Chapter 8

Midna brought Link into her room. He took a moment to look around compare her living space to his. Midna clearly had the benefit of sleeping here every night and personal help to maintain the cleanliness of the area. Meanwhile Link's room was, at the best of situations, organized, but never really clean. That was the downside of being a ranger, and living in a cabin only once every couple of days. Though Link found the warm earth hues a far more pleasant construction material to form walls than the dark blue/grey stone of Midna's castle.

While Link stood and examined the various objects around the room, he took note of what they might mean to Midna. A bed was covered in dark, mossy green upholstery, with four pillows for a person to rest their head on. A desk held a small number of knickknacks that clearly held sentimental value. A picture of Midna and an older gentleman and woman, who Link assumed were her parents, sat prominently in an ornamental frame. A small banner that held the royal crest hung on the side. The last thing that Link noticed was a crude drawing of wolf with a manacle and a few links of chain locked to one of its legs. Link assumed this was meant to be him and he gently brushed his fingers over it.

Link turned to see Midna opening a door to the balcony connected to the bedroom. He promptly walked out to join her.

"This is what I wanted to show you." Midna said pointing out over Sunset City. "I want you see that you did in fact save two kingdoms. And that I can't repay you for how much you did." Midna put her hands on the railing and leaned forward.

"I don't want to be repaid for what I did." Link said. "It was the right thing to do. Help the kingdoms, mine and yours."

"Still, I want you to know that if there is anything you want. I'll try to help." Midna said gratefully.

"I don't want anything from the Twilight Kingdom." Link said "besides, I already go a new saber from Rusl and a set of armor from the Oocca. Can't think of anything else that I need. Like I said before, I just want to help."

Midna turned to gaze at Link, smirking. "I recall you saying you didn't want to lose me as well."

"No. No I do not." Link said.

"You also wanted to talk about us?"

Link turned to face Midna. He did want to talk about their relationship going forward. He was very eager to have the conversation. However now that he had the opportunity to do so, he was nervous. He didn't remember being this nervous whenever he fought the many monsters that he had fought. "Yes, I do. But now that I'm on the spot, I can't think of anything to say." Link said shaking his head.

Midna smiled. "Good. I don't really want to talk either." She put her hands on the back Link's head, pulled him in and kissed him.

Link was surprised by the action, but not surprised that Midna would do this type of thing. He returned the kiss with enthusiasm putting his hands on Midna hip and pulling her body him. The two continued the lip lock for several more seconds. Eventually the two broke apart, out of breath.

Link looked at Midna. "Well that was…a good indicator." He said smiling.

"If you liked that, it gets better." Midna said with a mischievous grin. She began to kiss Link again with the same level of intensity as before. She gently pushed Link back into the room and onto the bed putting him on his back. Midna then straddled his lap to sit above him.

Link laid there, eyes gleaming with anticipation. His worry still got the better of him though. "Are you sure we should be doing this?"

Midna bent over and kissed him. "Of course I want to do this."

"Not what I…what are other people going to think?" Link asked with concern.

Midna continued to kiss him and worked her way down to his neck. "I don't particularly care anyone thinks about us. Besides, once your secret get out about what you did for the Twili, no one will say anything about my choice in men." She went back up to his face and continued to kiss him.

Link lost all further desire to resist Midna's temptations. He didn't expect this level of intimacy so quickly. He had originally planned on attempting to charm Midna to spending this type of quality time with him. This was a very pleasant, if not outstanding surprise.

Midna started to dig at the sides of Link's new armor, scratching at the buckles along the sides of his abdomen. "As much as I live your new armor, it really fits in here, this next part if a lot more fun if you take it off." Midna said impatiently.

Link began to fumble with the buckles as well. As useful as the new armor had been in the desert and in the spat with Zennel, Link really hated it in that moment.

It was the morning after, at least relative to the Twilight Realm. Link was aware of the sensation of waking up, and immediately noticed some key differences to a normal morning. Normally Link would open his eyes and be ready to move, as he would have been sleeping on a small, thin pad by himself. Today he had woken up in a large warm bed with Midna's head on his chest, with no clothes on either of them. Link decidedly did not want to get out of bed on this particular day.

Link turned and gazed at Midna fondly. Her left hand grasped Link's right shoulder like he was a large stuffed toy. Her hair was no longer tied up, and splayed off to the side of the bed. With their legs tangled up in the bed sheets, her back was left exposed to the warm air in the bedroom. Every slight move that Link made caused Midna to unconsciously grip a little tighter and cuddle up a little closer.

Link let out a contented sigh as he remembered the carnal events from the previous night. He wished in that moment that he could forget everything else and just lay there. Unfortunately, he knew this was not the case. This was reinforced just a few minutes later when an aggressive knocking came from outside the bedroom. Midna shot up from her sleep, and pulled up the bed sheets to cover up her breasts.

"Princess, are you in there?" came a voice the Link recognized as Zennel.

"Oh crap." Midna panicked as she bolted upright. "How are we going to explain this?"

"I don't think that any lie we come up with will convince them of anything other than the obvious." Link said plainly.

"Knock it down." Bindur's voice came from the other side of the door.

A quick crash echoed through the room as Zennel and Bindur came through the room and saw Link and Midna in the bed together. The two groups stated at each other in an awkward silence, waiting for someone to say something. Zennel went first.

"Rusl." he called back into the hallway. "I found him up here." Zennel turned back to face Link. "Rusl was looking for you."

Link just stared at the two Twili officials.

Midna reacted next. "Why are you two in here?"

"You've been missing since last night." Bindur said. "We've been looking for you. The only reason no one panicked is no one saw you leave, and Link was also missing, so we figured you were together. Just no this 'together.'" he finished, indicating the intimate scenario the two were discovered in.

"I gonna go now." Zennel said, clearly uncomfortable, and trying to get out.

"Yes. Please." Midna said.

"Thank you Zennel." Link said.

Just as Zennel was about to exit the room, Rusl walked in to see Link. He surveyed the room and everyone looked at him. "Well this explains a few things." Rusl said. After that statement, Link's face became flushed at the sight of Rusl because the older man had caught him in such a comprising position.

Link groaned. "Can this get any worse?"

"Goddesses, I hope not." Midna said, burying her face in Links shoulder.

"On the plus side," Bindur started with a smile. "It's apparent the suitor problem has been dealt with."

"Everyone but Link, leave. Out. Now." Midna demanded, clearly wanting the two to be left alone.

The three men smiled and left, leaving Midna and Link in the bed. When the door closed, Midna turned to face Link. She then kissed him once more. "Despise that intrusion, last night was wonderful." she said smiling.

"Yes it was." Link agreed. "And I hate that we have to go be productive now." He kissed her again.

"I know." She gracefully pulled herself out of bed and walked over to the doorway leading to the bathroom to prepare to the day ahead.

Link got out of bed as well and recovered his discarded pants, boots, tunic, armor, and saber. He quickly placed everything back on and was ready to go out. Midna returned from the bathroom a few moments later, with a new dress, and her hair tied in a bun. Link walked over and kissed her once more for good measure.

"Ready to go make our worlds a better place?" he asked.

"So long as you stick around." Midna said as she walked out the door.

Link followed her. He realized then, that he wanted to follow Midna. But he also knew Midna needed him to be with her as well. Link didn't want it any other way.

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