"There," Kagami grunted as he zipped up his bag and hefted it onto his shoulders. "I'm all set."

With that, he walked towards his front door and swung it open, only to be greeted by Kuroko's blank face.

"GAAHHHH!" Kagami let out a gir-Manly scream. He clutched his chest. "K-Kuroko! How many times do I have to remind you?! Say something to let me know that you are there!"

"Sorry, Kagami-kun," but he didn't look sorry. "I was about to ring the doorbell when you opened the door." True enough, Kuroko's hand was inches from the doorbell as if he was about to press it. His hand fell away and Kagami's attention was once again brought back to his Shadow. "Let's go, Kagami-kun. Everyone else is waiting for us."

As they walked towards the meeting place side by side, Kuroko spoke, "I'm so glad that you can come with us, Kagami-kun." As he said that, his cheeks coloured faintly.

"Er…yeah, me too." Kagami said, looking down at Kuroko and smiling that magical smile of his. Kuroko almost melted into a puddle of lovesick shadow at the sight. 'Oh, my god! He's so cute!' Kuroko squealed in his head.

They arrived at the meeting spot to find all the other Generation of Miracles already gathered there. Kise was running in circles crying out, "Yay! Hooray! We are going on a Holiday-suu!"

"It's a training camp, Ryouta, not a hotel." Akashi sighed.

Kise literally lit up when he spotted the duo. "Kagami-chii!" The hyperactive blond came barrelling over and jumping onto Kagami, hugging him to death. "You came! You actually came-suu!"

"Of course I did, Kise," grunted Kagami as he stumbled under the blond's weight. "Now get off of me!"

Kise giggled, gave Kagami a peck on the cheek and hopped off, oblivious to the deadly aura emitting from the five other GOM members behind him. "Hi, Kuroko-chii!"

"C'mon, Kagami-chii! Let's go-suu!" Kise then proceeded to drag Kagami towards the private jet that Akashi owned.

"Ah! Wait, Kise! We have to wait for everyone else!" Kagami protested as the others started following.

"Nonsense, Kagami-chii. We can go first. I wanna sit with you-suu!"

"I'll crush Kise-chin…" Murasakibara muttered.

"May Oha-Asa curse him with bad luck for a decade," Midorima huffed.

"Kise…you bastard…hogging Kagami to yerself…" Aomine growled.

Both Akashi and Kuroko were silent, but that did not mean that they were not plotting for Kise's death to be in the worst way possible.

As they all boarded the plane, Kagami asked the vital question, "So…where are we going, Akashi?"

"We are headed to Osaka, Taiga. My father just bought a lodge and cabin there. We will be beside the beach, and we have all the amenities to ourselves. There is the gym, the basketball court, the netball court the soccer field a swimming complex and an archery range."

"Oh." Kagami was silently drooling at the thought of playing all those different sports. Especially…that sport! He was brimming with anticipation!

"Ah…" Aomine sighed as he breathed in the fresh sea air. "Now this is the life."

"All right, everyone," Akashi began taking charge. "Settle down in your cabins and we will meet up at the place I told you. Each cabin has two beds. Since there is an odd number, one of us will have to sleep alone."

All the Miracles held their breath, all silently wishing that they would be the ones to share the cabin with Kagami.

Akashi began delegating the cabins, "Kagami will sleep alone." The whole group (except Kagami) practically deflated. Akashi smirked, "I will share a cabin with Tetsuya, Daiki will share with Ryouta and Shintaro with Atsushi."

"WHAT?!" Aomine shrieked. "I have to share a room with Kise?!" Akashi shot a glare at Aomine. "Woohoo…" he nervously cheered.

"Alright," Akashi nodded at Taiga, "You may retire to your cabin first, Taiga. I have to have a word with the rest."

"Ok…" with that, Kagami warily retreated to his assigned cabin. 'They are behaving weirdly these days…even for them…' he thought.

As soon as Kagami was out of sight, Akashi turned back to the remaining Generation of Miracles.

"You did this on purpose, Akashi!" Aomine growled.

"Of course, Daiki," Akashi stated matter-of-factly. "No one should have the privilege of getting to spend the nights with Taiga if the others don't have the chance. That would be unjust."

With that, he turned and walked away to his cabin. Kuroko soon followed. Everyone else then retired to their own cabins.

"Akashi said to meet here…" Kagami muttered, looking at his surroundings.

"Kaga-chin~ over here, over here~!"

"Ah, Murasakibara."Kagami walked towards him. "Do you know where the others a-woah!"

Murasakibara suddenly grabbed Kagami's hand and pulled him into the range.

"Kaga-chin, Aka-chin said to try out this sport first." He pointed to the archery range.

"Oh." For some reason, Kagami's crimson eyes were sparkling.

"So…" Kagami started. "Who's first?"

"I will." Akashi stepped up and took a set of bow and arrows, notched an arrow and let it fly. As always with Akashi, his arrow struck the target, close to the bull's eye. "It's been a while since I last dabbled in archery. So of course I would be rusty."

The rest of the Miracles went next.

Midorima naturally landed on the inner circle, very close to the bull's eye but not as close as Akashi. The others weren't so lucky. Kuroko's arrow flew in a weak arc and thumped on the target before clattering to the ground. Aomine's arrow flew and hit the board on one of the target's middle rings. Kise's arrow landed on the outer ring. Murasakibara's flew completely over the target board.

"The purpose is to train our accuracy," Akashi said explained. "Taiga, it's your turn."

With that, Kagami stepped up to the shooting line, notched an arrow and pulled back. His actions and posture screams experience, and his facial expression became one of intense concentration and determination. He let the arrow fly.



The GOM's mouths fell open in shock and awe. Kagami had hit the bull's eye! Dead centre!

But he was not done. He shifted his stance and let several more arrows fly.


Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

The five arrows hit the centre as well, all from different angles, surrounding the first arrow in a circle. This was clearly not beginner's luck.

Inhaling deeply and then exhaling, Kagami narrowed his eyes at the target. He then let his last arrow fly.


The arrow whistled through the air, and then…


The last arrow sliced the first cleanly in half and shot through the target board to embed itself deeply into the wooden post at the back of the board!

He then turned around with a satisfied sigh. He paused at the looks he was receiving from the GOM. They were all gaping, awestruck and star struck.

"What?" He asked, oblivious.

"Kagami…" Midorima began. "Just what on earth did you spend your childhood doing-nanodayo!"

"Oh, this?" he shrugged. "My father often took me to a shooting range and an archery range when I was younger. Is that a problem?"

They all shook their heads. At that moment, they are screamed in unison in their minds, 'I love you!'

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