Hello! Welcome to my new story! I hope you like it. Most of the chapters will be drabbles, but there may be some chapters. In this drabble we have Percy and Annabeth's kids: Pallas, Luke, Logan and Charlie.

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"Alright how did this happen?" Annabeth said, crossing her arms and looking at her four children.

"Luke!" The oldest child Pallas yelled and looked at him. The other two, a boy and a girl, looked at him too.

"Why are you all looking at me?" Luke protested.

"Because you're usually the one that does them." The third one, Logan, said.

"I don't care who usually does what, someone explain why there are nine kittens in my house."

"Well you seeā€¦" Pallas began.

"Shhh." Pallas hissed at her siblings, especially her little brother Luke, as they crossed the backyard. "Logan you still got the bag?"

"Yep." Logan answered.

"Charlie, are we clear?" Pallas asked her younger sister.


The four Jackson kids snuck across the backyard, into the garage and upstairs to the end of the hall where the "Demigod Hideout" was. They opened the door and sat down on the living room couch.

"Well," Luke sighed, "That wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be."

The other three nodded in agreement.

"Hey Loogie, open the bag." Pallas said. Logan opened the bag and nine kittens hopped out and began to explore the area. Charlie got up, her jet black curls bouncing, and began to make a bed for the kittens.

"Here put these collars on them." Pallas said and handed the younger girl a handful of different colored collars. She tied up her blonde ringlets and said: "Remember: Mom and Dad cannot find out about this."

In the background nine grey kittens ran up and down the stairs. Annabeth's husband, Percy, was picking up the kittens.

"... Mr. Fluff, Nala, Milo-"

"Percy!" Annabeth screeched, "Not helping!"

Percy blinked. "Right. Sorry." He set down the kittens and walked over to stand next to Annabeth. "Can we keep them?" Percy asked.

"Yeah can we?" Four voices echoed.

Annabeth sighed. "Sometimes it's like I have five kids instead of four." She mumbled. "No we can't keep nine kittens."

"But how can you say no to this face?" Percy said and held up a kitten.

Annabeth looked back and forth between her kids and Percy for a while. Finally she said: "We can keep one."

Pallas, Luke, Logan, Charlie and Percy cheered. "Which on are we keeping?" Charlie asked.

"Socks!" Luke said and ran over and picked up the only kitten with white. Luke held the kitten close to him and Socks tried to paw at Luke's blonde curls.

Annabeth walked over to her son and the kitten. "All right. Welcome to the family Socks."

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