed that Kyoya wanted him to do an experiment with him,so Tamaki replied,"Of course,let's do it Kyoya!"Kyoya smirked as he grabbed tamaki by the arm and pulled him to the next room on a couch where he pinned Tamaki."So what's the experiment?"asked Tamaki."First,I need to put this on you,"he showed in his hand a long thin cloth where he is starting to put it around Tamaki so that he couldn't see what's going on."let's get started shall we," said Kyoya as he began to unbutton Tamaki's jacket then his shirt."Kyoya,what are you doing?"asked Tamaki."Well isn't it obvious,I'm doing the experiment,"replied Kyoya as he began to unbutton Tamaki's pants and pulled them down as well as his underwear revealing his private ,who was blinded and couldn't see what's going on until he felt a hand and something was Kyoya who was sucking on Tamaki's dick."W-what's going on,K-Kyouya!? shouted Tamaki as he was starting to blush by the fact that something warm and slimy is on his decided to take it up a notch and began to rub Tamaki's was huffing and blushing which turned Kyoya up high,so high he began to switch,now he was rubbing tamaki's dick and sucking his was on maximum level of pleasure."Kyoya,I feel like i'm about to-".Then kyouya began to stop what he doing except rubbing Tamaki's Tamaki began to cum,Kyoya took evasive action and leaned his hand on Tamaki's dick causing him to cum on his Tamaki finished,Kyoya spoke up,"Oh Tamaki~"said Kyoya,"I want to open your blindfold for a minute".Tamaki did as he requested,then Kyoya took a picture of him on his phone."What was that for?!"asked Tamaki."I thought we can take some pictures for memories of our experiment,"Kyoya lied,"Please put on your blindfold again and turn over."Tamaki did that and Kyoya licked his own two fingers and pushed one up against Tamaki's reacted very quickly with a scream,"Kyoya,is this part of the experiment?!"screamed Tamaki."Yes of course and I need to also put this on you." Kyoya wrapped Tamaki's tie around his mouth so that he wouldn't scream very then shoved another finger in,and then he immediately shoved his entire dick was muffling and drool stains began to form in his decided to rub and pinch tamaki's while he's doing that,he began to suck and lick Tamaki's was starting to become red and tears were flowing from his covered took off Tamaki's tie and began to kiss him."K-Kyoya,I feel like I'm about to-"

"Me too Tamaki."Tamaki came first,then came they were finished Tamaki asked"hey Kyoya,what was that experiment anyway?""Well wasn't it obvious I saw a rumor saying that people with blonde hair and blue eyes were considered slutty,and thought could it be and it was wonderful you truly deserve the title of the slut why they shall call you the slutty king."When Kyoya finished,Tamaki looked dumbfounded and shouted"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!"Tamaki wanted to get up and punch Kyoya but he fell down because Kyoya fucked him so hard that his ass hurts"Well I'll let you rest up for now,"Kyoya said,"And one more thing tell this to anyone and you'll be sorry."Kyoya left Tamaki to rest and when he opened the door,he found that everyone else was already there."Kyoya-senpai,what were doing back there?"asked replied"Just a little experiment with certain blonde hair blue eyed idiot."