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Max p.o.v

We were going to the swan lake ballet in Virginia for Angel. Of course the guys didn't want to go but I made them go anyway. Nudge and Angel were already dressed. They were both wearing lacey dresses. Nudge's was white and Angel's was pink. Nudge then all of a sudden exclaimed that she had the greatest idea ever…..

Nudge p.o.v

I decided to dress Max up for the ballet! Squee! I put her in a strapless, red high low dress with black heels! Of course she was reluctant, but she looked drop dead gorgeous!

Max p.o.v

When I stepped out of the room, all the guys of the flock just stood there gaping at me. Angel was staring at Fang and giggled. Fang looked handsome in his tuxedo. I just realized that I may have feelings for Fang. I blushed at the thought and told the flock that we should start heading out.

Fangs p.o.v

When Max stepped in the room she looked hot! I literally could not keep my eyes of her. She looked so fine.


Fang likes max! Fang likes max! Fang and max sitting in a tree….

Max p.o.v

Flying is the greatest feeling in the world. I love it. I felt weird cause Fang kept on peeking at me still gaping. The flock flew in excitement except for Fang , who was still peeking at me. Angel was pretending to act like a ballerina and nudge was chatting with Gazzys about the ballet. When we were about a street away for the theater we landed. I told nudge, angel and Gazzy to be careful when crossing the street and let them go ahead of me. Iggy went next and then fang went who looked like he was having a conversation with himself. All of a sudden Angel screamed, "look out max!" a truck was coming my way! My dress got stuck in a crack so I tried to pull it out as fast as I could, but then everything went black.

Fang p.o.v

When angel screamed at max I turned my head and saw a truck heading straight at max. It seemed like her dress was stuck in a crack and she tried to get out but it was too late. The truck ran right over her and kept on driving like nothing happened. I quickly rushed to her and checked her pulse it was barely there. Nudge and Angel started to cry and Gazzy was staying close to Iggy while looking in shock. I scooped max up in my arms and whispered in her ear that everything was going to be ok and kissed her bloody cheek. There was too much blood and her body was so limp and skin so pale that I almost thought she was dead. I could not lose her! I love her…. I love her. I fought my tears but then I just eventually started sobbing into her body.

Iggy p.o.v

I heard a loud crunching sound and heard Nudge and Angel sob. I knew something was wrong. Fang told me that Max got run over by a truck and told me to help him look for the nearest hospital. I immediately obeyed and flew up with Nudge, Angel, and Gazzy by my side.

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