Chapter 9: Silent interaction

Kagami gently settled the cup back onto the saucer. "S-so…" His voice carrying a hint of nervousness. "Nagisa-kun, what were you intending to do in the CD shop? I can get you whatever you want to buy as compensation."

The setting was in the café, and Kagami and Kise were seated in a corner, with cameras trained on them, shooting the next scene.

Kise stared starry-eyed at Kagami, a genuine smile on his face, before shaking himself out of his stupor and letting his professionalism take over, which wasn't that much difference since he had to play the part of a love-struck man who fell head over heels at first sight…which he essentially was.

Bringing the cup to his lips, he smiled gently, thinking of this not as a scene of a movie, but as a chance to spend real quality time with his Kagami-chii; without the interference of the GOM.

It. Was. A. Date.

"W-well…" He started, "I wanted to just get some inspiration from action movies for my upcoming job, and I thought a CD shop was a good place to start. A-and no…you do not have to compensate for anything, Daiya-san…" He started waving his hands in front of his face, refusing the offer.

"Oh, come on…It is the least I could do…" Kagami morphed his face into a pleading look.

To Kise, he looked so cute that he just wanted to leap over the table and squish him in a hug. However, he kept himself in check, betrayed only by the light blush of his cheeks. Totally called for. He cleared his throat and relented. "Ok, Daiya-san."

The smile that blossomed on Kagami's face turned Kise's legs into a pile of goo. Luckily for him, he was sitting down. God forbid he loses consciousness in the middle of a shooting due to cuteness overload.

"Great, let's go!"

They exited the scene at the café and went back to the scene at the CD shop.

There, 'Daiya' and 'Nagisa' found out that they were both seiyuus (voice actors) and were to co-star in the same movie.

They made their way out of the CD shop, before exchanging business cards.

"So, I will see you next week, Daiya-san?"

"Yes," and as the script called for, Kagami took the initiative and pecked Kise on the cheek, before walking off-screen casually.

Kise, both expected and did not expect it, so when Kagami kissed him, his cuteness meter beeped dangerously and exploded, and Kise's face flushed deep red, and blood started dripping from his nose, and he was close to fainting.

"CUT!" The director called out before things could get worse. While attendants swarmed Kise, providing him with a cool cloth and tissues, Kagami was jumped on by the rest of the GOM who had been nearby, watching.

"Kaga-chin, you were wonderful!"

"Kagami-kun, you were amazing out there."

"Though the same cannot be said for Kise, nanodayo."

They were all jealous that Kise was the first to get a kiss from Kagami.

Kagami blushed under the praise and the GOM once again cooed about their Tenshi.

The shoot was over for the day and the GOM prepared to leave the set.

"Osu! Taiga! Oi~!" Came a voice.

Recognizing it immediately, Kagami turned around, ready to greet his sister with a smile.

"Hey, Tomo-nee!"

The rest of the GOM, albeit reluctantly, greeted Tomoko with respect. After all, they needed to stay on her good side even though her arrival meant that they cannot engage in intimate stuff with their tiger.

Tomoko came closer and they could see that she was wearing a red crop top with detached sleeves and a yellow skirt, and brown heeled sandals.

"What are you doing here, sis?"

"Hm?" Again, music blared from her headphones. "Oh, I just returned from a crime scene not far from here and thought that I could take you to lunch, considering that you must be hungry by now, so let's go!"

With that, she dragged Kagami off, him protesting slightly.

"That's what we wanna do…" Aomine grumbled, and the rest of the GOM nodding their agreement. Begrudgingly, they followed the sibling duo.

As they walked, Tomoko slowed down and eventually, came to walk alongside the GOM while Kagami walked ahead, oblivious to anything, admiring the sports shop that were lining the street.

Tomoko took this opportunity to speak. "During the lunch today, I will give you all an opportunity to prove to my brother that you are capable of making him happy. No…not only to him, but to prove to me too. Deal?"

Despite being taken aback by the abruptness of it all, the GOM all nodded, not willing to pass up this golden opportunity.

"Alright? Okay. Now, I want each of you to tell Taiga what you like about him, character-wise. Tell him what it was that attracted you, and it cannot be the same thing, got it? Use the time now to think about it and you can tell him individually later. I will distract him for now. In case you get into an argument, no need to worry. I have got it covered."

With that, she went ahead of them, removed her headphones and slammed it down over Kagami's head.

"Ack! SIS! What are you doing?! Don't! I told you I don't like it! I will go deaf!"

"Ehehehe!" Laughing, she kept the headphones over Kagami's ears. "Aw, come on, Taiga, I just got a wonderful new song!"

Seeing this, the GOM quickly launched into discussion.

Sure enough, soon, their quiet conversation was getting heated.

"No, I wanna say that!"

"Too bad, you snooze you lose!"

"Aominechii, so mean-suu!"

"I will, of course, commend Taiga's cooking."

"No, Akashi, you haven't even tried his cooking-nanodayo."

As this was going on, they were all relieved that Kagami was unable to hear them. Unfortunately, they thought too soon as Tomoko removed the headphones from her brother's head.

All conversations behind the sibling stopped, the GOM all holding their breaths and waiting with bated breath for the inevitable.

Kagami groaned, "Agh! Look what you did, nee-san! Now I have gone temporarily deaf! You know I can't handle the volume!"

He grumbled while Tomoko giggled and sent the GOM a wink.

They all gave a huge sigh of relief and returned to their argument- er, heated conversation.

"Well, well, well…If it isn't the Generation of Miracles. They should call you the Generation of Faggots!"

The Generation Of Miracles all turned around at the voice.

"AH! Hanamiya Makoto!" Kise cried out.

""What are you doing here you bastard?" Aomine seethed out.

"I will not take kindly to you calling us such uncouth names." Akashi whipped out his scissors.

Hanamiya simply laughed, "Hahaha, bet you didn't know, eh? I have been tailing you lot for minutes now. All I want, is to speak with the one that has you all, the GOM, enamoured so."

Murasakibara growled, "You touch Kaga-chin and I'll crush you."

"All right, then I will not touch him. What, you mean I cannot even hold a conversation now?"

"You can, but I will be watching." Came Tomoko's voice.

She and Taiga had turned around by now and Tomoko was standing there, her hands on her hips, scrutinizing Hanamiya.

"Hanamiya!" Kagami frowned. "When did you get here?"

"Oh, I was just in the neighbourhood." He took a few steps closer to Kagami and the GOM who were flanking him.

"Hah?" Kagami quirked an eyebrow.

"Oh, That's right, I forgot, you are temporarily deaf! Well, this makes it all the more easier."

"Hanamiya-kun…" Kuroko had a warning tone.

"I don't get you…" Hanamiya launched into his speech. "The GOM are just a bunch of vain, spoilt brats. They do not know when to stop and honestly, they disgust me. You disgust me. You bunch of sissy faggots, that's what you are. Seriously, you are weird, and they are weird. You are not even worthy of holding the title of a Miracle, Kagami Taiga. In my expert opinion, the GOM should all just go jump off a cliff and save yourselves from being the utter embarrassments of Japan. Seriously, the next generation of geniuses? Ha! What a joke! I just want to smash your faces in and ruin your basketball careers for life!"

By now, all the GOM were gritting their teeth and seething, hands clenched at their sides, fury in their eyes and about ready to pound Hanamiya into the pavement.

Before they can do that however, there was a red blur and the next moment, Hanamiya was being punched down into the pavement.


Kagami stood over Hanamiya's prone form and bloodied face, "I can tolerate you bad-mouthing me and even hitting me…However, I will not let you do that to my friends! They are all precious to me…and say one offensive word about them, and I will kick you into next week, got it?"

Hanamiya was too bruised up to answer.

The fiery aura that surrounded Kagami died down and he turned back to the GOM.


"Hm, Oha-Asa predict bad luck for Capricorns today."

"How were you able to hear what he was saying, Kaga-chin?"

"Hm?" Kagami sounded as he stuck a hand into one ear.

"Oh, I can lip read." He smiled that smile.

"Sugoi…." Aomine murmured.

'Our angelic tiger stood up for us! Oh, I love him even more!" They then proceeded to fan-boy in their minds.

Meanwhile, Tomoko walked up to the delirious, concussed Hanamiya and laid a foot onto his sore chest. She bent down slightly.

"Listen here, overcooked pea-brain. I do not appreciate what you said to my brother. Nor do I condone your actions during basketball matches. Yes, I know about them. So listen here and listen well, you cheating broken down decomposing old coot, never approach my brother again. If I even hear from you that you so much as said a word to him, I will personally come after you and haul your lousy, lyin' no good ass to the slammers, clear?"

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